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Always thought this was a cool looking glider and kicked myself for not getting the kit version when they went on sale. Wasn't interested in paying full price for the PNP version.

The previous owner of this one had broken the nose partly off and repaired it decently, but had also installed a fixed APC 8x6 prop and spinner on a plane designed for a 13x7 folder. Strange for sure. His price was very fair and he threw in a Strix Goblin for free that he had also played lawn darts with. It's getting wood ailerons and standard rebuild. Should be fine when done.

First order of business for the Excalibur was Graupner 13x7 blades and a BB vented aluminum spinner. The tail servos had also been installed with the control rods in the outer servo arm holes and they were scraping the plastic. Also discovered that the servos where not linear in their travel and wouldn't center properly. Down elevator then centered would center the control surfaces a few mm above neutral. Up elevator then centered would center the control services a little below neutral. This would have been really frustrating in flight. Swapped them out for a set of Emax ES08MA II metal geared versions. They work flawlessly.

First flight I was underwhelmed with its speed. Climb was great but level at WOT was meh. Installed 10x12 Aeronaut blades. Serious increase in speed at the same 41A or so current draw as stock. Radar clocked it at 104 MPH on 4S. 127 MPH on 5S. The latter passes caused some pretty severe wing...Continue Reading
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Hi All,
I wanted to build a new profile plane capable of flying very slowly and in small areas (thinking of my backyard).
I decided to go with the Piaget 2 which looks pretty nice and seems to fly well.
My version is pretty close to the original, with the following specs:
- Wingspan: 800mm
- Motor 1500kv
- Prop 9x5
- ESC 12V
- 3x 9g servos
- Batteries 2S 750mAh

She flies amazingly well and I'm loving every minute! Those slow 3D manoeuvres are a pleasure to see, and I even flew her at night under a lightpole in a park nearby.

Photos and plans below
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Hi all,
I finished this plane recently and flew it a few times.
It was an amazing flier and I loved it, until an electronics failure took it away from me
I liked it so much that I'm building a new one (V2) at the moment, expecting to finish it within the next few weeks.
Build log:
Photos below....Continue Reading
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Saw this plane for sale a while ago for $29 on HK and decided to give it a try. Not my style of plane so much but couldn't resist the kid in me to put a pilot in that big, open cockpit.

Less dihedral was built into the wing, larger diameter wheels installed and the wing is mounted with a tab that slides into a receiver in the fuse at the front with screws at the back. The EPP is pretty flexible so a nylon center retaining bolt was also used to keep the wing snug against the fuselage at the center. The factory rubber band mounting system was crappy at best. Could have modded nicer looking gear and wheel pants but decided that the stock setup kind of added to the cartoon-appeal.

The plane was kind of squirrely at the recommended CG so it was moved forward around 10mm which helped a lot. A few millimeters of washout was also set in the ailerons. Motor is a 2216 1120 kv on 3S with 11x5.5 APC prop. Tried a 10x6 to start but it felt under powered. Guess Bob had too many Bananas before the test flight. Also got a couple of Aerostar 11x6 wood props with red tips just for looks. About 20% rudder is mixed with aileron. It's a short plane and can be pitchy so elevator travel is really toned down.

Flies pretty good with Bob at the controls. He's strapped in by Velcro glued to his bottom. It's a slow flyer for sure and for me is really nothing more than a silly fun plane to make people smile. Only mod I might still do is install a windscreen when I find one I like.
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In this video I do an Unboxing and Review of the Freewing BAe Hawk T1 70mm EDF Jet With Red Arrow Paint Scheme.

You will see me unbox it, go over the part & pieces, show you the assembled jet, show you the lights in the dark, show you the control surfaces moving, give you a tip, and go over my review notes.

Freewing BAe Hawk T1 70mm EDF Jet With Red Arrow Paint Scheme - Unboxing & Review (15 min 17 sec)

Here are my Unboxing & Review notes:

- The build is easy with very little gluing required
- The airframe is bigger and more attractive than I expected
- Detailed pilot and cockpit dashboard
- Large battery bay to accommodate lots of battery options
- Very bright LED lights
- Good quality flaps installed
- An excellent all around EDF value for the price

- The only real con is needing to modify it to ensure debris doesn't get sucked up into the fan
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FMS Super Ez
Super Ez FMS 92218 (9 min 24 sec)

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Turkeys and F27 Evolution

Turkeys and F27 (13 min 7 sec)

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FMS Super ezz
Fms Super ezz9 22 18 (9 min 14 sec)

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Greetings good people!

I came across this thread just now

and a few days ago I came across another thread stating that there has been issues with the STOCK motor of this "RE-RELEASED" Parkzone T-28 (NAVY) 1.1M (44-Inch wing span) Trojan.

Of course the "RE-RELEASE" comes in the Horizon Hobby / E-Flite Box labels instead of the Park Zone.

The most significant post that I made over at this "other" thread citing issues with the STOCK Park Zone 480 960Kv motor was at:

You can read the entire 3rd page discussion here!

Hopefully, someone with the "RE-RELEASED" Horizon Hobby / E-Flite T-28 (NAVY) Trojan can give us more detail in terms of pictures of the motor.

Thank you for your time and attention.

...Continue Reading
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F27 Evolution
F27 Evolution 2 9 22 18 (8 min 29 sec)

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F22 Raptor
F22 3 9 22 18 (6 min 18 sec)

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Picked up a Sig T-Clips the other day and have been working on it. It had a power 52 and a six cell battery, Which made it fly very fast and heavy. After making a little custom motor mount it now has the worlds largest CD-Rom motor, A Motofly 4315 714Kv motor and a four cell. The plane is now a pound ans a half lighter and has a 20 watt per pound more performance.
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F27 Evolution
F27 Evolution 9 21 18 (11 min 49 sec)

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Super ezz
FMS Super ezz 9 21 18 (9 min 25 sec)

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Wondering if anybody out there would possibly have a copy of the instruction manual for a small 1.5cc Cipolla junior deisel engine that they would be able to scan it for me please.Thanks in advance.Jim.
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Chris and Dad flying F22 on tactic wireless.
F22 Chris,Dad 9 21 18 (11 min 15 sec)

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Glue & Fly Series - Introducing our Latest F-22 Micro V1.5 Airframe

Glue & Fly Series - Introducing our Latest F-22 Micro V1.5 Airframe (4 min 0 sec)

Introducing our latest "Glue & Fly Series" F-22 Micro V1.5 Airframe.
This is our lightest Micro Airframe yet at only 48.62 grams including Decals, Motor Mount, and Control Horns.
We have made some changes to the V1 Airframe and have dubbed this Airframe as V1.5
If the changes we have made are successful we have a few more changes we want to include before releasing v2.
We will try to Maiden this new Micro ParkJet within the next week.

Stay Tuned ;-)

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!