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Posted by ritchie_laird | Sep 01, 2012 @ 03:45 AM | 24,955 Views
First up I bought the HK belatrike, also got the parafoil (for that price who wouldn't).

THE TRIKE I modified.
So far I have widened the rear wheels out to 14.6 inches, so its a bit more forgiving on landings, and gives a little more suspension on the rear for landings.
I also intend to put suspension on the front wheel as well as steering, also bring the front wheel forward further, all round this should be a lot more stable on the ground and a lot more controllable.

I then built an A piece to come off the top where the foil hooked onto to add the fitting for the hang glider to couple up to.

I am trying hard to keep it as a PARAFOIL flyer as well as a HANG GLIDER (Ultralight) this way I can use either on the field to suit what my mood is on the day (although I like the hang glider more).

I was going to try and work out a way to also use it as an AUTOGYRO trike but from what I can figure to do that, I would need a rudder and elevator. really not sure whether I could use gravity movement to control this or not, so that may be a later addition when I have more info.

I have done the mods to the parafoil as suggested by HK, to get it kiting. so I feel confident that will work as soon as the weather will permit. I also found that some of the knots in the parafoil are a little loose so, I checked the lengths, tightened, and added a drop of super glue to hold everything in place.

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