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1440p yields more image data on a 4:3 sensor camera, and we can still format to 16:9 without losing anything. This video walks you through it:
Runcam5 Orange: Why 1440p is Better • Plus: Opensource Non-Linear Stretching Not Superview (9 min 0 sec)

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Here are some flights after painting....

R/C F-117 Rocket glider flights (3 min 42 sec)

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Servos and Frames arrived.
Time to start putting Blade together.
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An alphabetical stroll through the history of aviation. Day 26, Z

Zenith Z6: How many biplanes do you know of that have seven seats? Probably not very many. The Zenith is in a very small class of large cabin biplanes.

The Zenith was built in 1927, a time when most major aviation advancements were made with biplanes. Zenith built the first Z-6 with a five seat cabin up front and a single open cockpit behind. Very similar to the design of the Boeing 40 series of biplanes. However the Zenith has a slightly more rotund look to it. The prototype was powered by a 220hp Wright but presumably didnít have great performance. The following 8 Zeniths (the entire production run) Had 420hp Pratt & Whitney R-1320s and carried six passengers up front.

There doesnít seem to be much history on what exactly the nine Zeniths that were produced were used for. However the history of the one survivor has remained. It was used by Bennett Airlines in Idaho unil it was eventually converted into a crop duster by replacing the front cabin with a hopper. It was found in this condition and restored back to airworth condition which it remains in today on display at Creve Coeur MO....Continue Reading
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An alphabetical stroll through the history of aviation. Day 25, Y

Yokosuka Navy Type 3: Yeah, thatís a mouthful. It can also be called the Avro 504 and that is much easier to spell.

In WWI, with all the fun rotary powered fighters around, there was a need for boring trainers. Avro answered the need with the 504. The 504 was powered by a seemingly endless list of engines and was also built under license by several companies. Over 10,000 were built throughout itís production lifespan.

The Japanese variant was license built by Yokosuka. It was identical to the Avro in the airframe department, it was just powered by a japanese engine. At first they were powered by en english motor as well. A version of the Armstrong Mongoose that was license built by Mitsubishi. Eventually it was replaced with the Gasuden Jimpu 2 160hp radial.

Maybe not the most noteworthy airplane in the world, but there was actually 464 of them produced....Continue Reading
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My PineCil soldering Iron arrived today. Not a bad delivery time, bought it on the 18th so just over 3 weeks to get here.

Nice little smart soldering Iron. It doesn't come with any cables and just one tip but it has options for USB-c and a DC jack. I was able to hook it up to my Nokia QC charger at 12V and my battery charger power adaptors DC jack at 16V and both have worked perfectly. On the 16V power brick it got to 350 C in less then a minute.

The tips are standard TS-100 style tips and its really comfortable to hold. Its even designed for the case to be removed and there are 2 other cases available, red and clear plastic. It has an earthing point on the Iron as well.

Good menu and plenty of user controls including a sleep timer and an auto shut off.

Really happy with it so far. Now I just have to give it a good run to see if it will be worth using as a daily driver or just a small toolkit type iron.
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Got a new lens this one is a 12-24mm F4 G so trying it out. Was lucky to get out to fly it was 62F a bit cold but there are thermals in winter. I caught some thermals... I read/watched the wing's default shape (no flapperon movement) is in speed mode, so the cruising/thermal mode is some millimeters down. So yeah... it was a great day almost no wind later on. The flat sink rate was nuts my AUW is 8.4oz and was able to do 2 minute flat flights in dead air from a launch. That's if you seldomly turn, just keep it flying flat most of the time.

No video, nothing interesting to show but also the weeds were in the way, most of the time the 12mm was too wide/plane is too small in frame. I also need to remember to buy some spray for my head, these gnats were brutal just chasing me around.

Hoping for a better weather day, one day a friend will help me film it.

Yeap, still looking unpleasantly thicc to need to diet, start lifting again.
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I got sidetracked from the A-9 build for a few days cutting dividers for music genres. One of the original "dry goods" store on historic
Beale Street here in Memphis is adding a "Memphis Music" display for vinyl albums.
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So here's another great flight by Chris Wolfe of his super cool F-14 Tomcat "FLIR CAT" re-paint at the Victor Valley EDF fun fly...:
Freewing F-14 Tomcat Twin 80mm EDF Jet "FLIR CAT" by Chris Wolfe at Victor Valley RC EDF Fun Fly (5 min 31 sec)

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Enjoy the show !

