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Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 26, 2013 @ 06:04 PM | 6,107 Views
Clockwork Creation by Pierre Jaquet-Droz

This video is just astounding.

I believe it is worth your time. If you are a teacher you may want to share it with your students. I am in total shock at when this was made--240 years ago

'The Writer' Automaton (4 min 49 sec)

Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 22, 2013 @ 05:33 AM | 6,742 Views
Hi good people,

Just wanted to share a Fun Sail event with the North Florida ORCAS RC Boat Club and who invited me and my good friend Tony Lombardo. We traveled from Central Florida to meet with these dedicated RC Boat club members to experience their waters (Lake Park) at LOSCO REGION PARK located 10851 Hood Road South in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville.


I had a terrific time with two of my RC Boats and glad I came because I needed to work on both of these fine RC Boat Models that I have acquired within the past two years now and these boats always needs work for either making sure all systems are working correctly "or" appearance and scale work that might need attention.

Just a few pictures of my super LARGE PT311 (Torpedo Patrol RC Electric boat) that spans six (6) feet long. The smaller and fantastic looking and running PT boat is from an RC Club member from North Florida ORCAS.

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Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 08, 2013 @ 02:46 PM | 7,116 Views
Hello good people,

There is a discussion thread over in the Electric Plane Talk section and this blog is just to record my very first flight of my new Dynam SMART RC Electric Airplane model.

Please note that this is NOT a beginner RC Model even though it does have some qualities and characteristics of a Trainer but, it requires someone with intermediate -to- Advance RC Pilot skills. Why? Because this model will give you two Snap Rolls for FREE when you even don't expect it, depending on your control settings.

First, allow me to provide you with some fantastic pictures made possible by my good friend, Gerry Rivera (simano) and who also, provided the Video Capture of today's Maiden Flight.

Okay, a few pictures......

Oh, yes, it is the largest RC Foam Model that I have ever flown and the best flying one at that!!!!

In the first flight, I flew it like I stole it and was very comfortable in rolling it very close to the ground and almost stalled it with high Alpha flight and got very close to the bushes far end of the RC field. I saw the shadow of the model right on top of the bushes!!!!

My buddy Gerry told me NOT to push the envelope so, I took it easy

This thing flew slower than a Slow Stick!!!!

I used the Spektrum AR611e Park Flyer Receiver, my Spektrum DX7 (older model) and Turnigy 4-Cell, 3300mAH, 25C Lithium Polymers. I believe Dave (dbc) changed out the ESC to a 45-AMP Black Label no-name job and did excellent!

A few pictures!

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Posted by PittSpecial | Sep 04, 2013 @ 12:21 PM | 6,847 Views

I finally was able to upload the Video I recorded this past Sunday showing my Buddies Maiden (Gerry Rivera = simano) of his new shinny E-Flite UMX MIG-15 Df!

First, a few pictures!

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Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 31, 2013 @ 10:08 PM | 7,965 Views

We were sitting around shooting the gums (talking) under the shelter roof of the RC Club as we were watching the wind socks (both digital and fabric) and wondering how the wind got so high in such a short period of time.

As I was contemplating on leaving to the Candy Store with my Sky Bro, here comes Wayne Mendez with his family in his large SUV and was giving them the tour as it is a long weekend (Labor Day).

I looked at the wind socks and decided what the heck!

It flew in perhaps 10 MPH winds and they were not steady!!

For Maiden Flight Results and Observations:

Tip Idea:

Pictures were possible by Gerry Rivera (simano) who has terrific Photography Skills!!

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Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 31, 2013 @ 08:44 PM | 7,820 Views
Hello Good People!

Sharing some High Resolution Digital Pictures that my good buddy, Gerry Rivera (simano) took this morning at the RC Club! Just an amazing morning and Gerry took some neat In-Flight Pictures of my new Trail Blazer!

Maiden Observations (Flight Report) at:

BP HOBBIES has this one on a Blow Out Sale for $47.00 !!

Okay, here are the IN-FLIGHT Pictures!

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