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Our RC club (Skyhawks-Tri State Model Flyers) holds a mall show each year to show people what we do and attract some new members. Here's footage from this year's mall show on Feb 16-17.

Skyhawks RC Club Mall Show 2019 - Ashland Mall - February 16-17, 2019 (1 min 59 sec)

Tri State Model Flyers website:

Facebook Page:
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Accelerometer Calibration

Now that we have progressed through the first four pages, its time to look at the last Tab, the Accelerometer Calibration Page (Picture 1). Before starting, assemble a few tools to make it easier to calibrate the receiver. Secure a servo extension; I use a 24 extension making it easier to position the receiver as my computer is under my desk. I do the same with my Surface laptop. Also needed is a small block of wood by about . When calibrating use the block of wood to level the antenna side and the servo side of the receiver.

Pick up the receiver and slowly rotate it to ensure the computer is reading the Accelerometer. The numbers in the X, Y, Z and Mod blocks should change. If not the receiver is not connected properly or the wrong Com Port may be selected.

Before going through the Calibrations of the receiver I would suggest viewing this YouTube Video as a review of what I have presented in my previous blog entries. Pay particular attention to the last part starting at 22:10. FrSky S6R - Receiver with stabilization

After reviewing its time to do a Calibration. Take your time as several steps may take longer than others. When the receiver is in the inverted position the yellow light will not be visible. When selecting the Calibration Button on this step, press Calibration and then slowly count to 10. By that time the yellow light should be out and you can proceed to the next orientation to complete the...Continue Reading
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Ever since last summer I boght my FeiLun FT007 brand new, is was longing for a bigger and faster boat, and becouse iam new in RC hobby, i was eagerly waited for my first brushless setup... so i was dreaming that one day i will buy the FT012.

You might be asking why not FT011? Well two reasons, need to step up somewhere
And also on that scale, i have other plans... but that is another tale, we will see

So back to the topic: one day I was browsing Facebook, when i saw it: a used FT012 fairly cheap, according the seller, only 1-2 times in the water. Perfect.
Of course i couldnt let it go, so contaced and bought it. I was waiting it was reeaaaly long waiting.... well actually only a few days, but when you are waiting for something...
But on January 15, it came home at last, it was here, and it was mine.

Maan it was so much bigger and heavier than FT007.
The first thing came to my mind: This is a BEAST. (Vadllat in my native language).
So i named it: VADLLAT.

Infact just a few day ago i got from my friend a label printer (Thanks for it, love ya man ), so the first mod was printing the name for it!

And then came a long waiting since its winter, the lake was frozen, so other than the bathtub no place to ride

Of couse i needed to do something, so a few mod's came:
(This is the right time to thank everyone in the forums! You are a really big help - Thank You Guys!)

I read about the water leaking problem, so my first thing was on that evening I...Continue Reading
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We are in the middle of winter here on the Canadian prairies, coldest February in 130 years, and no real break in site. The Arthobby Odyssey ECL project has been stalled since the fall when I tackled a couple big house hold projects. I am glad that those projects are done, any very happy to stop making daily visits to Home Depot. I need to have this bird ready for warmer weather.
Next step was to cut the control surfaces. I read the instructions and reviewed the process by watching Sorens video, and it was helpful.
Arthobby wing, aileron/flaps cut (5 min 34 sec)
. In the end its not difficult, however compared to what I am used to building it is very different. While we are on the subject, I was confused by the drawing and instructions compared to what I saw on other peoples Odyssey pictures. Pictures of others Odyssey showed no gap between flap and aileron. I was confused because the drawings are different. So.I posted a question on RCGroups (#4200 ) regarding control surfaces. In the end, I just followed the drawing.

Next is cutting out the servo bays and building the servo boxes, again I was careful not to get carried away with epoxy, reminding myself of the goal of keeping this thing as light as possible. I nearly skipped the step when epoxying a servo bay sized piece of fiberglass in the servo bay. But I did it anyway, using the paper towel method of soaking up excess epoxy, resulting in just a...Continue Reading
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I really want to find a day that I can post some pictures and get my story written. I think the blogs section of these profiles was an awesome idea, and a great place to get to know others in this hobby.
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Here is another iteration (rev 8 actually) of the scale look a like of propeller for P-61 Black Widow.

This time fixed prop.
Bolted hub with 4 x M2 screws.
To maintain the best print orientation for strength the blades are printed on the back edge. But a clever support was needed to account for blade curvature.