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I am glad that we have produced new upgraded parts after SCX24 parts.
Arrma Kraton 1/8 EXB 6S 4WD Monster Truck Upgrading Parts.
Please PM me for the wholesale price or: [email protected]
#Arrma #Scx24 #RC #Hobbydetails
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Scratch build 1/100
Former Japanese Army submarine
Submersible transport boat "Maruyu"
First voyage in the pond after completion
まるゆ、池で戯れる、魚たち (9 min 40 sec)

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This stuff gets me excited! I’m not quite skilled enough to fly this yet, but this was part of my recently acquired lot and it’s one I can’t pass up keeping! Assembly and discussion videos will be loaded to my YouTube channel as I go along!
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ORCA Prototype Maiden Flight:

General Specifications
Length : 340 mm
Wingspan : 780 mm
Print Weight : 250 gram
Flying Weight : 500 gram
Wing Area : 12.3 dm2
Wing Loading : 40 g/dm2

3D Print RC Plane / Craycle FPV ORCA (0 min 46 sec)

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Fun video, pointed the nose down hit full throttle in REVERSE!
Nose UP and DOWN Hovering Remaiden Eflite DRACO 2.0m Smart BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE Select (7 min 46 sec)

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Here are the first three F-117 flights of my scratch build 1/20th scale version, now ready to paint the top flat black...Flew like a sweetheart, nice glide and controllable flare.

R/C F-117 Stealth Fighter Rocket glider (3 min 50 sec)

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Our first 3D printable aircraft project FPV ORCA.

Orca is optimized for normal PLA and PetG. It can fly long time with up to 2200 mAh battery. You can put your flight controller, GPS or telemetry module.

Orca has a big loading space, easy printing (support free) and quick assembling process. 35-40 hours printing time and 30-40 minute assembling time.

All you need to make this model is a CA glue, 5 mm carbon rod and 2 pieces between 1 and 1.5 mm daimeter push rods.

ORCA is not for the beginners, it flies very fast and acrobatic! You can also use it as a Racer, FPV and Freestyle.

Building video will be coming soon as possible. But you won't need it because ORCA has a very easy building process. User guide will be enough for build.

STL files available on cults3d:

PDF User Guide:!Au6X2Jil-WVD6jgs...Pp53u?e=PNfYbw

Follow us for more information:
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The cheapest way to try to reduce the overheating motors was by shrinking the wheel diameter to the smallest possible size. 74mm was disappointing. Maximum speed was reduced to 8.5min/mile. Hill climbing with a payload was slightly faster. It was noisier. It was really noisy with a payload, because the internal structure of the tire created hard points. The mane problem was the low ground clearance. The motor modules got really chewed up. The minimum ground clearance seems to require 108mm wheels.

74mm wheels work for skateboards because the only exposed part is a narrow shaft. They steer by rotating the entire shaft of the front & back wheels. Since only the traction wheels have to be small to provide enough force, the front wheels can still be 108mm & have all the steering hardware. The motors in the rear have to be fully enclosed in the tires with only narrow shafts joining them to the chassis.

So there's still a problem of overheating motors as the weather warms. The latest theory is to invest in 1/16" sheet aluminum. Manually cut out hubcaps to dissipate heat out of the hubs. Manually cut out strips to dissipate heat from the motor legs.

Making those 74mm wheels was a lot of work, but it was still infinitely easier than before 3D printing. 20 years ago, it would have entailed many days of cutting & grinding or wouldn't even have been possible. A younger lion did spend many years on robots where a big part of those years was spent manually creating parts that could have been spun out by a 3D printer in days.
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This thing is a beast!

Mike Patey's HUGE E-flite Draco RC Plane Unboxing & Overview (8 min 18 sec)

E-flite Draco BNF Basic Review Notes:

- Working suspension in the front & back landing gear
- 4S-6S battery options
- SAFE/AS3X Receiver with the BNF Basic version
- Many different light combinations
- Carbon fiber added all over for additional strength
- Reasonably quick Foam RC Airplane build time
- ESC works well with Spektrum Smart packs & lets you know if your flight packs are not charged enough to fly

- The tail section is sloppy for a plane of this caliber
- Horizontal stabilizer could have used screws instead of just a click in setup to ensure strength