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Posted by PittSpecial | Aug 04, 2012 @ 08:14 AM | 7,828 Views
Okay, woke up at 4:30am this morning and took out all parts of the model and hardware, plus glue. Finished the assembly right at 7:38am and this includes trying to use the useless Glue that was provided in the Box! I would not recommend using this Glue! The Strut keepers that go on the underside of the wing and FUSE, I used 5-minute epoxy and worked great! I do hope this Glue that came with the model is okay for the Horizontal and Vertical Stabs as that is what I used at this location.

Things I liked about the model:
1. Scale Details, the Struts, Antennas, decals, paint.
2. Magnet detach / reattach Cowl. (Wish FLyZone SENSEI had this...)
3. All cable harnesses and hardware included.
4. All Servos, including those for FLAPS are included! (Hello Park Zone)
5. Brushless Motor and ESC included.
6. Lights Included.
7. Super easy plastic horn and horn anchor plates that go on super easy!
8. Pilot Figure included! (Hello E-Flite!).

Things that I did not Like about the Model:

1. Instructions are super poor and images are really poor quality.
2. Did not know that the Y-Connectors - Extensions were in the Battery hatch!
3. Wing attachment to FUSE is not the best. You need another pair of hands!
4. Plastic Keel that allows the insertion of Wing Dowels made of poor plastic and easy will break.
5. Glue provided should not be used on Plastic parts -to- Foam parts!
6. Spinner is made of cheap Snap-On Plastic! I hope it does not fly Off! (No securing screws)
7. The prop adapter had...Continue Reading