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Posted by superflyed | Jul 11, 2020 @ 04:12 PM | 6,489 Views
To viewers, August 1 2020 will be Keystone remote control clubs FIFTH contest of flying CLOUD TRAMPS. Located on Forman rd. Souderton Pa. Liftoff is HIGH NOON. Last plane flying wins Large cash prize. second and third win cash but not as much. Partially sponsored by the lengendary BOB KOPSKI,also MIKE CROSS.[he designed the updated laser cut 3d printed version] I Donated balsa and rubber. after flights will be a mass lunch.YUM. Practice sessions are takeing place almost every night. To date this event has rivaled our January first FROSTY FINGERS FLY for participants.It is worth mentioning last years winners plane flew for for more time and altitude than ever imaginable. Resulting in severe cramps to our necks and eyeballs. The landing was known to only the dwellers of a land far far away. This years event is gearing up to succeed that recording setting flight. If you dont come and witness this spectacular amount of sun eclipsing Rubber band powered Cloud Tramps for yourself than you will just have to read about it in the newspapers GONNA BE BIG. this event is open to all comers. field closed to normal rc flying. leave those at home. ps all cloud tramps most be STOCK CONFIGURATION. Balsa stock or so prop rubber and winds unlimited. Hint, bring binoculars. See ya there. CRaig