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Posted by Edge767 | Nov 27, 2017 @ 12:10 AM | 2,757 Views

I finally had a chance to get out and fly today, if only for a little bit. I didn't have as many batteries ready as I'd have liked, so I flew three times for about 5 minutes each doing tough and go's. They were all pretty decent, but the last landing on my last flight took the cake; it was beautiful! Really capped the day.

My wife came out with me this time as she knew it was going to be a short trip versus the long trips I normally make. She took some photos of me flying, and the one above is my favorite. It's probably the best photo of me flying one of my planes taken. This plane is my E-Flite 1.2m Mustang. The weather was perfect today, and the plane flew flawlessly.

I need to get back out again sooner rather than later. I'm hoping the weather cooperates with me next Sunday which will be my next opportunity to make it out to the field.