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Posted by Svede | Feb 07, 2014 @ 06:26 PM | 10,865 Views
The AHI on the RVOSD5 that has been with me for the last year in the Queen Bee quit working, RangeVideo was incredibly gracious and sent me an RVOSD 6 upgrade. Despite a slight rain I put two flights on Nessie to test the autopilot. RTH worked as expected, I will test and tune FBW another day as the rain began to pick up more than I was comfortable subjecting the ground station and radio to.

Currently the plane is under propped, peaking at 345w of the 470w the power system is rated for. Regardless, it still achieves 85mph flat and level. The plane should be able to briefly tolerate 550w, so I will be experimenting with other props.

With the Vtx antenna inside the plane and closer to all the internal components there is too much picture break-up, so I have moved the antenna externally. This was an oversight on my part, had I realized the antenna would have to be external from the start I could have narrowed the fuselage a good two inches and still had more room for more battery than I could safely hand launch the plane with. This would have boosted the performance a little.

Nessie -3rd flight (2 min 36 sec)