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Posted by Chophop | Oct 14, 2020 @ 01:04 AM | 7,232 Views
I tried holding the lens of a cell phone camera to a 10x50 binocular eyepiece and got this result. Not too bad but my new cell phone camera can't seem to focus through the bino.
You need a mount adapter to get the image centered and to not shake the camera around the eyepiece, a difficult think to not screw up by hand. They have them on Ebay and Walmart.

Look at the details of the antennae on top of the water tower. Not bad. You may get some vignetting, a circular clipping of the photo depending on the optics of the phione cam and binos or telescope.
Posted by Chophop | Feb 28, 2019 @ 10:55 PM | 14,001 Views
All that worry of disease when I lived with ~200 cattle surrounding the home for five years was fruitless. I only got the flu twice and it was widespread in the area, not from the cattle. I move to the city and I'm constantly getting zits, infections, sick and ended up vomiting for the first time in about twenty years.
People are nastier than cattle I suppose.
Posted by Chophop | Aug 12, 2018 @ 09:01 AM | 22,870 Views
I bought the entire three part Feynman Lectures and went through it all. Interesting and why I am annoyed.

Richard Feynman Lecture: Entropy, Past And Future, History Of The Universe (1/2) (21 min 32 sec)

Posted by Chophop | May 13, 2018 @ 09:29 AM | 23,038 Views
One Army
Would you believe the Air Force , Marines and Navy are part of the Army ?
Posted by Chophop | Apr 02, 2018 @ 09:09 AM | 26,179 Views
I didn't start this, I just knows what we really are and can't pretend we are gods precious little pets, he tortures us like a devil.

Look at this, they have me situated near a school, dumping and flooding my apartment with their raw sewage. It comes up into my basement apartment that I am not in by choice. They think I cooked up a plan to morally degrade their children. Once again, I am a patsy stuck in this mess and If I do not bring it up in humor, it gets brought in offensive torment. Any way to get it in that kid's mind and put the blame elsewhere. I have battled this my whole life. They want something like a Jesus to take the blame for whole world's perversion and get the worry off their nerves. I have heard some comments to that effect. I'm going to call them the Sewer Branch Davidians. (that's funny)

So I intend to use the situation for my exoneration if there is any concern. As long as they don't manage to get hallucinogens into me. And even then I have experience with the old formula ones but who knows what the future ones can do ? They are getting pretty good with that stuff. This isn't hey cool party man stuff, it is a mind steering thing. Very important subject to discuss.
Posted by Chophop | Jan 28, 2018 @ 06:55 PM | 23,374 Views
Never mind, I really don't want to make a movie. Someone wanted to know, the Flytanic was a stupid ass movie. LOL
Posted by Chophop | Aug 01, 2017 @ 09:58 PM | 25,195 Views
I have a trip to Russia planned. I have enough money to get there and back. Not sure how long I'll be there but if I find a nice place to live and fly from the yard I will try to stay permanently. For now I'm going to go there and see how things are.
I can go any time, maybe after the weather gets better and I'll also get photos.
Posted by Chophop | Dec 22, 2016 @ 07:59 AM | 28,381 Views
As my Entertrainer build comes to a close, I see a new build coming that would overcome my hated obstacles, the fence and wires. The XTI Trifan 600. This looks like it will be the most practical VTOL to date.
There is a full scale Trifan approaching it's appearance, although I can't afford a real one, I can have a model. My plan is to hopefully use an open source Tricopter flight controller I can modify for this job. One challenge will be in how it manages flight mode transitions from VTOL to conventional airplane configuration and back. The rear fan covers will be a challenge also, they must be flawless in function and seal well in conventional mode. I see no reason I can't do this. This way I escape the fence, sun, and wires obstacles.
Some peeks below.
Posted by Chophop | Feb 05, 2016 @ 09:18 PM | 31,398 Views
I suppose I'll be building an Entertainer from plans at the AMA site. I had the PDF printed at the local print shop, qty 6, 36x60 inch. Two each of the fuselage, and two each of the short and long wing. I plan to build both wings.

