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Posted by daveapplemotor | Apr 21, 2012 @ 12:25 PM | 2,356 Views
I am 62 years old and possibly trainable.

I have had a great time flying my 250s around the front yard. I did a lot of repair work on them. Tree, driveway, tree, mini-van, grass, street, tree, roof - it goes on.

I got the smaller helis so that I could stick close to Mom. I got rid of a couple of good-flying 450s to fit the front yard better. She could watch out the front window while I tried to keep a 250 in view.
She loved to see the MSR fly indoors. Even though I crashed an MCX it into her face once. OOPS. Sorry Mom. She was game. She is gone but she got me a MCPX for Christmas that I fly almost daily.

I love MCPXs. I have two stock MCPXs and brushless parts from Dylan, the AZ guru of MCPX BL conversions has complete power systems for two helis on the way to me. One will be really fast and the other sort of close to stock. I use a Spektrum DX6i tx.

For those who don't know, the stock MCPX is a very robust machine. I probably had 100 indoor crashes - furniture, door, house plant, me with little or no damage. A link can disappear or break. There is one rule: use the TH switch. Use that switch to kill the power if a crash is imminent and damage is limited or none. MCPXs fly at under 50 grams. The head is so light that it doesn't just coast down when you kill the power -- it stops. I banged blades into wooden chairs with no damage.

F/R: I am gaining confidence in my flying ability because my Flying - to -Repair ratio is going way, way up. I should start to track that time wise. I will keep track of minutes flying and plot against the minutes repairing on a spreadsheet. I hope I fly the brushless helis well enough to keeping them operable. Higher headspeeds with my brushless babies could mean trouble.

Also I will track time spent upgrading, reading forums, flying on the sim, internet buying and LHS trips. Maybe I learn how much of my time is devoted to helis.

F/R improvement. I have six Lipos charged.