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Posted by heliwill10 | Feb 24, 2013 @ 03:45 PM | 24,175 Views
Introducing a full build log for a whisper model aircraft kit.

The Eastern Soaring League and lots of others around the world have found that the Molded Supra by Vladimir Models/Kennedy Composites is an excellent all around TD and F3J contest design, I own one and learned pretty much all my contest soaring skills flying it. But building is part of my thing so I started asking about bagging wings and molding fuselages (thanks Anker!) which ultimately lead to the Supra X 4m. You can find other threads of the Super Supra I created which finally got me to the Supra X 4m, you'll see in this build log.

There have been many significant changes from the Super Supra design and construction and most important the move from a "tipper" full flying horizontal stab to the current "articulated" horizontal stabilizer used on a few of the lastest Euro-Moldies recently. (I want to thank Phillip Kolb, Larry Jolly, JoJo and GordySoar for their input on this topic!)

The tipper stab uses a V-mount which I found expensive and fragile, so it didn't take too much to inspire me to try the old style articulated stab and elevator. It wasn't a good option in the past due to a bunch of factors, including weight, incidence consideration, and stab airfoil. Those factors have been overcome by brains in the hobby far greater than mine (again thanks guys!), so I went full speed ahead on designing a pylon for the new stab which you'll see later in this build.

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