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Hellow again fellow modelers, flyers, Its been quite a while for me to be on here! Have missed ya! Anyway in dec of 2014 I began another build My second only ever. My 1st was a 28% Curtiss Jenny I had fun! During towards the end of that build I began researching Tthe Fokker DVII. I did not want to cut so much wood this time and I also wanted a proven flying design and even though not correct to scale, Too much good said about them I decided to go balsa usa! Absolutly still no complaints! Then It was time to began deep research and plan modification carefull not to effect flight qualities to thier design. Here is just some of the noticable modifications for now. Fuselage, Lengthen the nose 1" from firewall Lengthen rear by another 3/4" These mod's came about base on original design Mine is a compromise to get the effect I was looking forAlso I shallowed the rear section of the fuselage by !/4" (not so deep looking either). Rudder stabalizer shape changed as well slightly rudder it self. Apears 1/4" taller. Wings, Not much modification applied here. For me I thought the scalloped trailing edge was Too pronounced. and with my research they mostly wer'nt like that Each their own. I then lengthened both sets of main wings 1 1/4" total (less ailirerons) This change was done at the outer edges ( they don't look so stubby anymore) Also bottom of wing panels, outer three ribs only gave them a slight curve. Not as much as I would have liked to but...Continue Reading
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I am a big fan of both MJX and SYMa quadcopters,they have been the most reliable of this grade I have bought.Now I see MJX has A larger scale quadcopter available,ordered it instantanly.looks liked an syma x8 competitor for sure,maybe a cross betwen the x8 and an x6 tarantula.never owned the taranula,but if this x101 ptoves to be as nice as my other MJX copter,this should be awsome!more to come ,waiting on the arrival.till then,best place to buy I have found to come soon
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Here's a little something to share with owners of the Q500 4k who want DNG images for still photo's. If you didn't notice they seem to come and go and you check the setting on your ST10+ and it shows DNG file output. Well, I have tracked down the problem, if you start in photo mode (on right of screen) the stills are produced in DNG format but as soon as you go to press the video it takes it out of photo mode (this is correct) but after you stop video and press still shutter its tells you it captured the image (there correct) but it is in JPG and from there on out stills are outputed in JPG. You have to press the camera icon on the screen after creating a video and you will then produce DNG images. I hope that helps folks with the case of now you see it and now you don't DNG file output.
Posted by aben71 | Aug 24, 2015 @ 06:13 PM | 2,518 Views
Hello all,
just orderes=d this quadcoptere,love them mjx R/C nice quality .this is a bnf I believe so hope my other radio wworks,as it should,both my others work fine off the same radio(x400and x600)didnt know mjx had more offerings till I found it here.
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New motors just listed:

Super Sport-13 Hoffman Magnetics Brushless PROP Outrunner Motor Last Lot! SST-13
This high performance motor is perfect for 9 - 15 oz. 3D park flyers and 15 - 26 oz sport park flyers, giving a new meaning to "power and performance." These are military grade composite Outrunners and optimized for cooling and performance. They are available and shipping. American Made!
Specifications: Kv 1300, R(ohms) 0.135, Weight 38 grams,
Battery 2s - 4s lipo (4.75x4.75). 100 - 280 watts

Super Sport-18 Hoffman Magnetics Brushless PROP Outrunner Motor Last Lot! SST-18
This high performance motor is perfect for 9 - 25 oz. sport park flyers, giving a new meaning to "power and performance." These are military grade composite Outrunners and optimized for cooling and performance. They are available and shipping. American Made!
Specifications: Kv 1850, R(ohms) 0.06, Weight 38 grams,
Battery 2s - 4s lipo (4.75x4.75) (6x4). 100 - 340 watts

Super Sport-24 Hoffman Magnetics Brushless PROP Outrunner Motor Last Lot! SST-24
This high performance motor is perfect for 9 - 25 oz. sport park flyers, giving a new meaning to "power and performance." These are military grade composite Outrunners and optimized for cooling and performance. They are available and shipping. American Made!
Specifications: Kv 2470, R(ohms) 0.036, Weight 38 grams,
Battery 2s - 4s lipo (4.75x4.75) (5.25x6.25). 100 - 400 watts

...Continue Reading
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Because of the "weird oscillation" problems with the Syma X5C board and 8.5mm motors, oscillation which still was visible in the recorded video, I decided to make a mount for the Syma FPV kit on my first Red Board FY-326.
For this kind of quadcopters it was a windy day but the FY-326 did fairly well with the FPV kit. Total flying weight was 128 gram. I landed it after 7.5 minutes of flying in fairly heavy wind so the recorded video is a little shaky. Watching it in the wind, it seems the FPV kit has a need for 8.5mm otherwise the quad will be a little underpowered I guess.

I still want to lose some weight for having a little more lifting power to have some reserve when flying between trees and bushes. So I plan to remove the internal FPV kit battery and use power from the flight battery. But I need first to investigate the traces on the camera board to see how it will work out regarding the charge connector and a seemingly available power connection. However flight time will be reduced but on the other hand I should win a little because of less total weight... A possible problem can be video interference lines from the motors but it's too early to tell

Syma FPV kit and FY326 Q7 (4 min 3 sec)

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After too long sitting at the back of the work bench I dusted off Rebel (My D&B RG65) and made a concerted start to finish her. It hasn't taken that long as I have had plenty of time to come up with the design which is a little unique in that the battery pack is located under the masts. Also, I'm using a standard double servo arm which is only 55mm in length but should produce >100mm of sheet travel. At the moment I'm pretty optimistic about the set up and fingers crossed the deep narrow hull design will also prove to float and tack!
Posted by hudibras | Aug 24, 2015 @ 04:00 PM | 2,345 Views
Build frame around this design!
FC will be MWC v3.0, CleanFlight;Naze32
TX Devo7 with Deviation
Posted by vincent123 | Aug 24, 2015 @ 02:51 PM | 3,192 Views
Made a first video with my race drone!

