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Posted by parkflyer215 | Mar 30, 2017 @ 08:55 PM | 16,587 Views
While scouring the internet for a warbird to build, I came across Seagull's Yak-3U. This is a limited recent production (maybe only one model was built) modified from a Soviet WW2 airplane that is a racer. I loved the design and the finish, so I ordered from HobbyGulf out in Abu Dhabi. I had built the Seagull T-34 last year and was very happy with the quality of that kit.


Experience level Intermediate / Advanced
Wingspan 160 cm / 63 in
Wing area 46.7 / 723.9
Overall length 140.6 cm / 55.4 in
Flying weight 5.2 kg / 11.5 lbs
Power system 15-20 cc gasoline engine
EP conversion Included
Radio 7 channels
Servos 9

The kit arrived double boxed and very safely packaged. The time from ordering to the large box arriving ay my doorstep was approximately three weeks, which is not bad given the size and distance.
Posted by parkflyer215 | Jul 25, 2016 @ 10:11 PM | 7,138 Views
New build. Specs to be added below.
Posted by parkflyer215 | May 28, 2015 @ 07:00 PM | 8,960 Views
Item code: BH51
Glow and EP

Wingspan: 159 cm 62.60 in.
Length: 123 cm 48.43 in.
Weight: 2.8 kg 6.16 lbs.
Parts listing required (not included)
Battery: 3 Cells-Li-Poly 11.1V – 4,500mAh – 20c.
Electric Motor(02PCS): + AXI 2814/12.
+ KMS 2814/08.
Radio: 06- 07 channels.
Servo: 08 – 10 servos.
Speed control (02PCS): 40A.
Engine(02PCS): 25 – 2 stroke.
Propeller: 9 x 6.

ARF kit is a beauty! Powered by twin Rimfire .15 motors spinning 9x6 APC thin electric props counterclockwise. Two SkyPower 30A ESC's from HeadsupHobby, Hitec HS-85mg servos on ailerons (2x) and elevator, Hitec HS-82mg servos for steering and flaps (2x), EFlite .46 tricycle landing gear, Hitec HS-65mg servo for rudder and a Castle CC 10A BEC completes the setup. With a Turnigy nanotech 4000 mAh 25C battery, the power system generates 1100W for both motors. Flight time is about 7 min.
Posted by parkflyer215 | May 06, 2015 @ 09:24 PM | 8,303 Views
Purchased from GeneralHobby.

WING SPAN:70"(1780mm)
WING AREA:972sq in(62.7sq dm)
FLYING WEIGHT: 8.8-10lbs(4000g-4600g)
Glow:.91-.120(2C) 1.10-1.20(4C)

Turnigy 63-54 260Kv outrunner running a 18x9 or 19x10 APC prop, Castle 6-8S 85A ESC with BEC, Hitech HS430HV Servos, two Turnigy nanotech 4S 4000 mAh 25C batteries in series (8S total) and a Spektrum Ar9200 receiver with 2 satellites. Setup works great, and plane has gobs of power.