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Posted by Jim Young | Apr 20, 2007 @ 02:47 PM | 21,049 Views

I'm Jim Young, and I live in Brighton, MI. My hobby interest right now are mainly in electric, R/C scale models. Specifically, I love "Golden Age" racers, but I have also competed in local sailplane contests, and have started to learn how to hover a heli. I enjoy designing and building, and I've desided to make an effort to share my designs with the modeling community. As such, I approach each design with the intent of having it published and/or kitted. You can check out my existing designs on my website (Thanks R/C Groups for hosting it!).

My current fleet of planes include the following:

1/4 Scale Weddel-Williams Model 44
1/5 Scale Howard DGA-4 Mr. Mulligan
Scratch built GP Super Skybolt Biplane
Hughes H-1 Racer
DH-88 Comet twin
BalsaCraft FW-190
80" Electric B-29 (4x SP400)
Sig Lil' Rascal (for lunch time sanity checks)
Airtronics Legend unlimited sailplane.
Airtronics Whisper 2m sailplane
Bob Benjamin Tiger Kitten
LTR-14 Turner Special
1/12 scale Waco YMF-5 biplane
Savoia Marchetti S.65 (under construction)

-Jim Young