Still a lot of PID tuning to do, nevertheless, I enjoyed the flight !

FPV Quadcopter Flight (6 min 49 sec)

Posted by theimacman | Aug 24, 2015 @ 12:26 PM | 3,558 Views
Fast micro quad that looks like the Cheerson CX-20.

JunCheng - 3015-2 Mini Drone - Review and Flight (7 min 32 sec)

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Found this clear video of the last flight-worthy Avro Vulcan being flown in England:
The Awesome Vulcan XH558 at Beachy Head Cliffs, Eastbourne Airshow 2015. (3 min 55 sec)

I consider myself fortunate to having seen these awesome airplanes routinely fly in and out of Offutt AFB near Omaha, NE in the early '80s and put on a dazzling airshow with them as they were starting to be retired from their base in Canada.
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I have a depron SU-37 JR2 weight on 240g without electronics.
my all electronics weight is 300g.
ESC 30Amp, Battr -11.1 1800 mah, 3nos 9g servo, Motor- KV2150 and Prop-6X4E but its not flying. Im not getting sufficient thrust to fly it.
can any one help me.

Please i'm waiting form so long.
Posted by IntegrityHndywrk | Aug 24, 2015 @ 11:09 AM | 14,760 Views
Since I'm very sure there is only a couple of these limited edition kits available at this point and I'm sure there are a ton of other X3 Build logs out there already. I decided not to do a detailed build log of this helicopter. Before deciding this I already edited the photos and added some notes and warnings to them. I might add some descriptions to some of the photos at some point. But for now, they say a photo is worth 1000 words.

In the photos below you will some some of my little custom changes like adding a cooling fan up front for my Castle Talon 35. Since the Scorpion 2520-1880kv motor is rated for 38A continuous and 50A peaking. I figured adding a fan to the Talon 35 which has a beefy BEC at 5.5v is better than getting a Edge 50 which weighs twice as much and I might just end up needing a separate BEC for my servos too. The fan screams and moves plenty of air. It seems to blow air around my motor pretty well too. So that might help keep it cooler as well.

I didn't like the stock skids because I've heard enough people complain about them. But more than anything they don't match my X5 and X7 swept back skids and they are a little tall for my liking. So I rebranded some Align skids and moved on.

I really didn't like how the torque tube ends were supposed to be attached in the manual. I just don't care for the glue and locking collar compression method. So i went ahead and installed a 1.5mm dowel pin that I cut to length and drilled a hole for on each...Continue Reading
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Good morning my friends!

This may seem like a totally "DUH!" moment for many of you who are reading this, but for those of you who have not yet learned this lesson I hope this helps. I have been flying RC aircraft for many years and "prop-science" has always been one of my weaker areas of expertise. Generally I look at the manufacturer specs and pick the prop that offers the highest average between speed and power. This has always worked decently for me and thus it has been my method of prop selection. However this past week my "prop-science" weakness was once again brought to light as I had one of those earlier stated "DUH!" moments while on my vacation.
It all started when I took my Pocket 240 out for its maiden flight. I had been using 5x3.5 2-bladed props and had been thrilled with the performance of the machine. It flew straight, had lots of dig/power, and could throw down some pretty solid flips and rolls. Thinking that this performance had all to do with my tuning and piloting skills, and nothing to do with my hardware I shamelessly started using my reserve supply of 5x3 3-bladed props. This was mostly due to the pile of broken 2-bladed props I had accumulated. But I was like "no worries they are pretty much the same." turns out I was wrong, 2 and 3 bladed props are not "pretty much the same". I had (no kidding) eight sets of 5x3 3-blade props in reserve and I assumed that they would last me the...Continue Reading
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With a direct sheet arrangement, the sails did not open wide enough yet. So the only option is to make the servo arm longer, which required relocating the servo to starboard side.
The servo mount post got dremeled off and glued back in with rubberized CA. This shifted the servo by almost 2 cm, allowing a 2 cm longer arm.
The second picture illustrates how much longer the arm can get. I actually bolted the arm to the servo horn like this to find out how long the new arm can be.


Posted by Akerman | Aug 24, 2015 @ 10:30 AM | 3,775 Views
Next was the leading edge of fin and rudder. It makes sense if you can cut your finger with the trailing edge, but not with the leading edge. Sanded it round with 320 grit paper.
Posted by Akerman | Aug 24, 2015 @ 10:29 AM | 3,734 Views
One thing that I did not like at all was that the rudder had a lot of play in its bushing. The 3 mm shaft was guided by a tube with 3.2 or more inner diameter. So out came the soldering gun, carefully heating up the tube until it came out. I replaced it with a brass tube of 3.05 mm inner diameter, for a much better fit.
Posted by Akerman | Aug 24, 2015 @ 10:28 AM | 3,714 Views
First outing was much better than expected. Wind was at or over the upper limit for the rig most of the time, but the Fortune behaved surprisingly well. No problem at all to tack despite the rough water, but much more difficult to do the opposite because the booms would drag through the water, rendering the rudder rather useless. Speed was good, I could keep up with most of the other boats.

Update: T川-san uploaded a video, thanks a lot!

Fさんの京商フォーチューン (1 min 2 sec)