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Posted by DutchRC | Nov 18, 2017 @ 09:09 AM | 4,166 Views
Halloa people

soo a what?? Is this even an RC? Well yes it is, but it's more an action-sports thing this Skateboard However.. it sure is remote / radio controlled..

Link to this skateboard: Hiwheel ready to run electric skateboard

And in this topic I'll be posting several video's about this electric longboard If you have experience with this (or other) board, I offcourse welcome your input!

DutchRC - Hiwheel affordable Electric RR Skateboard! :) - Show & Tell (12 min 39 sec)

Length: 1 meter
Board: maple wood
Weight: 6.2 Kg
Battery: 4400mah 6S Li-ion
Max speed: 20 Km/h
Range: 12-20 Km
Max weight: 120 Kg
Posted by DutchRC | Nov 12, 2017 @ 06:08 PM | 3,014 Views
Halloa guys

sooo yeah.. I had kinda expected the Topsky F7X to be my daily driver for a while, but that was a bit of a let down regertably.. So I went for more of a tried & true option this time The Aomway Commmander..

Link to this FPV goggle: Aomway Commander v1 FPV goggle

Obviously I'll be reviewing the goggle, but at THIS moment it's on offer (see link above) which is why I'm posting this up right now..
I only just ordered the goggle Today..

DutchRC - The Aomway Commander FPV Goggle at a GOOD price! :) (3 min 47 sec)

Resolution: 854 x 480px ( WVGA )
Aspect ratio: 16:9
System: PAL / NTSC auto select
FOV: 32 degree
IPD: 59 - 69mm adjustable
Receivers: 2x 40cm
Antenna connectors: SMA
Memory: SD Cards up to 32GB
Diversity: Yes
External video-in: Yes
External video-out: Yes
Audio out: Yes
DVR: Yes Mjpeg 30fps
Auto search: Yes
Supports 3D FPV: Yes
Battery: not included
Headtracker: optional