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Posted by scousethief | May 28, 2018 @ 09:12 AM | 10,537 Views
This one is going to pop your melon we are going to take everything i have learnt in the last xx years or so and throw it out of the window lol.

Posted by scousethief | May 28, 2018 @ 08:06 AM | 11,461 Views
Before i start , ALL and i do mean ALL credits go to Barspin and the other designers in the 3DPrinting community, i take absolutely no credit at all ( i only take cash lol ) for the poorly structured sentences below all those credits go to my English teacher who was a drunk please direct any thanks towards the community as that is were all these crazy ideas come from...

IF any vendors would like to participate by offering some sample parts for me to incorporate /play with they would be gratefully received and all credits given.

I am in the process of 3D printing an RC Car , the original designs are for a 1:10 scale vehicle but we will be adapting this primarily for 1
:18 which will then be adapted for something a little bigger (maybe 1:8 or so ) There are a lot of adjustments to be made from the original design but as a baseline i am using 3 different OpenRC projects and various other designs and adapting them as i go, of course there are some parts that will clearly benefit from using "off the shelf" production parts ( highly stressed components like drive shafts ) ,but as the main goal here is to utilize as many printed parts as possible i will try and keep "purchased" parts to a minimum.
The printer used will be an Anet A8 that has had some minor upgrades ,however ,the upgrades are not necessary and everything should be perfectly printable on any 3d printer without any major hassle.

All texts in "Blue" are links , they will...Continue Reading
Posted by scousethief | May 20, 2018 @ 08:50 AM | 10,628 Views

The Eachine Lizard 105s is the latest "micro" drone from prolific manufacturer Eachine , a slight increase in size from its previous incarnation - the well know and much loved Lizard 95 - the 105S features some improvements on the previous design and includes some extra electronics to calm the inner geek in all of us.
We will do this one in reverse starting from the ground up, so to speak...

The main frame of the 105S is a mix of carbon and aluminium alloy braces giving the frame a chunky weighty feel, instead of a single piece base plate Eachine have opted to use a multi piece base with the arms rotated 90 degrees , this 90 degree rotation removes the majority of up/down flex incurred by the thrust from the motor/prop, the arms are short so any flex is kept to a minimum and the carbon arms are then bolstered by the alloy frame which literally removes any flex from the base frame itself ( i tried and cannot even exert a minor flex on the frame ). The main body of the 105S consists of 2 side plates which help protect the electronics separated by aluminium braces -one of which holds the camera and lens -and some minor molded plastic components that fix the VTX antenna and LED's to the rear of the frame. Overall the frame feels VERY solid. Out of all my micro frames -including my beloved Leader 120 - this frame is...Continue Reading