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Posted by methanolmaniac | Nov 22, 2019 @ 09:54 AM | 3,858 Views

This story starts when due to dumb thumbs (particularly the rudder thumb) I was left with a slightly damaged Saito 100 engine.

I purchased a Unionville hobbies dehavilland turbo beaver 8 ft wingspan kit on August 19th, 2011. I received the kit soon after and started acquiring parts. December rolls around and I finally open the box to start assembly, no manual ! Unionville sent out a copy and and I was able to start assembly.

It was Jan/Feb 2012, and after going to a few swap meets and the like, the Turbo beaver was put on the back burner in favor of a 60" corsair and a few other ARF's.

It took a full year before returning to the Turbo Beaver in Jan 2013, the wings were assembled, and left essentially bare (no wing tips/root rib etc). I made a life change, and returned to school for a graduate degree a few states away.

During Graduate school I spent time getting everything buttoned up as you'll see below, however after finished graduate school I made another move to yet another state with the airplane nearly finished. The Beaver is structurally complete but the top of the fuselage is not covered and the electronics and mechanicals still need work.

Side Note: I believe Unionville Hobby is no longer in business but great hobbies still has links to the airplane.

[B] Manufacturer Specifications[\B]

Span - 96"
Weight - 9 to 10 lbs
Motor - 2cycle .60 -.90, 4cycle .90 - 1.20
Control - 5ch, 5servo (box says four, but it does have flaps)

[B] Parts [\B]

Engine: Saito 100 4-stroke (repairs required)

7 HS-645MG - Ailerons/Rudder/Elevator
1 HS-322HD - Throttle

Radio Gear:
Hitec Optima 9 RX
1350 mAh 3s Lipo
CC 10 Amp BEC
HK Ignition System (w/RX activation)
Aeroworks fuel T, Fourmost Check valve
XL servo arms (ailerons)

4" Mains
HK carbon fiber tail with servo

White monokote
2 Red Checker Toughlon