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Posted by FireDad913 | Today @ 10:08 AM | 89 Views
Wrapping up my first month of flying, heres another short video. Progress is being made, slowly, but its being made haha. Hope some will enjoy.
FPV Getting a Little More Confident (3 min 19 sec)

Posted by coreman | Today @ 09:26 AM | 103 Views
There will be a new foamie released by RA Cores at the Toledo show this year. It's our interpretation of an Extra which we had FastAlJr Mostek help tune for us. It's not on the website yet (release is April 6th at the Toledo Show) but here is a YouTube video of it flying 3/18/2018 in the Dome at Watervliet NY. Pricing will be the same as our Yak55 kit and it uses the same completer. Reports are it is more agile than the Yak55 so it's a good next step in your aerobatic development. Color combinations available will be Green/Purple as in the video, Orange/Medium Blue and Red/(White)/Dark Blue

Posted by manuelcad | Today @ 09:14 AM | 97 Views
will this module frsky xjt sold on aliexpress and fake
Posted by GBLynden | Today @ 08:56 AM | 120 Views
This is the Second Flight with my Freewing Lippisch P.15 64mm EDF Jet. It shows off the hand launch MUCH better than the Maiden. My GF recorded both launches for me:

Freewing Lippisch P.15 64mm EDF Jet Second Flight (3 min 26 sec)

Posted by oldsneakers | Today @ 08:35 AM | 152 Views
Dialing in Spoileron Elevator in flight with iX12

This is a method to adjust the elevator in flight when spoilerons are engaged, usually to obtain a level flight path.

Spoilerons - Ailerons go up(plane drops), elevators go up(raises plane back up)

Turn your plane and iX12 on. This assumes your control surface trims are already be set to neutral. Note here the Elevator is trimmed for level flight at -7.

Go to the Model Adjust-> Flap System screen

Pick a switch to activate the Spoilerons
Leave values for Position 0: both at zero. (Spoilerons off)
For Position 1, enter a negative value so the ailerons go up. I used -25% for this example. A greater negative number will increase the stopping power. But remember too much could cause a tip stall from going too slow.
Put approximately 1/2 of the Flap setting in Elev for Position 1. It's just a starting point. Scroll to the bottom and enter a value for speed(not shown). I used .20s

Go to Model Adjust-> Mixing and create a mix as follows:

P-Mix 1 RT>ELE : Switch D, Rate -100,+100,0% offset
Pushing the R Trim switch will move the elevator with this mix active. And will only be active with the spoilerons on.

Fly your plane and activate the spoilerons at a safe height. Adjust the R Trim elevator so that the plane flies level. Turn the spoilerons off. Fly to a landing approach and turn the spoilerons on and land the plane.

Now you want to transfer the -48 R Trim(spoilerons on) setting to the...Continue Reading
Posted by unrauv | Today @ 08:24 AM | 124 Views
Hi All

Almost done, just have to do the pdf plans...

Vincent Unrau
All plans are free
Posted by Bunnyshooter223 | Yesterday @ 11:40 PM | 238 Views
I finally maidened my second-hand E-flite Ultimate2 biplane!

It is a 2200-lipo-size Pitts Ultimate 3D foamy. Fun-scale of course.
Nice big plane (for me) with a fun 1300kv BL10 motor. 3S power system. With the stock 12x4 prop it sounds cool

I had removed the nose cone (it's crappy and unbalanced) so, naturally, it flew rather tail-heavy. Moreso than i had imagined it would...

Add gusty wind--and i crashed trying to land. It stalled. It either wanted to point UP or DOWN lol... my fault.
I know i should have added weight to the front. Maybe 5 quarters under the battery hatch cover...

It is in good shape. I just bent landing gear, afaik. I will look at it closer later

My favorite thing about it--& i have yet to fly in 3D Mode btw, is its SIZE & forgiving nature

It feels like a dang AIRSHIP compared to my other planes. It can fly slowly, too, with its biplane-ish drag & 4" pitch prop.
The foam construction means it bounces instead of cracks like a balsa model.

If it were balsa i would have not taken any chances; gusty wind & improper balance does not mix on a nice balsa airplane maiden.

I may post the maiden video later on.

I do plan to get my balsa Easy Sport airplane flying this summer with a nice Saito 4-stroke glow mill. Ideal balsa setup, imo...

On another note, the Main Gears arrived for my little Blade 130S helicopter. That thing is fun! I crashed it a week ago so hopefully will be flying soon.

