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When it comes to drones, many people think of props for aerial photography and occasions, but for military fans, drones are the predators that eliminate the "Islamic" high-ranking leader in Afghanistan. Back to the "Global Hawk" of important military intelligence. If the former can still be close to public life, then the latter is completely unconvinced. In fact, people's lives can find those seemingly ordinary drones, but they are called industrial drones. Today, I will come and talk with you about what an industrial drone is.

1.The difference between consumer drones and industrial drones

As the name suggests, consumer drones are machines for consumption and entertainment. Just like the daily contacts of the beginning friends, most of the tasks completed by consumer drones are taking pictures, whether aerial or ultra-low altitude selfies, mainly For entertainment purposes.

The demand for industrial-grade drones is directly derived from specific industries, and the operating environment is special. It requires more precise positioning of functions, high environmental adaptability and high reliability. It can realize industrial three-proof (fireproof, rainproof, dustproof), and work normally in a variety of complex environments such as rainy and snowy days, high and cold areas, high temperature fire fields, and electromagnetic interference. Industrial-grade UAVs have higher requirements in terms of battery life, load capacity, safety and...Continue Reading
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We know that drones can achieve military exploration, long-range strikes, intelligence gathering, etc., and what role do they have in the civilian field? First of all, we must know that drones are a relatively broad concept, not just limited to drones. There are also self-driving cars. Since drones are so large in large fields, what kind of benefits can drones bring to us in the civilian field? Let me introduce them to you below.


In agriculture, drones can observe crop growth and harvest, spray pesticides, fertilize, and plant seeds. For animal husbandry, agricultural drones can also be used to monitor animals and collect animal data.

Construction company

In terms of construction, inspection drones can realize project monitoring and supervision, and can at a glance understand the progress of the project, just like a contractor, maybe the future drones can also replace the workers to achieve engineering construction.

Express industry

In the express delivery industry, express drones can already be delivered to your door. Although the current drone's load capacity is not strong, express drones are still a very promising application, especially in those areas with inconvenient traffic or dangerous areas such as mountainous areas. .

Environmental aspect

Drones can be used to monitor the ecological environment, and can also monitor animals without disturbing them, and contribute to the protection of nature.

Internet media

In the past,...Continue Reading
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What are the design principles of multi-rotor drones? The multi-rotor UAV design is a comprehensive system, in terms of structure, including aerodynamics, structure, strength, power, materials, technology, shape and so on. Through the overall design indicators, the system is modularized, the modules and the interfaces between the modules are designed, and finally the overall design of the multi-rotor UAV is realized through system integration.

A good industrial designer must be an excellent structural designer. As mentioned earlier, the industrial design of the drone is related to the overall shape, and the shape design is related to the external structural layout, so it is about the multi-rotor drone In the early design stage, the design of Tianma Starry Sky can be performed according to the design concept and design skills. Using divergent thinking, the basic content of the multi-rotor drone's use, function, structure and form is explained.


In recent years, with the rapid development of multi-rotor drone technology, there are more and more application scenarios. In military terms, multi-rotor drones are divided into reconnaissance and target aircraft. Reconnaissance aircraft are used to complete battlefield reconnaissance and surveillance, Positioning and firing, damage assessment, electronic warfare, etc .; civil aspects, such as border patrol, logistics and transportation, aerial photography, aerial prospecting, disaster surveillance, traffic patrol,...Continue Reading
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With regard to police drones, many people think that they can play more safety protection during use. In fact, the convenience that can be brought about during actual use is very high. When we understand You need to look at the overall advantages in which aspects, through these situations, you can choose products normally, and you can also use these widely.

Good security work

It can be found from the actual understanding that the security protection work of police drones during the use is indeed very good. Usually, after we have mastered these basic conditions, we can of course choose with ease. Many people now After knowing these advantages, you can choose the machine and equipment normally. I believe that they can play a certain function in the process of use.

Simple operation and easy to use

In the process of operation and use, you can also find that the operation of the drone is very simple, and the remote control command can let the drone know a lot of situations, so the convenience in the actual use process is indeed very high, which is destined to be in some special places. The use of such drones in China can play a certain functional role. After mastering these conditions, of course, you can also choose normally. I believe that it can bring more benefits in the process of use.

It can be seen that, in fact, the police drones we know can indeed play a very good role in the market, but when you choose, you also need to see how to use them better. After certain operating skills, of course, you can also use the drone better, which will bring more benefits.
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In the air, a delicate drone cruises with wings. On the ground, several uniformed environmental law enforcement officers stared intently at the console screen in their hands, and one by one the farmers' courtyards were displayed on the display screen. This is a scene of Shijiazhuang's ecological environment system "drone unit" in the rural areas of Shenze County to investigate the "smoke" of scattered coal.

