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Posted by pkboo | Nov 28, 2008 @ 01:59 PM | 5,570 Views
It all started because of one of Capt. Crashes threads, I don't remember when and which, but it all began with him I can't blame him directly for the addiction but boy am I glad he reminded me that I had it in me

I had this PT Hull, half finished from two years ago when I tried to put a 0.15cc nitro engine in it, lying around, doing nothing. It had actually had it's water trails and had run, well a very small distance, at one time. But with the pull start cable broken I would have to take the engine out and repair it, before I could run again. This was also my first encounter with nitro and because I live in an apartment I don't really have the room to accommodate a nitro but being stubborn as I'm I had purchased a nitro at that time and.....blah blah blah! Anyways nitro is to much a hassle so I decided I had to go BL because the motors are much more efficient than the normal brushed motors which I had extensive experience with etc. etc.

So instead of finishing what I had begun (the sub) I had gone on with "No balls". No balls because the prop shaft uses no ball bearings at speeds which calculated should come close to 40.000rpm's Well I had begun at the end of May more or less and just because of the tweaking it had taken me so long to get a tightly balanced setup which should give me between 40-60kph. In between the build and the tweaks I have let the smoke go out of one 4500Mah Nimh cell, two ESC's and one motor I've acquired 4 ESC's, 3 motors, one...Continue Reading
Posted by pkboo | May 24, 2008 @ 10:03 AM | 5,815 Views
The U-997 Type VII Built log has been edited please see comments in original log if interested. Boo.
Posted by pkboo | May 16, 2008 @ 01:29 PM | 7,995 Views
Well, like some of you have gathered I've purchased the Type VII 41/C Atlantic version from Revell. It's a nice kit, very rich in detail and I have to say well packaged. Like most subs it doesn't have that many parts and it comes designed to be a surface dweller because all of the screens are closed, which is nice if you want to go for this. If you want to go the other way well, you have some work "cut out" for you if you catch my drift In any case it just begs you to do something with it It's a little less than 95cm long and as seen before very doable as RC.

I have told myself, having still two boats to finish, a honey do list I promised to do something about and excellent weather (up to today ) to hide the box away But no I didn't listen and having searched the last couple of days (in between the honey do list and at nights) on how best to approach this built I succumbed to the temptation. Like I said before this boat just begs to be built!

Most of the builts I have seen so far have a WTC as piés de resistance and total solution to the H2O problem. One of the best systems I think is from this Dutch guy ( Lex Verkuijl. This system when ballasting gets it's WTC under some pressure and I guess most systems are more or less like that. However I'm not going to use his system but maybe a couple of ideas he's using in this system. The problem is that the Type VII is neither modeled to be maintained inside nor easy, in my eyes, to be converted to...Continue Reading