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Posted by braindead4554 | May 27, 2011 @ 01:27 AM | 28,892 Views
Thanks to bob4432 for giving me inspiration and helpful knowledge, to make my own Pro Mini Arduino. Its really easy to do and I have enjoyed it. Turned out better than I have thought possible for my first try. Even though it had its moments where at times I wanted to throw in the towel and toss it all in the trash. My biggest problem came from using the wrong atmega chip. So this will be my tale of woes and triumph as I build this mini.

First things first, was to get board layout. I used the eagle files from Sparkfun. Loaded them up and make my own changes to the board. Eagle is a very good program for making custom boards. It has a little bit of a learning curve to it but once you get the hang of it, its gets easier to use. So now then to send off the file so I can get the board made. Bob4432 suggested You send them the eagle board files and two weeks later you have your boards in hand. And let me tell ya they do an awesome job. Very nicely done and the cost wasn't to bad either. I would highly suggest you check them out for your next order.

While I was waiting for my boards, I went ahead and ordered my parts form Digi-Key and Jameco. I odered alot of my parts in bulk as they were so cheap. So I have have enough of (most of the parts) to make alot of pro minis. Ordered a custom made stencil from to apply the solder paste to the board. I think its the easiest way possible to apply the solder paste....Continue Reading
Posted by braindead4554 | May 08, 2011 @ 08:51 PM | 18,985 Views
Test flight of my new tricopter with all my FPV equipment aboard. Still have alot to tune to get it to fly stable and track down all the vibration issues. The wobble you see in the vid is from the video editing software. The original RAW video gets you sea sick becauce the tri never sat still and was always rocking around. I used Virtual Dub seshaker. Not sure what I have to do to get all the wobbles out of the video.

Tricopter FPV (6 min 34 sec)

This is my second attempt at flying FPV. Actually it is still by line of sight as I'm stilling working out all the bugs. The crash at the end was from the battery sliding out of its holder, causing the CG to be off. The end result was my Go Pro detaching from the tri and rolling about 8 feet. It was pretty windy out to be flying but I wanted to see how it would handle in the wind. It was blowing around 13 - 20 mph.

Tricopter 2nd FPV attempt (8 min 2 sec)
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