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Posted by Edge767 | Oct 24, 2014 @ 03:39 PM | 4,758 Views
I just sent the email to Callie Graphics for the new graphics set I'm going to put on my Mustang. In keeping with naming my planes after the women in my family, this one will be named for my daughter, Gelli.

The Squadron identifier "HU" corresponds with our last name, and is fictitious. The "A" corresponds to her actual first name. The name on the nose is what I called her as a little girl.

I can't wait for the decals to get here for me to put them on and get pictures to post. It's going to be a pretty and original plane!
Posted by Edge767 | Oct 12, 2014 @ 03:52 PM | 6,196 Views
When I returned to the hobby of flying small RC planes, as I wrote in an earlier post, the plane that brought me back was the Parkzone Mustang. It was a fragile beauty of a plane that had a brushed motor, NiMh batteries, and proprietary receiver and servos. As it was intended to be a park flyer, it wasn't engineered to be a hefty and durable plane. It was intended to be a plane that brought people into the hobby by allowing them to fly at their local parks or playgrounds, and the hope was that it would turn those new pilots into customers who bought bigger and better planes. Of course, what really ended up happening was that the size and ease of use of these planes brought about an entire new facet of our hobby.

Parkzone eventually began making better, more durable planes, and started using Z-Foam which was more durable, repairable, and better suited for keeping long-term. With the addition of retractable landing gear, flaps, and in some cases, droppable payload, the Park Flyer class of planes has truly come into its own, and there are many people who enjoy the ease of construction and the solid performance of these planes. I can be counted among those fans of these planes.

Last month, Horizon Hobby (parent company of Parkzone, Hobbyzone, Hangar 9, and E-Flite) released a new P-51D Mustang in the Park Flyer size, except this time, they brought the heat. While Parkzone is known for the Park Flyers, E-Flite is known for being the line that people graduate to from...Continue Reading
Posted by Edge767 | Oct 07, 2014 @ 03:36 PM | 5,084 Views
The vast majority of my planes are RTF's or ARF's, but that doesn't stop me from making them my own. I like to customize my planes with markings, paint, or features. A look through my blog will show you my re-marked P-47D, the split flaps I put on my Spitfire, the complex flaps I put on my Me109G, the paint job I did to my Corsair and my Fw-190A-8, and even the new markings for my third-gen PZ Corsair.

Well, this won't stop with my Mustang. I really love this plane, and I finally decided on a name for it: Gelli Bean. My daughter's nickname is Gelli, and when she was a little girl, I'd call her Gelli Bean. My P-47D is named "Sherry Elisabeth" for my wife who bought it for me as an anniversary gift after she commented that all my planes had girl names but none were named after her. Although my daughter didn't buy this Mustang for me, I'd like to have a plane named after her.

The first step was the plane itself:

I then carefully took the stickers off (the paint gave away very easily and made for a very clean removal, unlike the P-47D) after which I took a silver Sharpie and colored in the are foam left after the sticker removal.

The result looks great, in my opinion!

...Continue Reading