I am eyeing the...Continue Reading
Posted by Miami Mike | Yesterday @ 11:17 PM | 230 Views
I need testers for my Shepard Tone Vario. You'll need a glider with an FrSky High Precision Vario or a G-RX8 with its built-in vario, plus an OpenTX radio. Other types of varios might also work as long as they show up on your Telemetry page. I know this works with my Taranis running OpenTX version 2.1.9, and it'll probably work with other types of FrSky radios using OpenTX version 2.2, but I need volunteers to confirm that and to share their overall impression of it.

This video shows how easy it is to install and set up. Watch it and then post below if you're interested in trying it out.

Shepard Tone Vario Demo (5 min 54 sec)

Posted by SystemsGuy | Yesterday @ 09:47 PM | 285 Views
I picked up a FrSky R9Slim as part of an offer from Kevin at Hobbycool. Unit arrived, and I poped it out of the box.

It’s impossible these days to talk “long range” without the Crossfire entering the conversation. If you take a look at the picture below, you’ll see that the R9 Slim is right in line size wise with the V1/V2 Crossfire Micro’s, and impossibly large compared to the new Crossfire Nano!

I’ve been flying Crossfire for a bit over a year, mainly on fixed wing. I wanted to try alternative systems, and since I’ve been using the Horus x12s, the r9 series seemed a logical choice.

I picked up a R9 combo last year, and after some very frustrating firmware update issues, finally managed to get it working pretty well. I was very unhappy with the range, and isolated it to the stock TX antenna. I replaced it with a properly tuned antenna and had consistently solid RSSI values out to 6+ miles.

I dropped the slim into a 7 inch long range quad running iNav as I didn't want to mess with one of my wings. I had the usual issues getting the firmware up to date. I also had back and forth issues binding to the module in my x12s. I’m not sure if that was related to an upgrade to OpenTX or what, but I did manage to get it to consistently bind and provide telemetry. I ended up spending a couple of hours playing with the telemetry parameters on OpenTX, and have to admit it's nice - but a frustrating to get working....Continue Reading
Posted by cyberhoops | Yesterday @ 07:22 PM | 292 Views
It has been a while since I built a boat from scratch, and this would be the first V hull from scratch - the 1/6th scale Crackerbox from Jerry Dunlap plans to make a 31" boat. I scaled up some 1/10th scale plans, ordered wood and away we go. The full size boats are a maximum of 15' 6" in length, which is 31 inches in 1/6th scale. The 1/10 plans were for a 20" boat, which is actually too big. I scaled up by 155% to get the right size. I also deviated from the plans when building the cockpit and front hatch, but otherwise it follows the plans.

The club added this as a new class this year, using P-Limited power, scale like fins, tabs, centered rudders and the prop under the transom... And turning left, like the real boats. We did allow flex drive, and do not require a straight shaft, with the hope of getting a slightly better handling boat. I am going to start with a ProBoat Dynamite 1500kv motor, which should be plenty of power. I think staying upright in a race is probably more important than whatever turns out to be the top speed.

As with most of my wood boats, it is constructed from 1/8" plywood bulkheads, with 1/32" decking. The deck support pieces are 1/16" plywood. The transom is doubled to be 1/4".

With this update I am almost up to paint, which means I am putting on the finishing coats of epoxy and sanding. The bare wood boat without drivers and running gear weighed in at 2lbs 11oz. The 3D printed vintage...Continue Reading
Posted by Caffeine | Yesterday @ 06:35 PM | 542 Views

OpenTX CSV files can be imported by selecting the menu item under 'Open Phrase File' called 'Import CSV File'

Please let me know if you experience any issues.
Posted by QuadifyRC.com | Yesterday @ 06:10 PM | 590 Views
Gearbest 4th Anniversary sale is here!

Update: Deals are live now.

Some very good deals here on what have been popular and well built quads plus some category discounts if they dont have exactly what you want. All deals here and coupon codes for:

HGLRC XJB 145 3" PNF $129 (From 21 March 10am UTC +8)
Holybro Kopis 5" BNF $199
BFight 210 4" BNF $107
GNB 3s 550mah battery $9
Babyhawk R $119
Fullspeed TX200 piggyback VTX $10
Foxeer Micro Arrow $21

Posted by lawrence4 | Yesterday @ 05:15 PM | 597 Views
16 years old with OS FP-10 engine balsa Biplane made a new fuselage with motor ....Continue Reading
Posted by RustyK | Yesterday @ 04:21 PM | 696 Views
Anyone going to Joe Nall?
Posted by lawrence4 | Yesterday @ 04:04 PM | 776 Views
Albatros D-V slow flight (10 min 40 sec)

Posted by lawrence4 | Yesterday @ 03:53 PM | 808 Views