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Posted by TPfingston | Feb 08, 2012 @ 11:32 AM | 10,749 Views
This is a complete change of pace from what I have been doing for a couple of years.

I stole this idea (1919 Emmaselle) from Dag214 except his is giant sized.. I call mine the EmmaLita (my granddaughter and my wife).

Mine is parkflyer sized.
37" wingspan
13 oz all up weight
2s1p 1300 lipo
motor: Hextronic 24gram 1300 kv
pull/pull cables on rudder and elevator, separate servos on ailerons
10% flat bottom airfoil (eyeball)
flying wires on top and bottom of wing.

Simulated motor is from Keith Sparks (Sparky) at I probably should have used a 'rotary' instead of a 'radial'.

With the 7.4 lipo, I can get about 40-50 watts and that should be plenty for nice slow flying around in my yard.

I think it is ready for maiden except for double checking the CG.