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Posted by Matt Gunn | Mar 18, 2012 @ 05:36 PM | 9,450 Views
A few of us DFC'ers met at the local pond to cut some laps. The weather was amazing with no wind and a high around 80, despite a film of yellow pollen on the water. We were graced with the presence of a gorgeous Cooper's Hawk as well....Continue Reading
Posted by Matt Gunn | Dec 14, 2011 @ 08:30 AM | 9,570 Views
heres an FPV video I made of the big blue Christmas tree in Atlanta. Happy Holidays everyone.

Blue FPV Christmas (1 min 26 sec)

Posted by Matt Gunn | Nov 22, 2011 @ 09:22 AM | 10,027 Views
Posted by Matt Gunn | Oct 03, 2011 @ 07:23 AM | 10,600 Views
Posted by Matt Gunn | Sep 13, 2011 @ 09:55 PM | 10,415 Views
Fast and low with the Skywalker. Dragged a wing at the end and nosed her in!

Skywalker FPV Fast Low Flying and Crash (2 min 31 sec)

Posted by Matt Gunn | Aug 09, 2011 @ 10:45 AM | 10,229 Views
My first full FPV night flight, at 9pm in full dark conditions. A thunderstorm is in the distance creating quite a light show.

RVOSD5 Night Flight (4 min 59 sec)

Posted by Matt Gunn | Jul 09, 2011 @ 11:20 PM | 10,854 Views
Shooting some afternoon storms as a video test
Thunderstorm from a UAV (3 min 48 sec)

Posted by Matt Gunn | Jun 26, 2011 @ 09:09 PM | 10,729 Views
Heres some shots of the weather recently in Atlanta; the air is very saturated and makes for some great cloud photography...when it's not pouring rain.

The heli is a Logo 700 with PS1 front mount. Camera is a Canon 50D. Height is around 700 feet.
Posted by Matt Gunn | Jun 23, 2011 @ 01:07 PM | 11,586 Views

Innovative? Yes
Priced ridiculously out of reach of the average model enthusiast? Yes.
Of course, this is geared more towards the commercial AP guy shooting aerials far away from electricity.
Very cool indeed.

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Posted by Matt Gunn | May 17, 2011 @ 08:19 PM | 11,179 Views
Heres some footage I flung together to make a quick demo of the AD-6's capabilities. Camera is a Contour HD.
Rc Aerial Video (0 min 56 sec)

Posted by Matt Gunn | Mar 18, 2011 @ 01:03 PM | 10,418 Views
This is my first test video with the Droidworx AD06 hexacopter. the camera is a Contour HD
HD Aerial Tour of a Park from an RC Hexacopter (1 min 24 sec)

Posted by Matt Gunn | Feb 26, 2011 @ 07:29 PM | 11,147 Views
The Radio Shack 15amp power supply has served me well for the past 5 years...unfortunately, the Hyperion DuoII charger could only charge my 6S 5000 packs at 4.5amps before it would thermal and shut down.

I found a "gaming computer" power supply at Best Buy today and scooped it up; A Corsair GS700. 700 watts (vs 240 watts from the Radio Shack) and 54 amps (vs 15) make this unit capable of pulling much bigger numbers...and it looks cool to boot. Changeable LED colors and a fan that I think was used to blow Fabio's hair around in commercials make it even better! It took me a few hours this afternoon to reduce the insane amount of wires coming out the back to a 4-pack of + and - leads.
If I can charge both my 6S packs at a 2S rate at the same time, then Ill be happy. Testing tomorrow.
Posted by Matt Gunn | Feb 21, 2011 @ 09:18 PM | 11,006 Views
I had a great time at the 1st Grayson Hobby Fly-In. It was held in an indoor soccer complex which was perfect in every way. A lot of air traffic but I managed to only get hit once.
I also won a 2200mah 3-cell in a raffle. Thanks Grayson Hobby
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Posted by Matt Gunn | Jan 28, 2011 @ 07:20 PM | 10,234 Views
Up until now Ive been using the cheap kit lens from my old Canon XTi on my 50D, which hasn't been doing it justice. Granted, I can get some ok results from the little EFS 18-55mm, but the lenses are junk and (to me) it shows in the final product.

Today I said what the hell, and strapped on the 16-35 f2.8 L-series lens on the 50D and took a few test shots. Its a $1500 piece of glass and I was pretty nervous at first, but once I locked in the AceOne and let her hover, I felt much better. The results are pretty decent... alot better than the 18-55.

Pics shot as the sun set at around 6pm today.


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Posted by Matt Gunn | Jan 09, 2011 @ 11:58 PM | 10,175 Views
Heres what happens when it snows in Atlanta. We aren't setup to deal with snow, so only the major highways get salted. The result is a bunch of cars trying to climb a slight grade... some more successful than others. This was just in front of my house. Im sure there will be hundreds of fender benders by tomorrow.
Snow in Atlanta pt.1 (0 min 35 sec)

Snow in Atlanta pt.2 (0 min 44 sec)
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Posted by Matt Gunn | Jan 08, 2011 @ 03:24 PM | 9,406 Views
Heres a quick video that I shot during the 1st fly-in of the season. The camera is a Contour HD 1080P (shot in 720P 60FPS) onboard a Gaui 330X-S.
AThe 2nd half is the Radian Pro

Gaui 330X and Radian Pro featuring the Contour HD (3 min 16 sec)