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Posted by castlemainiac | Sep 14, 2016 @ 08:43 PM | 2,774 Views
The latest addition to my hangar is an Extreme Flight Extra EXP.

This is the 60" version.
Power is a 4016T/500 Torque Mk2 motor, Airboss 80A ESC, 6S.

It's nigh on impossible to get certain sized Xoar props here in Australia, so I've had to settle for an APC 15x6, I also have a 15x7 and 15x8 to try out. The 15x8 might be a bit much.

Servos - because I'm not a hard-core or even good 3D pilot, are Hitec 5245MGs. When ordering the plane and components from Desert Aircraft Australia, I ordered one spare servo - just in case. I'm glad I did because one servo was misbehaving on startup. It would jump to full extension then back to centre. DA replaced the servo for me, but in the mean-time I could fly.

Batteries are Turnigy Nano-Tech 4000mAh 6S. They're a bit heavier than what a lot of the 3D guys like, but for my flying style they're fine. I get over 8 minutes of flying and land with storage level left in the LiPo.

The Extra came well packed and the build quality was practically immaculate. I had to use the iron on a couple bits of covering detailing just to get it stuck right down, and of course I went over the edges. But there were no wrinkles or defects.

The weather hasn't been kind but I've managed to get 15 flights on her so far. She's precise with no bad habits, flies beautifully.

I've just received a few 3300mAh 6S, it will be interesting to see how she flies with the lighter batteries, because the Extra already feels reasonably floaty, though not as feather-light as my foamie extra.

For those of you with a small car: this plane fits into the back of my VW Golf (seats down). The Extra comes with a bag for the wings, although you need to remove the SFGs before packing them for transport.

Here are a couple photos from just before the maiden:

Posted by castlemainiac | Dec 15, 2015 @ 04:59 PM | 3,275 Views
The Bolt250 is the first quad I’ve built, and although I’ve built a fair bit of electronics - from microcontrollers to radios to valve amplifiers - the quad presented some challenges, here are some basic tips from one beginner to another (if you’ve built quads before, none of this will be news to you).

The Bolt250 is a perfect beginner’s mini quad frame. It’s very tough and affordable. So you’re about to order the Bolt250 1.1 “Stealth” ARF kit?

Not so fast - before you complete your order, make sure you include:
1) the LittleBee BLHeli USB Programmer. You need it so you can
(a) flash the LittleBee ESCs and
(b) make some settings (Speed - Medium-Slow, DMAG low)
Also, when checking for the correct motor rotation, instead of re-wiring the motors you can simply reverse the motor direction in BLHeli Suite. You MUST have the USB Programmer to do this. See youtube for demos of flashing and setting ESCs in BLHeli.
2) spare props - get plenty of spare 5030 props, both CW and CCW. I got a couple dozen of each. They’re cheap and you will probably break plenty. 5030 props are good for beginners. They have less ‘bite’ and so you’ll be flying slower until you get the hang of things.
3) spare aluminium M3 12mm aluminium machine bolts - these are sacrificial, most prangs hitting an arm will snap at least one or two of them. I believe the idea is that it’s better to snap a bolt or two, than to bust a frame:
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