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Posted by old4570 | Aug 30, 2018 @ 07:40 PM | 2,518 Views
Jumper T8SG Lite sent for review by Banngood

So where are we ?

The Gimpy Gimbals ..........

Ok ,,, so I pulled out the gimpy G ..
Once the screw were loosened the gimbals was just fine ..
I tried to find some washers to raise the gimbals assembly so that it would not rub against the Tx case ( Which it was doing )
I could not find any , so I had to make some ( rubbish ones ) ..

Well the washers I made simply exasperated another problem ..

Seem the board the gimbals is mounted on was warping when the screws were torqued down ..
So I threw the washers away , got out a knife ..
And gouged the hole for the gimbals larger
Yeah , no more rubbing -

Still there was the issue with the warping of the board the gimbals is mounted to ..
I played with the mounting screws and ended up deleting two ...
So now there is one screw at the top on one side and one screw at the bottom on the other side ..
No more warping , no more binding gimbals ..

So I assembled the Tx , put in some batteries and tested to make sure I had not killed anything ..
Next I will bind to something ( quad ) and see how the Tx handles ..

So the gimbals are the stuff of Toys , not adjustable .
Just have to wonder ?

So the T8SG Lite is ready to be bound to something .

The plus part !

I ordered a T8SG Plus ( Paid for it - wanted one for a long time )
So now I have something I can directly compare the T8SG Lite to ( Yeah - it's DAD )

T8SG Plus ..
Bound to two micro quads at the moment ( ATM )
Eachine E010 ( MJXQ / E010 - protocol )
Eachine H8 ( Bayang protocol )

Just finished a flight @ 10mw and will see how low I can go . ( It's raining outside )
I even remembered how to set up throttle cut
Posted by old4570 | Aug 28, 2018 @ 09:28 PM | 3,235 Views

It arrived this morning !
Also this morning I went to the park to try some launch settings on the Whipit
Was getting there till the wind came up , oh well ! My back was saying enough anyways and I did have to walk home ..
( Just trying to increase my activity levels - so I am incorporating some whipit )

Back to the Jumper T8SG Lite .........

These are my initial un boxing - Impressions ! I have not done anything but take the T8SG Lite out of the box and move the sticks , flick some switches , open the battery cover .. ok !

Gimbals ------- !
Very toy transmitter like .
The round hole for the sticks means limited movement in the other axis
? For some reason , the right gimbals started off ok and then started to bind ? ( Might be some dirt / grime ? )
Throttle is too lose for me , I like a lot more tension .

Switches ----- !
Both switches are 3 position - Feel nice

Rotary Switches on the side ---- !
Good tension
Easy to get to
I was afraid they might get in the way - but no !

Trim ---- !
They feel really nice and positive

Battery cover --- !
Pull up and then out ..
Yeah , I think it will do the job nicely .

Antenna Stub --- !
Lose - ?? Not that it matters ...

How it feels in the hand --- !
It's a small transmitter for sure , actually smaller than a WL Toys Transmitter . ( If you have one )
Sits in the hands rather nicely , all the switches are easy to get to and actually feels good in...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Aug 26, 2018 @ 10:20 PM | 2,201 Views
Gearbest is having a RC Promo ...

Banggood is having a up to 50% off FPV sale

Posted by old4570 | Aug 26, 2018 @ 01:13 AM | 2,464 Views
UMX Whipit OpenTx Launch Mixing (2 min 20 sec)

So I came home and thought about the need for a Launch Mix .
Also considered the lack of info on mixing a launch setting for OpenTx ( It's terribly easy )
So here we are ..
I have mixed in some launch parameters ( Probably wrong ) , but they can be tweaked easy enough . ( Probably need less Rudder / elevator )
But that will be for another day . Weather is turning , so might need to wait to tune the launch .

Hopefully some really interesting stuff to play with during the bad weather ..
Posted by old4570 | Aug 25, 2018 @ 12:06 AM | 2,459 Views
UMX Whipit DLG at the park .. (11 min 14 sec)

The whip it needed more trimming ..

