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Posted by jfrabat | Oct 15, 2013 @ 09:19 AM | 6,023 Views
I have been flying RC since the 80's, but not until recently did I get in to electric power. The first model I made with electric power was Mark Rittinger's SporTwin, and it was such a great little flyer! Keep in mind this is before the advent of brushless power and Lithium batteries, but still, I got bitten!

Here's a picture of that plane along with my glow Ultrasport (which have been my two favorite RC planes):

The little SporTwin was so cool, in fact, that I built a second model of it while living in Costa Rica (I had all the hardware lying around), and flew it while I was there (now with a Lithium battery, though, so I saved a lot of weight there).

My first ariplane design was a full scale P-47 at 1/12th scale. That one has retracts (including the tail wheel and doors), scale exhaust, full cockpit... The works. I was worried it would not fly because of weight, but it had been designed well, and it flew very scale-like. I retired it because there was a leak in the exhaust which rotted the wood, but the model is still an excellent display piece. Here are some pics of that one:

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