In September this year, in order to make up for the shortcomings of the lack of law enforcement personnel, the Shijiazhuang City Ecological Environment Bureau promoted the use of drones on a large scale and received positive responses from the county (city, district) branch bureaus. In just a few days, 118 drones were equipped to various grass-roots branches and became a weapon for environmental supervision.

"There are hundreds of small and large enterprises in a township. The squadrons in the area compete against each other and can only inspect 10 or more a day." Shijiazhuang City Ecological Environment Bureau Shenze County Branch Supervision Squadron Captain Zhang Yuqiang said that once the drone is charged, it can fly continuously Two hours. The key areas are divided into grids, several drones are used intensively, coupled with human inspection on the ground, air and land combination, and mutual complementation, it is possible to quickly perform full coverage inspection on specific areas. With the help of drones, the efficiency of...Continue Reading
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A few days ago, CNMO and Huawei held a "5G Pinnacle" event. During the event, five industry experts were invited to discuss the application of 5G in its field. "I hope that after the popularization of 5G networks, it will be able to achieve longer-distance control of drones, higher-definition video transmission, and 5G networks and multi-base stations to work together to provide high-precision positioning for pilots. In this way, drones will Can break through many restraints, soaring freely between heaven and earth. "Zhang Jing, director of the air and drone pilot.

Earlier, China Telecom and Huawei cooperated to complete the 5G drone's first flight test and inspection business demonstration. At the same time, it also successfully realized the real-time 5G network transmission of 360 degree panoramic 4K HD video of the drone. UAVs also rely on Huawei's 5G commercial miniaturized CPE terminals to achieve airborne data transmission of UAVs and professional drone test flights based on end-to-end 5G networks. Huawei 5G commercial miniaturized CPE terminal functions solve early industrial applications. Verification challenges.

Huawei 5G CPE Pro, as one of Huawei's 5G commercial miniaturized CPE terminals, also brings a lot of convenience to Zhang Jing in his work. He said: "Under the 4G network, the video material captured by the drone and stored in the mobile phone is transferred to the cloud disk. It will take two or three hundred megabytes, and as...Continue Reading
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1. Agriculture: UAVs monitor disasters and collect real-time data on crop health and yield. The annual market size of this piece is about $3 billion.

2. Energy: Energy companies use drones to monitor oil pipelines and rigs.

3. Real estate and construction: Photographing and surveying golf courses, skyscrapers, etc., notifying real estate developers, and monitoring the progress of the project.

4. Fast response and emergency services: UAVs use infrared sensors to assist in search and rescue operations from firefighting to ruins or avalanches.

5. News: Using drones can report breaking news/disaster/war zone situations faster and safer than using people.

6. Packaging / Supply Delivery: For example, Matternet builds a network of drones to deliver food and medical supplies to remote rural areas around the world.

7. Photography / Film: Visual artists use drones to capture beautiful images and shooting angles.

8. Research / Protection: Drones help to do everything from calculating the number of sea lions in Alaska to climate, environmental studies, and even tracking the movement of herds in the African savanna.

9. Enforcement: Facing hostage kidnapping, search and rescue, bomb threats, etc., assist law enforcement officers to track criminals and monitor cross-border drug smuggling.

10, entertainment / toys: this fun does not have to say more. Future direction

What happens when the drone is thousands of times better after 10 years? Or after 30 years,...Continue Reading
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According to a report by the Korean media on January 27, the South Korean government announced that it will put commercial drones into eight major areas, including small-goods transportation and high-rise building safety inspections, by 2020, and the first test flight will be launched by the end of February. The South Korean government also decided to establish a dedicated airport for drones by 2018.

According to a report by the Korean media on January 27, the South Korean government announced that it will put commercial drones into eight major areas, including small-goods transportation and high-rise building safety inspections, by 2020, and the first test flight will be launched by the end of February. The South Korean government also decided to establish a dedicated airport for drones by 2018.

According to the "UAV Commercialization Plan" issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea, the eight areas designated by the Korean government include: cargo transportation, forest protection, coastal monitoring, land survey, equipment security inspection, communication networking, photography and leisure, and agricultural support.

In order to realize the commercialization of drone freight, the South Korean government will first try to let the drone carry small cargo of less than 5 kg. The goal is to ensure that the drone can deliver the goods to the designated location without errors.

According to the plan of the Ministry of Land and Resources of Korea, this year, Korean drones will be concentrated in the basic test phase. In 2017, they will be upgraded to advanced exercises such as night flight and remote control. From 2018, various types of transportation work will be carried out at low altitude. It will be fully commercialized by 2020.

In addition, the South Korean government has decided to expand the drone driving qualification education institution while establishing an airport for drones.

It is understood that the business forecasting company TealGroup expects the drone market to reach $11.5 billion by 2023.
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