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Posted by mfwilliams | Mar 29, 2017 @ 09:23 PM | 39,548 Views
Larry Squire sent me this email concerning last Saturday's flying on the hill. As you know, one of our most devoted club members, Dan Johns, passed exactly one month ago, on 2-25-17. At this time, I would like to share with you Larry's message. Most assuredly, Dan is sorely missed, Mike

March 25, 2017, from now on will be known as "Dan Johns Day."

Today was a "10"  in the 70 s, wind 10 to 20, and thermals everywhere. A very big turnout as we got 3 new members. all of them very good pilots and flying great planes.
Around 11 oclock Jamie came with a truckload of Dans planes.Our plan was to have the guys come over and pick out what they fancied and give it a new home and if inclined,make a small donation in Dans name.
I am collecting and will send to Dans brother Mike, who has been working with us to distribute Dans "treasures".
 We paused and we took time for a minutes silence in Dans honor and when our little ceremony was over there were 2 of Dans planes in the air. I got a strange feeling somehow Dan was enjoying from up above. 
We still have a few planes left if any one was not able to come today. 
A lot of the guys came up to me and said they are going to miss Dan and respected him for his expertise,
friendliness,and most of all his ability to solve technical problems.Last but not least, Dans tent was like
heaven on those 90 degree days. 
Our friend is irreplaceable. RIP ,and my best friend is gone,  Larry
Posted by mfwilliams | Mar 19, 2017 @ 07:37 PM | 39,871 Views
Now that the weather improved. The guys at Tullahoma are coming out more frequently. So a week later we’re back at the field. Weather was similar to the week earlier, although a little cooler.
Poh showed up and was trimming out his V-tail Explorer and Stork. Gary returned with his 100” e-Riser and Radian Pro. Art was trying to get his Supra flying. He had several bad trim throws, until we sorted out his aileron centers and programming. Brian Smith showed up to wring out his large gas bird on the runway.
I unfortunately, had very bad luck. I augered in my favorite plane, the Shadow.
It appears I was “stung” by the Taranis lockout issue (see ).
During test flying, the Shadow went into failsafe and descended into the woods behind the shooting range. There was no low voltage warning (5 volts shown) and no RSSI warning (until it disappeared into the woods). Using the RSSI indicator to locate it, Gary and I trudged through the woods until we finally located it. Plane was not a total loss, it’s repairable, but it’s going to take some TLC and time.
This is a known issue (see article reference) with the Taranis and X8R/X6R in a busy electronic enviroment (I.E. we fly on an Airforce base and a military chopper was close by at the time).
Just noted FRsky has posted a new beta firmware, last week, to specifically correct this issue. I will flash as soon as my plane is repaired (or should I get a new Shadow-2?).
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Posted by mfwilliams | Mar 11, 2017 @ 05:47 PM | 40,066 Views
I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted an entry to the blog. Wow, 4 months. As an excuse, I can safely say the weather has been too wet, windy or overcast for good flying.
Poh talked me into going down to Tullahoma for some winching and electric flying on Wednesday.
I really wasn’t prepared. My JR XP9303 had been repaired by Horizon (Horizon found a failed cell in the transmitter pack). Unfortunately, I had no memory backups and all the model setups were lost.
Since I didn’t have a radio programmed for my thermal planes I was forced to go the “all electric” route. That night I hurriedly setup my Radian “camera plane” on my old Vision transmitter and performed the “mods” that make a Radian competitive. I. E. elevator decalage to 0-0, taping the rear fuse, larger Graupner prop, and stronger/straighter clevises. I also preped my Jerry warmliner for flying.
When I arrived, just before noon, a fair sized crew had showed up at the field. About 9 people, but only 5 guys flew sailplanes. The rest came by to assist or “shoot the breeze”.
The weather conditions were good. Temps peaked in the high 60’s, crystal blue sky, great lift hung over the NW corner of the field. If you reached the NW corner at a high altitude, you were set for the day. Three of us spent our time trimming and testing new birds. Gary had his 100” Sig Riser electric. Poh had a Stork. And I had of course, my cobbled together Radian. All three of us had good luck with our trim...Continue Reading