And it looks like it will be powered by a Cobra C-4120/18 and MAS 12x8x3 on 6S lipos. A very peppy airplane by the looks of the plans. 1.5:1 thrust and 73 mph pitch speed.

Looks like a large but simple build with low parts count. No outrageous jig needs.
So next I order the balsa, my mind is set. I like the designer's graphics, so I will clone them. I do want to make a clear windshield and extra round set of side windows. Hopefully no more mods, just build it.
Posted by Chophop | Oct 23, 2015 @ 04:30 PM | 30,690 Views
I think I would run and shake my $4800 at him, but I of course would have to make sure it's as good as it looks. Someone I don't know is selling this locally. Some better wheels for the front and that's it.
Posted by Chophop | Oct 18, 2015 @ 01:27 PM | 102,036 Views
I suppose after all I've been put through for flying, and the fact that I have only tried to fly several times since March, now the end of September, I can say I'm tired of the fight and I give up. Threading $400+ airplanes through 3 or more of them trying to fly all at once has been the last straw.
I'll probably be selling them soon, worth too much to scrap. Others may not have problems but I will. No more silly jokes pretending to accept the new USA, Land of the Brave but no longer home of the free.

Do they really think I'm stupid enough to play gladiator for them to enjoy the destruction as we thread our expensive airplanes through that ? No.
Posted by Chophop | Sep 24, 2015 @ 08:21 PM | 31,936 Views
I tried an AeroSport 46 from Value Hobby. It's ok for a low wing taper wing trainer, but I would wait until you know stall recovery well. The taper wing airplanes do not stall as gently or recover as easily as the boring look rectangular wing. I figure what keeps me in the air is the best.

So far it is sort of sloppy at lower speeds maybe 40 mph and below. I'm testing it at only 570 watts, I would say it really needs 750 to 800 watts. It will fly modestly on 600.
I will need to upgrade my 6S 20C batteries as I am getting over 4 lbs with the airplanes. Those 20C's get stressed at that draw. It was nice getting by cheap on the lipos but when ya move up, ya gotta pay up.

Here's how I solved the ventilation situation without carving it up too badly. Cut a hole in the bottom of the cowl, carve the wide hole in the firewall bottom. That slot has two purposes, ventilation and also to simply be able to mount the ESC without scrunching the wires up in some desperate attempt.

The exit vent is made by removing the covering from the underside, between the cowl and landing gear. Then two pieces of aileron stock and some balsa sheet make the vent. I'm sure I can get by with the small exit because it generates a low pressure as the flow rushes past the ramped vent. You might want to close the air intake side of the esc with scotch tape to keep dew and condensation from getting rammed into the speed control.

I did this on another such plane and it makes a nice sort of hiss and bit of high speed whistle sound at high speed. Just a little bit of whistle, not a screamer.

I tore the landing gear off two days ago because of an ESC with bad soldering and a heat sink/rf shield that shorted out. It was not heat that caused the failure, but I decided to carve the sleek look up for practical purposes.
Posted by Chophop | Nov 28, 2014 @ 09:00 PM | 33,055 Views
I ran into a need to detect a flame or fire and sound an alarm (again, still trying to get out of here). Suppose you have a bunch of glow fuel and often worry it might somehow catch fire.
Here's how to make one that doesn't use any electric until it senses a fire.

You need a microswitch. Preferably, one with a long arm that has a roller or hole at the end of the arm. Wire your horn or whatever to be turned on by the NC (normally closed) contacts of the microswitch.

Now find the thinnest fishing line you can find. Fix the microswitch to a 100% firm structure and so that you can tie one end of the fishing line to the arm, the reason for the roller or hole, a place to reliably tie the line.

Mount the switch so when you pull on the fishing line, it pulls the arm in and opens the NC contacts. Now stretch the line across the area you store flammables and fix it reliably to some structure.

So with a horn or some sort of alarm connected to receive power when the arm swings to it's natural position, you are now protected. A flame will melt the fishing line, and the arm will swing, the NC contact closes, and the horn (etc.) sounds.

