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Posted by davidterrell80 | Oct 09, 2017 @ 07:48 PM | 21,860 Views
At a time when radio control is attracting more and more adult members of our society to its ranks - a great majority of them non-modelers - when this hobby is growing by leaps and bounds, it is time for a reevaluation of the directions we are taking and the goals we hope to attain. In a current issue of one of the national model magazines, the Builder of the Model Rule is upheld and defended - a ruling which has not only served as a tremendous deterrent to this hobby, but one which has severely discouraged many would-be contestants from entering active local or national competition. We had hoped that this ruling would have died by its own inherent decadence.

It is not expected of a general model publication to keep its finger continually on the pulse of any one specialized phase of model aviation - but to champion a cause such as this not only insults the intelligence and integrity of the adult modeler, but provides a disservice to this largest single segment of model aviation. It is all right to be nostalgically reminiscent of the "good old days," but to actively campaign for a return to the gas tube era does little good for anyone concerned. In order that this recent flailing of a rubber sword in defense of a dying dragon may not be construed as representative of the thinking of the entire RC fraternity, we present the following editorial, "Whither The Sport," written for RCM by this month's guest editorialist and active RC'er, Robert C. Lien, M.D.,...Continue Reading