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Posted by Jimn8uay | Jan 16, 2014 @ 02:40 PM | 12,156 Views
Here us a quick overview of what I did to my Taranis to increase the audio enjoyment. Took a couple of hours but hey, it's winter!

Parts Express was the source for the new speaker. At first I thought it wasn't going to be a great fit but at the end, not too bad!

Okay, here's a run down of what I did. Hope the photos are reasonable. First look at the speaker I thought I ordered the wrong piece but upon further review, this was the one posted in the thread so I went ahead with the demolition. Taking apart the case I noticed that the original speaker is held in by three small dabs of glue. Slowly cut away and lifted the speaker off, simple. Of course I disconnected the unit from the audio board; this was harder than removing the actual speaker. Also removed the battery before disassembling the radio, of course.

Dry fit of the new speaker I noticed very little clearance between the posts that are molded into the case where the screws enter to attach the top to bottom. I needed to remove the inner most flanges of the post, since they seem fairly stout, I wasn't worried about the integrity of the posts. Sharp exacto did this well. I also needed to find the right size pill bottle or container to act as a resonance chamber/mounting cup.

One note, I wanted to do this with whatever materials and tools, supplies I had on hand, I didn't want to make this more of a project than it has become.

So the search for the pill bottle starts. After trying about 5-6 different...Continue Reading