Good luck and use it at your own risk, I am simply explaining how I make one.

Of course you want to mount the switch where the fire can't get to it, at least for a very long time. The string will pull the switch (and any of them) in the down direction. It has a spring that returns it to the up position as shown. Some people haven't seen these.
And you might want to attach a stronger spring to it to be sure it trips.
Posted by Chophop | Feb 10, 2013 @ 03:44 AM | 33,981 Views
I'm interested in the neutral field on the right. The uncoupled accumulation of stray fields EVERYWHERE may cause problems with the earth. Best to leave masses of devices to experts who know how to keep things with the earth's field correct. I do think large scale production of magnetic devices should be controlled, if not already.

Physics Lab Demo 6: Magnetic Field (2 min 26 sec)

Posted by Chophop | Jul 30, 2012 @ 05:43 AM | 35,265 Views
I did not waste any time typing a post here. It was well spent.
Posted by Chophop | Jul 22, 2012 @ 06:50 PM | 35,057 Views
I have found that glow fuel causes severe global warming. Spill some in your lap and I guarantee it will warm the globe.
Posted by Chophop | Jul 21, 2012 @ 11:13 PM | 34,953 Views
July 21, 2012

I finally did my 54 inch Cessna in tonight. Went out to fly with no dinner and lost my depth perception. Went out too far on base leg and snagged a power line then it fell to the pavement. Tore the nose out and did strip the rudder servo gears, HS-81. I think I stripped a wing servo gear too, it makes the sound but tracks. I'll take them apart tomorrow to see.

I did crunch two Turnigy 3S 2200's. So after I was done flying my other plane I shot some holes in the batteries. No flames, but an orange glow in the holes and a cloud of smoke. I wanted to see if they would flame, but no flames. More fun than tossing them in a bucket of water to discharge. Now to be sure, they go in a bucket of water for a few days.

No need to say sorry, this was a lesson in rolling with the punches. That plane was a scratch build and it flew and landed just fantastic. Now I'm off to find a 3.5 lb 54 inch to 60 some inch replacement.

Wow, as bad as the Cessna was damaged, I got it flying again in a few days. So don't freak out in front of everyone if you crash. You might get it flying again and not make a fool of yourself.

Oct-Nov has been a bad month. I lost a Great Planes Cirrus and an electrocuted Laser Stick .10 with a sheeted wing mod. Not so good, three planes in a few months. I went years without crashing. I left a trash can in the way and lost the Cirrus trying to move it while flying, the Laser Stick .10 had an aileron servo go bad.
Posted by Chophop | Jul 04, 2012 @ 05:07 AM | 34,917 Views
zzzzit happens
Posted by Chophop | May 03, 2012 @ 12:21 PM | 34,466 Views
I'm often asked, "What's the big deal about flying ?" Why not do something else ?"

What's the big deal about something else ?
Posted by Chophop | Jan 05, 2012 @ 08:00 PM | 35,053 Views
I always bypassed the moon in my astronomy. I thought it was just a big ball with a bunch of craters. But as of lately I realized the moon is there for us to see up close and personal. It is an inspiration that accelerated astronomy because it is so predominant in our lives. So look at it and learn. Don't ignore the moon !
Closer to the point , I think God made the moon look like it does to tease us for being sinners.

Another thing I noticed, rotate the image of the moon to the large dark area at the top, then mirror flip the image. It now bears a strong resemblance to North and South America. I just noticed that this morning, December 24, 2013. They should put this on Tales of the Unexplained.

I was doing some imaging experiments of the moon and found a surprize I hadn't expected. I thought the moon was too bright and maybe using an ND filter to lower the brightness would bring more detail out. I ended up with a color image of the moon, not black & white as always before. Turns out others got the exact same results. This photo I found on the web was so close to mine I decided to save the trouble of digging it up on a CD somewhere in my archives.

An ND filter is neutral density, meaning a simple blackened glass that does not affect color, it only dims the image.