Once I was happy with the chuck test , I moved to the back handed fling .
Flinging the Whipit at a gentle breeze , the Whipit lost energy very quickly and stalled ..
Stalling is bad as the Whipit then tends to porpoise which is a little tricky to get out of ..
One really wants to maintain forward speed .

Weighing the Whipit with battery ( flying weight ) , it comes out at 43 grams .. ( No wonder it loses momentum so quickly )
I found the Whipit had problems penetrating a gentle breeze , probably that 43 grams .

I think my CG @ the carbon spar is about right ..
The Whipit is very sensitive to elevator position , too much up and you porpoise , too much down and you can't hold altitude ..
So you really need to find the sweet spot . I would suggest there is room to play with the CG and elevator till you are happy .

Launching the Whipit :

I was being very gentle and as long as I was the Whipit launched straight !
But once I applied any sort of energy into the launch the Whipit would peel out to the left ...
I started to apply down elevator to my launches to stop the stall at the top of the launch . Just a little is needed to help the transition from launch to glide .
Next to keep my launch straight I applied a little right rudder and this really helped to keep the launch straight .
It was a little tricky as I had to place my thumb just so...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Aug 23, 2018 @ 03:26 AM | 2,028 Views
Umx Whipit - some flight trimming (15 min 12 sec)

Took the Whipit for a walk , for some flight trimming ..

CG is right on the carbon spar ..
My goal was to Toss the Whipit like a dart and have it glide more or less in a straight line .
The breeze was switching on me about 100 degrees or more .
And some times it was hard to tell where it was coming from .

Anyhow the Whipit needed a little right rudder and all the down trim my Taranis Q x7 could muster ..
Came home and tweaked the push rods some so I could put my trim to neutral .
Next I will Park the Whipit .. Try for some real hang time ...
Posted by old4570 | Aug 21, 2018 @ 10:34 PM | 1,780 Views

As the image shows , I have some servos of various sizes ..

Plans are being made .
I have ordered some receivers ( Low voltage ? capable )
Anyhow , so on the cards is some testing 1s .. I want to see if any Rx can run 1s and if so just how low .. ( Be the plan )
Why ?
The other plan be to build ( DIY ) some DLG - HLG gliders around 700mm span .
I haven't built anything out of balsa in years , maybe decades .
So need to pick up a few things , the RC side is taken care off .
Might need a building board , maybe some sanding blocks , maybe some components like carbon rod and maybe epoxy paint .
Kind of forgotten just how easy it is to build a simple FF glider and how well they perform .
I built a tow line glider in my teens and it promptly flew away because ( well it went up and up and away ) .
Gravitated to control line after that .

After watching too much youtube , DLG can be really simple if you want it to .
So the plan is to explore that simplicity .

Posted by old4570 | Aug 20, 2018 @ 06:45 PM | 2,327 Views
Ok , I have been ho-humming over the UMX Whipit DLG for quite some time now .
Well , not exactly jumping on the bandwagon ..
When it first came out , they were not available in The Land of Oz .
So if one wanted one , well you had to pay some horrendous shipping to land one .. ( 80 to 120+ USD )
So while it was a great deal for some , it was not such a great deal for others .
Yes , thats what I have waited for , for a long time . For the Whipit to be a $$ deal I can live with .
$99.99 Ozzi Bananas with free shipping , I can live with that !

Most of the things said about the Whipit were true for me .
The decals have serous air bubbles ...
The screws for holding down the wing , overly tight .
Is the elevator supposed to be glued ? Mine wasn't !
Why does the rudder sort of go left - almost like the plastic rudder grip twists a little to the left (?)

Anyways , fixed the overly tight wing hold down screws ..
Epoxied the elevator ..
Not sure I like the way the rudder is set up ( held by tape )

.. The battery ! ..

I thought I had a battery !
Was from my Eachine 12 , but guess what ?
The plug has the polarity reversed .. ( ?? ) I kid you not ..
I thought I had fried the electronics in the Whipit ..

