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Posted by Danq0 | Mar 02, 2018 @ 03:18 PM | 13,785 Views
Eachine Wizard TS215 - Review & Flight Testing - Excellent!! (16 min 59 sec)

👍 👍 👍 A great new Racer Drone from Eachine and Banggood. This one seems to have all the right parts... well mostly. All but the onboard DVR were high quality parts.
In this video, we take a look at all the components making up the TS215, a quick setup (removal of DVR & Betaflight settings), and some flight testing.

🌐Product Link: https://goo.gl/sX6koX
🔴RCgroups Thread: https://goo.gl/EPuCBG

⌘ Pros:
°Powerful/ Fast
°High quality components
°Great Handling/ Stable
°Feature rich
°Excellent VTX penetration
°Smart Audio - allows setting changes through radio/ goggles
°Use of 2mm hex head screws all around "even the screw holding the bell to the motor!"

⌘ Cons:
°DVR (Latency/ Lag or framedrope involved with DVR)
*Removing the DVR fixes the issue
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XRacer KL EX90 - THE BEST micro DRONE - FULL REVIEW (13 min 29 sec)

Product Linky: https://goo.gl/vF4dXQ
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FrSky Taranis X9D Plus SE Special Edition Review Part 1 Courtesy of Banggood.com (9 min 35 sec)

Think about it this way, a new taranis X9D+ is around $190-$200, if you were to do all the mods that comes with the SE model, expect to fork over another $150-$170. So I highly recommend getting the SE over the standard plain Jane X9D.... save yourselves the future regret
Mods included are:
  • m9 hall effect sensor gimbals
  • salecom switches
  • hydro dipped case
  • detatchable antenna mod
  • custom thumbstick ends

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Posted by Danq0 | Aug 23, 2016 @ 03:02 AM | 16,512 Views
Here are some quick test flights of this incredible kit. The power this thing is able to produce is scary! I mean putting 5" props on a frame that was meant to use 4" will do that.

GB190 FLIGHT TEST 2 -DVR View (6 min 21 sec)

GB190 Xframe Racekit w/ all the right parts! (3 min 36 sec)
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Posted by Danq0 | Jan 22, 2016 @ 12:06 AM | 20,096 Views
This is my review on EACHINE's ET600R- Thanks Banggood!

ET600R (VTX) Package Contents:
  • Instructions Manual
  • ET600R Video Transmitter
  • 5.8gHz Monopole Antenna
  • Camera Connector/ Power Cable a
  • Camera Connector/ Power Cable b (requires soldering)

If you have not heard of Eachine by now, you might be living under a rock. Over the past few months, Eachine has re-established themselves as a strong contender in the RC game. With a constant influx of new products, or just improvements and updates on the old, through my eyes, I see them as a manufacturer of high quality yet affordable RC gear. With a characterization like that, Eachine is definitely here to stay.

What is it: this is a 5.8gHz video transmitter (VTX), transmitting over 40 channels utilizing 5 bands. What makes this VTX special is that it includes the R-band.

The R-Band is a set of channels specifically designated for racing of up to 8 operators at once. Channels being spaced 37mHz apart greatly prevents unwanted interference from other racers in the same area. I believe the optimal channel spacing is around 35-37mHz.

This review was completed using EACHINE models: ET600R, ER32, Stock 1000TVL HD Camera off an ER250

First Impressions: Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to try out a number of Eachine products, all of which have had a very high build quality. This ET600R is no exception, it arrived safely encased in foam, and was packaged in a cardboard box. As far as I can
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