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Posted by TPfingston | Oct 28, 2007 @ 12:28 PM | 12,465 Views
I guess I have come up with my winter project. After looking a John Morgan' version of Le Phan's F-104, I think that I will do the 104 in 130% in balsa wood with foam, carbon fiber, fiberglas and some aluminum tubing as construction materials. However, in order to be a little different, I intend to convert the F-104 to the Lockheed CL-1200 Lancer. It solves some of the wing area problem of the 104 while maintaining much of the looks. It also solves my problem of wanting to do an unusual airplane which has not been modeled much.
(I saw another thread where a guy was doing the 1200 but I never saw a finished airplane).

There is not much info available on the CL-1200 as only one prototype (non-flying) was ever built apparently. I have found several sites on the internet and several books make reference to it but they all publish the same few pictures and one three view of the airplane. I have found length, height, wingspan, and wing area numbers but who can know for sure of their accuracy. It least that lets me off the hook as far as scale accuracy is concerned. Go with the available numbers. No one seems to know for sure.
Posted by TPfingston | Oct 16, 2007 @ 06:57 PM | 12,026 Views
About 3-4 years ago, I bought a GWS Formosa. I put the airframe together and then put it aside and pretty much forgot about it. Now that I have this new found interest in electric planes, I thought I had better finish it.

So, this morning she got her maiden flight. WOW. A ground roll of about ten feet and then skyward like a homesick angel.

The set up is a Grayson 2212-10, 7x5.5E Master Airscrew prop, 11.1v 15C lipo, 25A ESC, HS-81 servos on elevator and rudder, a GWS 6 ch NARO rcvr and 1 GWS mini servo on ailerons. I'm not sure about the all up weight but I know its well in excess of 16 oz. My little postage scale only goes to 16 and the plane bottoms out the scale. I think the recommended weight is slightly over 14 oz.

Most of the flight is at 1/2 throttle and there is still plenty of speed. Easy loops from level flight with half throttle and she floats like crazy on landing with power completely off. I cut power completely on downwind hoping for the extra drag to slow her down but it doesn't help much. Still some trimming to do. She flies slightly nose heavy although the CG is at the aft recommended limit.

The second flight was this evening just before sunset. It was just as good as this morning however I wasn't as nervous. I think this airplane will get a lot more flying time.