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Posted by lepiere | Jun 29, 2018 @ 02:52 AM | 3,812 Views
Is this a JOKE? SHRC SH2HG with 1080p camera and optical flow sensor drone (14 min 41 sec)

SHRC, an unknown Chinese brand, has recently launched the SHRC SH2HG, a perfect copy of the HUBSAN H216A X4 Desire PRO, a 60 € drone equipped with a 1080p camera, an optical flow positioning altitude sensor and a 2500 mah battery that will make it fly for about 21 minutes: at a cost of about 60 € it's drone from the beautiful premises.

*** You can buy it here: http://shrsl.com/10xal with coupon code A10200 for only € 62 ***

The only problem, at least in the reviewed sample that RCMoment sent me, is that the camera stream and record like a thermal camera, the optical flow positioning altitude sensor does not maintain the altitude, the drone does not stop the engines once it landed ending under the sofa.

In practice, from a review, a comic video has come out.

Brand: SHRC
Item name: SH2HG Wifi FPV Drone
Remote controller: 2.4G 4CH
Color: Black and Silver Optional
Camera: 1080P
Control distance: About 100m
Drone battery: 3.7V 2500mAh lipo battery(41g)
Battery size: 68 * 33 * 8mm
Flying time: about 21mins
Charging time: About 200mins
Remote controller battery: 4 * AAA battery(not included)
Product size: 380 * 380 * 60mm
Product weight: 91.5g
Posted by lepiere | Jun 05, 2018 @ 06:05 AM | 3,632 Views
The Battle Sharks drone – Visuo XS809S (14 min 32 sec)

If you were a fan of the previously launched VISUO XS809HW, then you’ll be glad to learn that the company released its successor, the VISUO XS809S BATTLES SHARKS Edition: if you like, buy it from Banggood site: http://shrsl.com/zkwa

The VISUO XS809S Battle Sharks got a very similar design to the previously mentioned older brother, which was itself inspired by the DJI Mavic Pro. The XS809S edition does feature a very cool shark-themed body paint that makes it look somewhat unique.

Just like the predecessor, the VISUO drone is available in two versions with either a 0.3MP or a 2MP image sensor to grab photos and videos.

Features wise, the XS809S packs Altitude Hold Mode, Headless Mode, OneKey Return and it can do 3D flips.
The VISUO XS809S is powered by a big 3.7V 1800mAh capacity battery for a long lasting flight time: about 20 minutes of fun.
Posted by lepiere | Jun 01, 2018 @ 11:05 AM | 3,534 Views
Long flight time FPV drone? Watch the TYH TY-T6 PHANTASM (17 min 41 sec)

The TYH TY-T6 drone is a very cost-effective six-axis drone with an incredible flight time: almost 16 minutes.
Now you can bring the PHANTASM TYH drone home only for €40 with COUPON code A9390 by following this RCMOMENT link https://goo.gl/vNu7JH.

The TYH TY-T6 phantasm quadcopter is compact and easy to carry. In addition, many new technologies have been embedded, making it one of the most popular new drones on the market with long flight time.
The TYH TY-T6 Phantasm measures 310 * 310 * 85mm and weighs 131 grams. The 6-axis gyroscope makes your flight more stable, allowing you to fly to new heights. Its response speed is 100 times faster than other radio controls. With the lowest power consumption and the best anti-jamming capability, you can fly multiple remote-controlled helicopters at the same time without accidents. The 3D flip function and the high-speed, low-speed free fantasy mode provide you with a cool flying experience. 18 minutes of flight time, 3.7V 1200mAh lithium battery, Wifi transmission system real-time transmission allows you to have fun and easy FPV flight. WiFi high-definition camera, the 2.0 megapixel camera can take photos and record clear and smooth video. Even if you are a beginner, don’t worry, you can easily control it with the WIFI APP. This RC drone uses 360 version, fly-by-play and headless mode, voice control, G-sensor control, one-click return, Flying, landing, simple operation, easy to use, whether it is a good choice for new players or old players. The TY-T6 is powerful and price-friendly.