I pulled the battery apart and re soldered the wires ..
The Whipit lives

Just need some decent weather to go out and Whipit !
I think the rudder will probably come lose on the first landing ( Probably )

My observation from...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Aug 19, 2018 @ 01:33 AM | 2,493 Views
9g Servo test 3 ( 3 from 8 ) (6 min 40 sec)

More servos tested : 3 and 4 from the first 4 pack . sent for testing by FastTech.com

I got a little more vigorous with servo 3 and just after turning off the camera the double sided tape let go .
I wasn't surprised as the double sided tape was a little Mickey Mouse .
For the 4th servo I added a clamp .. Yes I clamped it , and got a little vigorous with the servo .
I dont know , does the servo sound better after the weight training ? ( sounds like it to me )
Anyhow , that's the first 4 pack .

9g Servo test 4 ( 4 out of 8 ) (6 min 8 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Aug 15, 2018 @ 11:38 PM | 2,338 Views
Banggood is having a up to 80% off sale on Multi rotors

Gearbest is having a Summer Toy Sale

FPV Goggles with video recording $48.03 USD .. LS-008D 5.8G 40CH

Have to edit some video and I can post servo 3 and 4 ..
Once done I might see what it takes to destroy one of these servos .

Hmmmm , Should probably use some in a RC project ( a glider perhaps )
Posted by old4570 | Aug 14, 2018 @ 09:51 PM | 2,069 Views

Sent for review by: Gearbest

Product page.

More oximeters

First , time for a story : This be a true tale . Recently my mother went into hospital for blood clots in the lungs . Quite frankly it was nearly fatal . Let me explain , for a few months my mothers health and mobility began to slide . Now my mother can be stubborn and she refused to go to the doctor as her regular doctor was on holidays and she had an appointment with a specialist a few weeks on . One day my mother took a marked turn for the worse and I told my brother that if she did not go to hospital she would probably die , so we called in a home visit doctor ( since my mother refused to go see a doctor ) . Anyhow the home visit doctor confirmed things were dire and called the ambulance . At first it was suspected that my mothers heart was failing but after some testing it was diagnosed as blood clots in the lungs ( From her legs ) . Anyhow blood clots are bad , because if they go to the wrong place it could be almost instant death !

What the blood clots in the lungs were doing was blocking / restricting oxygen - blood flow . And the symptoms are a lot like a failing heart . So this brings us to the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter , nope we didn't have one at the time . In no way shape or form am I suggesting that this product replaces visiting a doctor , but what I might suggest is that the pulse oximeter might re-enforce the need to visit a doctor . Think of it like checking the oil in...Continue Reading
Posted by old4570 | Aug 10, 2018 @ 11:13 PM | 2,839 Views
As the post suggests : Testing a bunch of 9g servos . Fasttech.com was kind enough to send me some of their budget 9g servos .
The ones I got are labeled Tower Pro , ( ? ) same servo - different label ( My guess )

These are sold as a 4 pack .

And I personally love 9g servos , is there anything more important than affordable servos for the RC hobby ?
I still have boxes of 9g servos I acquired around a decade ago from HK .
Unfortunately those servos are not so cheap any more .

And what I really don't like about servo testing , is testing a single servo ..
So thanks to the kindness of fasttech.com I have some 8 servos for testing .

So I guess the most important thing about servos is how well they center !
And the second would be how they deal with load . ( ? )

So this simple test is about centering and load .
By no means is this a scientific / laboratory - quality test ..
1) The servos are double sided taped to my table ( flex + movement )
2) I use a BBQ skewer to magnify centering .. We are talking about 25 centimeters
3) These could be the cheapest servos money can buy ( 9g )

Also I am sort of refining on the fly , so ?

9g Servo ( Test ) Servo No1 ( from 8 ) (5 min 21 sec)

So this is servo No1 tested ...
1) I sort of noticed that the servo seemed to sound better after some weight lifting
2) Dont know that it centers better ?
3) Didn't break at least or burn out

9g servo test 2 ( 2 from 8 ) (5 min 52 sec)

Servo No2 tested :
So what might happen with servo No3
1) I might do a before and after centering video to see if weight lifting helps to run in the servo .
2) My cam did not start recording the 100Gram test , so I ended up doing it last ( My bo-bo )
3) 6 More servos to test .
Posted by old4570 | Aug 06, 2018 @ 08:24 PM | 2,083 Views