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Posted by GabeWind | Feb 19, 2019 @ 03:37 PM | 848 Views
Ever since last summer I boght my FeiLun FT007 brand new, is was longing for a bigger and faster boat, and becouse iam new in RC hobby, i was eagerly waited for my first brushless setup... so i was dreaming that one day i will buy the FT012.

You might be asking why not FT011? Well two reasons, need to step up somewhere
And also on that scale, i have other plans... but that is another tale, we will see

So back to the topic: one day I was browsing Facebook, when i saw it: a used FT012 fairly cheap, according the seller, only 1-2 times in the water. Perfect.
Of course i couldnt let it go, so contaced and bought it. I was waiting it was reeaaaly long waiting.... well actually only a few days, but when you are waiting for something...
But on January 15, it came home at last, it was here, and it was mine.

Maan it was so much bigger and heavier than FT007.
The first thing came to my mind: This is a BEAST. (Vadállat in my native language).
So i named it: VADÁLLAT.

Infact just a few day ago i got from my friend a label printer (Thanks for it, love ya man ), so the first mod was printing the name for it!

And then came a long waiting since its winter, the lake was frozen, so other than the bathtub no place to ride

Of couse i needed to do something, so a few mod's came:
(This is the right time to thank everyone in the forums! You are a really big help - Thank You Guys!)

I read about the water leaking problem, so my first thing was on that evening I...Continue Reading