This time parts are printed in ABS so I can achieve better surface quality after sanding.
I achieved 305g of thrust @ 94W that makes 3.24g/W.

Basically it is the best result among all tested propellers so far on this motor (Cobra 2208- 2000kV @ 2S) - including commercially available propellers.
I have not compared it to GWS props yet.

You can also see what is the difference between sanded and non sanded version: almost 25% in case of rev. 7
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how many people know Chinese hongbao , or gongxifacai
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hi dear friend

Happy Valentine's Day

CUAV start to work from CNY holiday

welcome and feel free to contact us

hope you have a nice day !

Best Wishes !

lindy liang
Guangzhou CUAV Technology Co,.LTD
Address: N203B , 3 North Gate,Technology Park software building , City Ring Road South 2 ,Nansha District , Guangzhou City,Guangdong. China
Tel: 13570272379
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Some servos were in the letter box today ..

So it was time to move a little further forward with the elf .
I used double sided tape to work out where I could place the servos .
Then I had to try and squeeze in the 4ch FS2A Rx from banggood .

I soldered the servo pins to the Rx and then bound it to my Q x7 .
Then I had to solder up a battery extension ...

CG looks ok .. with the lay out pictured ...
Rx is bound , servos are working , and everything looks to fit under the hood ! ( Canopy in place )

I have not done the control rods as yet ( servo connections ) , I think I have done enough for today ..
On the morrow I should hopefully have the Elf up and running ..
Sharp eyes may pick up the change from metal wing screws to nylon ( Since I had them )

Moving forward !
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PLEASE READ FIRST - I was very hesitant to post this flight video as there were too many iPhone 8 camera focusing issues that I wasn't pleased with.. video taken with another pilot's "upgraded" iPhone camera (next time I'll ask to have it recorded on my iPhone 7.. mine doesn't have these issues). So if you're the "Video Quality Recording Police", please skip over this video altogether.

Eflite Extra 300 3D 1.3m BNF Basic Shakedown (2nd) Flight (3 min 58 sec)

Otherwise, this was a great second flight as I was putting my new Eflite Extra 300 3D through her paces, getting more of a feel for the flight characteristics, as well as wind tolerance, right before the intermittent snow storms that we're currently experiencing arrived this week. What a blast to fly, and even more fun to land!!

My Eflite Extra 300 1.3m is completely stock. Powered by a Pulse 4S 2250mAh 45C lipo, weighing in at 240 grams. CG was set rearmost to 100mm from the leading edge of the main wing at the fuselage. Flight Timer was set to 3 minutes as recommended by the manual. Flown with a Spektrum DX8 G2 Transmitter at 100% rates and 30% expo on all control surfaces.

I can safely say that I'm very impressed with the appearance, flight characteristics, wind handling, and power of this latest aerobatic / 3D offering by Eflite. I had been bugging Horizon Hobby for a few years now for something along the lines of a 1.1m Sbach Thunderbolt and this Extra 300 more than fulfills that desire. I'm very proud to have this as part of the fleet.

As always, thanks for watching!
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While looking at the internet for a list of the best drones under 200 dollars, I noticed that most websites only pick (apparently random) some drones and then review them.

While I think this is great, I actually decided rank some of the best drones in the market under 200 dollars to make sure I was recommending only the best drones. I did this based on 3 main premises.
  1. A drone is only as good as the flight experience it provides to the end user.
  2. Flight experience is high flight time, low charge time, high flight range, and an OK camera.
  3. In order to ensure customer satisfaction we need the lowest possible price and the highest customer reviews.

I built a list of the top 10 drones under 200 dollars and even created a video explaining the ranking process I followed. Everything is on my post of the top 10 best drones under 200 dollars.

That is not all, I also did the same thing with drones under 100 and 300 dollars. Here the posts in case you want to check them.
The top 10 best drones under 100 dollars
The top 10 best drones under 300 dollars

Hope you enjoy them.
Let me know what you think!
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Leaving Canam flying field today.
Leaving Canam field with Hawk fly by (3 min 1 sec)

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Vista Sailplane second flight
Vista Sailplane 2 (15 min 53 sec)

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Vista Sailplane
Vista Sailplane (18 min 33 sec)

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Avanti s Second Flight
Avanti s Second flight (6 min 53 sec)

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Avanti s Maiden
Avanti s Maiden (6 min 2 sec)

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