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Posted by Phoboss | Apr 14, 2018 @ 05:55 AM | 14,781 Views
Recently I switched from linux to windows environment, and I really missed automated ways of building with just one click. Instead of going back I decided to try my luck with keil toolkit and see what I can do.

NOTE: This tool may require tweaking, and is recommended for users familiar with scripting languages.
While it works for me it might not work for you and require editing the scripts to work properly. It was tested on Windows10 x64.

1. Clone silverware from whichever fork you prefer:
silverxxx ->
NotFastEnuf ->
me -> ( based on NotFastEnuf fork with betaflight rates )

2. Download keil mdk_lite:

3. Install keil mdk.
4. Download make.bat from here:
5. Put make in the main code directory (i.e. into 'E011-BWHOOP-H8-Silverware' folder), and edit it:
- KEILDIR should point to your keil_v5/ARM/ARMCC/bin directory.
- ARM_PRODUCT_PATH should point to your keil_v5/ARM/sw/mappings directory (make sure it contains mdk_lite.elmap).
6. Tweak config, pids and other stuff to your liking in notepad.
7. Double click make.bat.
8. Wait a few seconds until it displays something similar to:
Program Size: Code=13978 RO-data=310 RW-data=524 ZI-data=1804

That's it! Your firmware is built! You can now find a file called BWhoop.hex in your...Continue Reading