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TOPSKY Prime 1S. Бюджетные очки по цене шлема. Banggood (14 min 35 sec)

TOPSKY Prime 1S Buy Link:

#RCVlog #Topsky #Prime1S
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WAHEY !!!!!! its arrived !!! , its a mixed bag , mostly good (mod worthy) with a little mediocre thrown in for good measure.

The LAND ROVER DEFENDER D90 ( its ALL capitals , dont blame me its Iconic ) is one 'the' most well known vehicles of all time, being amazing resilient and reliable LAND ROVER carved their own market by producing vehicles that could take on the elements and beat them in to submission. LAND ROVER's name has become iconic across the world ( and across the 9 realms) proving amazingly capable even in the most extreme situations, so iconic that even a God drives one.............

I give you LAND ROVER and THOR ! ( hence the 9 realms c'mon its a bit of fun ) Range Rover are of course LAND ROVER for girls

Basic information Item name:Rc Car
Item No:MN-90
Scale: 1/12
Color:red,yellow and green
Max speed:about 15km/h Power System
Motor:130 brushed motor

Transmitter Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4CH Battery Car Battery: 6V 500mAh battery(included)
Playing time:about 25minutes
Other Material:ABS and metal Dimension Car Size:35*16.5*20.5cm
Box Size:42*18*23.5cm
Forward,backward,turn left,turn right,front LED light

The color shows that this one only include one car,but with 2 body shell roof rack

Package included:
1X Rc Car(included the battery and with 2 body...Continue Reading
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TopSky Prime 1S FPV Goggles [Working] 😮 Caddx Turtle V2 Water Damage Tip 😅 [4:3 Progression]

0:00 Crash Turtle V2 Crash and Camera Water Damage while attempting to fly in 4:3 with the TopSky Prime 1S
00:46 Flying in 4:3 with the TopSky Prime 1S and Caddx S1 Camera (waiting for the Turtle to dry)
02:14 Caddx Turtle V2 Water Damage fixed
02:20 Testing the Caddx Turtle v2 with TopSky Prime in 4:3
03:10 Smooth flying with the TopSky Prime in 4:3
04:39 Super smooth flying

TopSky Prime 1S FPV Goggles [Working] 😮 Caddx Turtle V2 Water Damage Tip 😅 [4:3 Progression] (6 min 40 sec)

I had a scare when my Caddx Turtle V2 stopped working after a slight crash into some wet grass. It froze on the splash screen but after drying for an hour it worked again. Unfortunately, it has happened since but worked again when drying out. I hope this doesn't shorten the life of my camera 😮

After a terrible start I am finally getting some use out of my TopSky Prime! They are not perfect but for me they are a slight upgrade (only in the sun) from my Eachine VRD2 Pro Box Goggles. Most importantly I love the feel of two screens rather than one and flying in 4:3 rather than 16:9.

For some reason I can see detail much better with the TopSky Prime s1 than the box goggles but they are still definitely beginner fpv goggles (less pixels). I have no problem with focus as I have flipped the lenses (link rcg) but do think I will upgrade to a...Continue Reading
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Here's an update to the glider project I've been working on where I tackle the wing. I even work out a way to split this huge wingspan up into 2 halves that can easily be transported in a small car.

Large foamboard glider (Galaxy) update... Wing joining and construction... (11 min 31 sec)

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Do you know how to change battery plug?
How to change the battery plug (2 min 21 sec)

Posted by Yowoo Linda | Dec 28, 2018 @ 12:34 AM | 1,368 Views
our store need 5 orders.

If you need battery or rc parts, please feel free to contact me.

Whatever you order, you can get USD$5 discount.
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hello my friends.
please tell me, how can i switch modes on the v911s remote,i mean,i want to put the spinning tail left/right in the right hand,exactly as i do on the v913 controller.
thank you.
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The Pitts Model 12 15e ARF has Hitec HS-85MG Premium Metal Gear Micro Servos, 60-amp pro Swith-Mode BEC Brushless ESC and a Scorpion SII-3020-890KV motor.
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Looking to sell this plane. It will also come with a new fuselage and the right battery to fly it, all you will need to add is your receiver.
Posted by Ibinde | Dec 27, 2018 @ 12:32 PM | 1,458 Views
I built this last month. A Bede 5, with a 60 inch wingspan. Has Ailerons and elevator. I may add rudder lated , I think it would look better with a clear canopy. I’ll Change that later.
Used my laser to cut the parts for the fuse. I used 1/8 plywood for bulkheads and sheeted it with 3/32 balsa. I found the plans online I intend to Slope fly it.
Posted by Old_Pilot | Dec 27, 2018 @ 11:31 AM | 4,909 Views
Whew....Christmas is over, and I can finally get back to building.....been playing with the capabilities of my design software and my CNC router.....
Figured out I could cut wing cores and canopy plugs.....
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We have long-term cooperation with amass manufacturers and have the most favorable prices.

PM me , [email protected]

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Its winter Had some thoughts about building a New EDF jet that will fly easily off our small and narrow Runway .
Something light but with a wide speed range - with the popularity of 70 and 80 mm EDF's I thought thats would be
what I would build.
I started with a pro type using an EDF- from Flyzone L-39 as a hand launch model with a 70 MM with retracts
to follow - Then an 80/90 mm model.

Specifications: WS 24" Wing Area 156 length 37" wing aspect 3.69 RTF weight 25.6 oz empty weight 19.0...Continue Reading
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Picture of Servo included ...

Dont know what to say - Just not impressed !


A) Rudder throw doubled ( Need that rudder )
B) Dihedral increased

I will re-attach the wing today ..
Way too hot to Park it ! ( 36c or 97f predicted for today ) Would not be surprised if it tops 100f though
Posted by DismayingObservation | Dec 26, 2018 @ 07:07 PM | 31,047 Views
I admit it.

I was a bit spooked to send up the rebuilt Sparrow after its masterful repairing at the hand of its builder; see my previous blog if you wish.

Original plans called for the reinstallation of a simple sport radio, but the elevator interfered with the newly rebuilt and extended rudder. On top of that, the pushrods were flexing excessively. In went a Hitec Optima receiver bound to a Hitec Flash 8 radio. I programmed both surfaces with as much throw as I could manage and tossed in a bit of exponential as well.

When it took off from the runway at the Coachella Valley Radio Control Club, it did so with sheer beauty. Plenty of power, but by no means is it a speed demon. It's much like flying a powered glider and I'm looking forward to taking it up again soon. It landed like a glider, too. I didn't think Anakin wanted to come down!

A visit to the field the next day came complete with what I thought were free models on the free stuff table, a table which netted me about 20 nine-gram servos and some servoless retract mechanisms a couple of weeks prior. Instead, these newest additions to the hangar were very low cost, sold by a friend of mine. Thirty bucks for the pair of old ParkZone models in the photo below. That little J-3 Cub, identical to the second R/C plane I ever owned and wore out, is in outstanding condition other than a bit of fading. It's since been cleaned up and some minor repairs have been made. It's almost like new and while the...Continue Reading
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FrSky xm 16ch receiver
New micro vtx/camera combo
Posted by Bill M - RC | Dec 26, 2018 @ 05:43 PM | 3,070 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

SJRC F11 review. This NEW SJRC F11 1080P GPS 5G WiFi FPV Foldable Brushless RC Drone 25min Flight Time RTF review includes unboxing, inspection, features, compass calibration, camera, app, flight and time tests. Additional batteries are also available with this. Flight action starts at 8:32 .

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SJRC F11 review - 1080P GPS 5G WiFi FPV Foldable Brushless RC Drone 25min Flight Time RTF (27 min 21 sec)