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Posted by DutchRC | Jul 30, 2016 @ 01:28 PM | 4,064 Views
Howdy people

for my video quadcopter (a XK X500) I was looking for a suitable 3D gimbal, to Really make the quad into a good video device.. In the past I've tried several Feiyu Tech gimbals. Those worked pretty o.k.-isch, but I never had that warm fuzzy 'wauw!' feeling from them..
Sooo I looked for a better gimbal, and decided on getting a Zhiyun Z1....

Link to this gimbal: Zhiyun Z1 Tiny 2

To begin with.. Here is my 'what's in the box' video + a first test-flight with it..
(no firmware update done.. no cailibration done..)

DutchRC - Zhiyun Z1 - TINY 2 High Quality 3D Gimbal Show & Tell! (from Gearbest.com) (20 min 34 sec)

I must say that this time I AM impressed Higher up there was quite a bit of wind, but I can't see that in the video
What do You think??
Posted by DutchRC | Jul 29, 2016 @ 02:10 PM | 4,579 Views
Howdy people

I've ordered me another car from out Chinese friend I was on the lookout for this Cheetah for a while allready.. Not really for it's looks, but because it looked like a real performer in video's I had seen..
Soo.. just as soon as the stock rolled in, I ordered me one

Link to this car: JLB Racing - Cheetah
To be completely honnest I had not heard of the 'JLB Racing' brand before..

So.. a 1/10th scale monster truck, eventhough it is a bit big for a 1-to-ten..

i have a show & tell shot by now, but offcourse I'll do more video's about the car

DutchRC - JLB Racing Cheetah! 1/10th Brushless Monster Truck - Show & Tell (from Banggood.com) (16 min 53 sec)

ESC: Brushless 80A
Motor: Brushless 3670 2500KV
Servo: Waterproof 40g, metal Gear; 15kg/cm 0.15sec
Battery: 11.1V 4000mah 30C LIPO
Speed: 80 km/h
Size: 500*390*205mm(L*W*H)
Wheel base: 310mm
Shaft Base: 310mm
Posted by DutchRC | Jul 19, 2016 @ 05:06 PM | 4,094 Views
Howdy people

I've been looking / experimenting with for an affordable, but modular aerial videography platform for quite a while.. I've build one myself, but it never really satisfied my needs.
Besides that I'm quite a fan of the XK brand, soooo I though I should give there X500 quad a try

Here is a link to this quad: XK X500 Aircam

So.. I'll try and do several video's about this quad.. To start with a show & tell with a first test-flight:

DutchRC - The XK X500 Aircam Arial video quadcopter! Show & Tell (from Gearbest.com) (17 min 25 sec)

Now.. to this I should add that my quad seems to have a major problem.. After this test-flight it didn't want to start-up anymore.. So it will kind-off allso be a test of Gearbests support....
Posted by DutchRC | Jul 15, 2016 @ 02:52 PM | 4,761 Views
Halloa people

A highly anticipated quadcopter I have here! The newest brushless XK quadcopter, with FPV and 3D capabilities
It features:
+ brushless motors
+ a FPV camera
+ transmitter and FPV-screen
+ acro-mode flying
+ Inverted / CP-mode flying

I got mine from banggood.com: XK X252 Schuttle

I'll shoot several video's about this quad.. Let's start with a show & tell with a first test-flight:

DutchRC - XK X252 Brushless FPV 3D quadcopter - Show & Tell + Test flight (from Banggood.com) (19 min 41 sec)

Material: plastick frame
Frequence: 2.4G
Brushless motor: 1804 * 4
Flight time: about 12 mins
Charging time: about 60-80 mins
Control distance: about 300m
Transmission distance: more than 250m
Quadcopter Battery: 7.4V 950mAh 20C
Transmitter Battery: 6 x 1.5V AA Battery (Not Included)
Wheelbase: 242mm
Flight weight: 220g
Posted by DutchRC | Jul 10, 2016 @ 05:31 PM | 3,879 Views
Hi there ladies & gentlemen

a few weeks ago I got me this new version of MJX's mid-size hexacopter in. It is the successor of the X600 which is/was quite popular The main upgrade from the X600 is the altitude hold feature, which works very well. This makes it an excellent choice for people wanting to get into multirotor flying (IMHO)

Here is a link to this hex: MJX X601H FPV hexacopter

In this video you'll find a full review of it

DutchRC - MJX X601H FPV Hexacopter - FULL REVIEW (from Banggood.com) (25 min 44 sec)

I'll probably do a few more video's on the X601H.

Color: Black or gold
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Channel: 4-Channels
Gyro Axis: 6-Axis
Transmitter: GR-301
Copter battery: 7.4V 700mAh
Control distance: about 70m
Flying time: About 10 mins
Charging time: About 90mins
Product size:45.5*41*10.5cm
Transmitter battery: 4 x 1.5V AA battery (not included)
Camera: C4015 FPV Real-Time Aerial Component
Posted by DutchRC | Jul 03, 2016 @ 08:41 AM | 11,058 Views
Howdy people

Got me another quadcopter in to take a look at This time it is (IMHO) a toy grade quadcopter, but with some features not commonly found in toy grade's..
+ an FPV camera that actually performs well
+ GPS receivers in both the quadcopter & the transmitter

Here is a link to the quadcopter: Hubsan X4 H502S

In this topic I'll be demonstrating all it's features, but let's first take a look at what it is / looks like:

DutchRC - Hubsan X H502S Desire FPV + GPS Quadcopter - Show & Tell (from Gearbest.com) (11 min 52 sec)