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Posted by Waterbound | Nov 02, 2014 @ 10:23 AM | 41,602 Views
The following is from my post in the Hubsan H107d FPV thread, hopefully help someone else interested in customizing their quad: (just need to figure how to add the pics I posted as well)

Good day today, had time to finish some projects and started a few as well!
Finally got a chance to finish my build using the Nano 5.8g vtx and Pico V2 and have to say I'm amazed how good of an image the combo provides!

The wires on the cam and vtx are tiny so after measuring the distance I would need, I cut and soldered them up together. I ran the vtx power straight from the rx which worked great. After experimenting with the 1/4 wave dipole antenna placed up, straight back etc., I ended up using the prop protector, a tiny piece of tubing and some hot glue to hold and guide the antenna up for best performance.

Lastly, after getting it all sealed up, I removed the battery tray in the TX and soldered in a 2a buck converter to power the battery hungry tx with 6v using my 800mah 2s lipo and it works great! Since it's raining I couldn't test outside but flying around my house and my garage the image was crystal clear, plenty of power and I believe it will perform well!

The weight with prop protector is around 47.5g, I can trim some off but it seemed to fly with no issues.

I soldered the vtx to the main board which
Description: Just enough length to fit tightly over the battery tray but comfortable enough to take the top off easily. Views: 23

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