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Posted by JureZ | Dec 24, 2014 @ 05:28 PM | 10,079 Views
This entry relates to the Parkzone Radian, Radian_discussion_thread.

This story started like this:
Danny gave me as a gift, a Radian fuselage (thanks Danny !).
This fuse had a previous life as an FPV platform, with a power pod, pusher style, above and behind the wing trailing edge.
Dremel tool in hand, the pod was cut off.

I purchased a brand new set of wings and horizontal stabilizer from my LHS, 15 mi away ( HobbyTown, $44 total).

I used a 70 g brush less motor ( no data on make, model, specs), an equally unspecified ESC (I guess 30 A from its size...) , 2200 mAh 3S 25C Lipo battery , and a HK Super Kinetic folding propeller. Link to the HK folding propeller: Super_Kinetic_Prop

The motor was mounted in a non standard fashion , with the motor outside and ahead of of the Radian motor mount.
The motor current draw was 21 A at full throttle, on a bench static test.

The fuselage was covered with clear scotch heavy duty packing tape , which I shrunk with a sealing iron. This gave a lot of strength to the wobbly fuse...
Similar treatment with clear tape was applied to the wings, albeit not covering them completely, mostly the leading edge and the wing roots.

A couple of pictures are attached to this post showing the plane.
A roundel sticker for a HZ Corsair was placed under the right wing, three brown packing tape bars under the left one.

a video of the maiden flight can be found clicking on the link below: