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Posted by Edge767 | Aug 29, 2014 @ 06:30 PM | 5,351 Views
I got back into the hobby in 2004 after a 14 year break. During that 14 year break, I was a Marine, got married a few times, had two great kids, and was a software engineer at Compaq and HP. After the craziness of being a Marine and having little kids evened out, I decided to take some time for myself to enjoy something I loved. That's when my wife got me a P-51D for my birthday.

I found that flying the plane was like riding a bike. I was easily able to maiden the plane and get it flying without any issues. I flew that old P-51D alot, but wanted to be able to do ROG take offs and landings, so I bought the Hobbyzone Cub (not pictured). I flew that plane so much I melted the gearbox and needed to have a replacement sent! On a trip to the LHS, I found the Super Cub and bought it immediately.

Of these old planes, only the Super Cub still flies, although in an OD green livery to look like an old L-4. I was looking through old pictures today and thought it'd be neat to post a picture of the planes that brought me back.

If you took a break and came back to the hobby like I did, what brought you back? What kind of plane was it?
Posted by Edge767 | Aug 27, 2014 @ 11:38 AM | 4,733 Views
Where we find the most enjoyment from our hobby varies from person to person. My joy is in the flying itself. Modding is fun, and I am careful in keeping records of maintenance, flying, incidents, etc, but I have to admit that doing tear downs of planes to inspect them is not my favorite part of the hobby. That's why I keep records. I am reminded every 5 hours of flight to take the plane apart and inspect parts to make sure they are holding up.

Well, a few of my planes reached that milestone recently, and I took a close look. Fortunately, things were mostly alright. Unfortunately, I found some cracks in places I didn't expect that I will be fixing soon.

The first is on my Parkzone F4U-1D Corsair (v2). Here is what it looked like when I took it off the wall:

Upon closer inspection, I was able to see that the crack went far deeper than I first thought:

Fortunately, this will be easily fixed with some epoxy. Since I have another PZ Corsair, one I converted into an F4U-5N, I decided to take a look at its vertical stabilizer. Sure enough, there was a crack there, too (the crack is below the area where paint had flaked off that looked like a crack but wasn't):

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Posted by Edge767 | Aug 25, 2014 @ 05:41 PM | 4,667 Views
This past Saturday morning, I decided to take out some of my least-flown planes. I have different reasons for each plane as to why they are least-flown.

The Albatros: it's one of the visually most stunning planes I own, but its flight characteristics are not nearly as good as my WWII planes. For this reason, it doesn't see much air time. It is exceptional off of grass runways that are not as short as they need to be for my WWII planes, though, so whenever the field is long, I go to this plane.

The Me109G is a plane I built as a project and since it doesn't have retracts, I rarely fly it. It's been over three years since its last flight, so I decided to take it out. I'm glad I did. It is another great performer in grass that isn't as short as it should be.

(not pictured) The Hurricane has spent the past year in the hangar because of its trickiness on landing. It is one of the best flying planes I have, though, and possibly the fastest.

First up was the Alby. As the grass was overdue to be cut at the field, it was especially long and tricky for small foam planes to get off the ground. The Alby had no problems, though. The thin, large wheels were excellent at getting through the grass and the plane launched without any hesitation. Once in the hot air, it performed well, although loops are still very tricky with this plane. Landings were picture-perfect, and no nose-overs were experienced.

Next up was the Me109G. I gunned the throttle (something I never like...Continue Reading
Posted by Edge767 | Aug 19, 2014 @ 11:36 PM | 5,648 Views
I wrote a post sometime last year ranking the Parkzone planes in order of what I believed was their ranked based on their flying characteristics. Well, that list was made before the Fw190 was released.

At first, after having flown the P-47D for so long and being used to its flaps, landing the Fw190 was troublesome to me. I had to get out of old habits and learn this new plane appropriately: that is, on its own merits. I'm glad I did. Where I was quite unhappy with its landing characteristics at first, I eventually taught myself how to get this plane onto the ground safely and to keep it from nosing over. What was the key? Bleeding off the airspeed and learning when to flare to get nice three-point landings. I also found myself landing flaps-up a lot more with my other planes.

So where would I put the Fw190 now in the rankings with the other Parkzone planes? I'd have to say it's a very close second to my all-time favorite, the P-47D. The advantages the P-47D has over the Fw190 are the following: the wheelbase of the P-47D is wider than the Fw190 making it more stable on the ground. The Thunderbolt is a much better ground-handling plane. The second advantage the P-47D has over the Fw190 is the flaps. While I've taught myself to land the Fw190 reliably without flaps, having flaps is really nice and is yet another aspect of flying that the RC pilot can experience that is unavailable on the Fw190.

The details on the Fw190 are amazing, however, and fit/finish are definitely next-gen on the Fw190. The droppable tank (with bomb drop mechanism) is pretty neat, although I find myself only dropping the tank when kids are around. Also, the way the battery hatch secures is very solid and I prefer it to the magnets on the P-47D.

So, while the Fw190 didn't unseat the Thunderbolt as my top-rated Parkzone plane, it's very, very close and worth a look if you're looking for a solid parkflyer warbird.
Posted by Edge767 | Aug 19, 2014 @ 11:03 PM | 4,734 Views
After taking a 15 month break from RCGroups, I've returned. I know; you don't care. Fair enough.

What I didn't do, however, was stop flying. As the Chief Instructor for our local club, I've spent quite a bit of time instructing people of all ages and both sexes to fly. It's been a great year, and I am proud of all the new pilots.

Just today, I took out two oldies that haven't seen air time in a while; my Rocket Cub, and the original Parkzone Corsair. Both were champs, and it was nice to put them both back into the sky.

I'm looking forward to taking out the Hurricane again soon and getting some photos. I also look forward to posting here again. I'm still not posting in threads yet, but perhaps soon.

Oh, and that new E-Flite P-51D that is releasing in September is on my BUY list as well as the Great Planes Hawk P-6E. I am looking forward to flying both of those and posting pictures here when I do.