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Posted by Edge767 | Sep 20, 2016 @ 08:19 AM | 4,584 Views

This past Sunday, I took out both of my E-Flite Mustangs for some great flying. The 1.1m and the 1.2m Mustangs both saw lots of action. The winds were only 2-5 mph, but crosswind directly across the runway. This proved to be no problem for the smaller Mustang, but the larger one weathervaned a lot on takeoff due to the combined crosswind and p-factor. I will need to add more rudder throw to this plane before I fly it again. On landings, both planes were stellar performers, but at slow speeds, the larger Mustang has a hard time staying on center line.

As for flying, both planes were true champs. The smaller of the two is faster and feels more nimble, but the larger Mustang carries with it a more scale flying appearance. With the external tanks, she's very stately and beautiful.

I did lots of low flying to allow some pattern guys to work up high, and the Mustangs were up for the task. They were stable and looked great making low passes. Once the pattern guys were gone, I was able to really let the planes stretch their wings and do some aerobatics. Both planes do great, but the little one definitely got faster on the power dive passes.

Both land great, although the little one requires a little more speed for the landings to stick, otherwise she bounces. The larger of the two settles down nicely and I heard lots of congratulations from the pilots behind me as I landed these planes. They really make you look good when you pull off good landings.

I'm hoping for good weather again this coming weekend. I think I need to bring out the Corsair sisters for the next trip.
Posted by Edge767 | Sep 05, 2016 @ 05:20 PM | 6,136 Views
I got a 3D printer a few weeks back and made myself some chocks.

The tables at our club field have carpet on them, so I put some velcro hooks on the bottom of these chocks so they will hook in and keep the planes steady. This will help to keep the planes on the table if a wind gust comes. I've had two planes get blown off the table before; hopefully, these chocks will keep that from happening.

The 3D models are available at Thingiverse for those who have a 3D printer.
Posted by Edge767 | Sep 01, 2016 @ 08:16 PM | 6,247 Views
I just got done adding some Archer inspired markings to my fictitious "Dangerzone" E-Flite 1200mm P-51D. Almost all my planes have some sort of Callie Graphic custom markings, and this Mustang is no exception.

I'm not happy with my covering up of the silver on this one. The Sharpie method worked perfectly on my smaller Mustang, but it's more obvious on this one. I may order more markings and airbrush the silver to fix it later, but for now, I guess it's okay. I like how it looks, otherwise.

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