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Posted by Vic101 | May 26, 2011 @ 05:17 AM | 3,271 Views
Brief notes on moulding the Fox chucky glider:

Why? Not available over here, plus wanted to see if a foamy could be moulded without lots of glassing of the original plug.

I filled the gaps in the foam with spackle, cut and sanded the little 'flowers' on the foam and gave it a coat of Krylon clear.

Waxed with 5 layers of Mequires No 8 wax and moulded it using CG1050 Gel coat (not polyester) and LR20 SLC60 epoxy resin. Easy release as the foam can be squashed and eased out.

So, the method works but the mould needed (a lot of) fine sanding to get rid of the 'print' of the foam beads.

Now on to no 8 out of the mould and the glass versions are within 7 grams of the foam original - very happy with that!

I used the cg calculator Excel spreadsheet, with a static margin of 8% the balance point is right on the wing joiner rods, pretty easy to check and it seems logical......

Needed to add a motor as the slopes are too far away, so....

46 watts was just not enough. moved up to a cd-rom motor, 3s 850mah 20c cells and a 6x4 prop - just about 100 watts - much better!
Tore off the wing actuation rod doing fast rolls.
cg was moved forward too.
Time for take 2: