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Living on a boat near a pub does have its advantages, as does being considered (no matter how inaccurately) a tech wizard to the locals.
As does working 4 days on, 4 days off.
I find myself being able to (so long as I do not freak out the customers) fly small models off the meadow near the pub by the river, play with RC boats on the river and now on a quiet afternoon with my Phantom3.

So, I alternated between being outside in the sun flying the quad, or inside, charging the batteries (using the power sockets put in the new bar just for me) and checking out the pictures on my laptop, drinking Cranberry and soda (I try not to fly while drinking alcohol, it costs too much in models), the beer came in the evening.

It was fun, lots of talking to the people, first letting them know what was happening and then talking about the phantom especially to a lovely old lady on an outing from her retirement home, she hobbled over with her walking frame accompanied by a carer, asked some good sensible questions, looked at herself as the quad saw her and generally made my day.

The only complaint was from a woman who turned up with her husband (I think) and a fancy little day boat on a trailer, dropped it in the river from the slipway, moored it on the pub moorings, took their dogs for a walk, off the lead despite signs saying all dogs should be on a lead, then went off on the boat for a couple of hours, then came back, allowed the dogs to roam about again while they got the boat...Continue Reading
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This is my in depth review of the Fq-777 918C quadcopter. The review model was provided by Geekbuying in exchange for an unbiased review. I would like to thank them for this honest attitude, and I look forward to reviewing more products for them in the future. They have a lot of Rc products, cheap prices, and free shipping. I encourage everyone to look through Geekbuying, and you might find whatever your looking for.

To purchase this product and for more information:

Okay, getting on to the review. The product comes in a small box, barely bigger than the quadcopter itself. That being said, it is well packed and protected. Once you open the box, the first item you find is the Users Manual. It includes a detailed guide to the transmitter as well as some basic charging information. It is written in relatively understandable English, as opposed to a lot of other product guides. Continuing on, the next item included is a small bag with a lot of contents. First of all, there are two spare propellers, one for each pitch type. Spare screws are not included for the spare propellers, although the screw size the propellers use is quite standard and easy to find. The landing legs are also included in the bag. They are about one and a half inches tall, and they are quite flexible, meaning that they won't crack if the quadcopter crashes hard on the ground. They also come down under the camera, and this is useful when not...Continue Reading
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Want to get into FPV flying for under $100?
Check out the JRCC H32GH. It comes ready to fly and includes a receiver screen!
Cheap FPV Beginner Drone Review (7 min 58 sec)

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Over the years, the plan varied from reworking the Yamaha's parts into a discrete 2 channel amplifier to nihilistic plans for tubes. In the end, the future was the most economical bog standard IC amplifier. A quick test of the broken DM-01 revealed it probably failed from broken solder joints. 20 years of hindsight would have saved a lot of money, because what was succeeded by 3 amplifiers which failed in their own ways & a lot of heartache would again become the standard.

Unfortunately, the DM-01 electronics were discarded long ago & the speaker driver failed for an unknown reason. Perhaps someone put 12V directly through it. Whoever discarded the electronics strangely left behind the heart of the DM-01: manely the LA4461. The LA4461 is a long discontinued single channel IC with a lot more external components than a modern part, but the nastiest bits of the LA4461 were all preserved on its carrier board. Datasheets 30 years ago were a lot harder to read.

The mane piece not on the carrier board was an oscillation suppression circuit. The test seemed to work fine without the oscillation suppression circuit. The LA4461 produced plenty of loudness from the phone with no additional gain. The only other piece in the discarded section was the tone control. This seemed to be a standard op-amp circuit which combined volume with bass boost. It could be reverse engineered, but the mane requirement in old age is treble boost. The rest was all power supply.

...Continue Reading
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Affordable toy-grade 2WD buggy.

GP Toys - S603 - Review and Run (9 min 42 sec)

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Well, I finally got some footage of my A-7 that I didn't hate, haha! The airplane is a Jet Hangar Hobbies Kit with JetFan90 90mm EDF, Neu 1415/2Y motor and 12s 5800 mah battery. The paint scheme is from Desert Storm in a commemorative scheme from squadron VA-72. Even after 10 years, she's still fun to fly!

The RC Geek's A-7 Corsair II (Jet Hangar) 90mm EDF Flight at MRCF (4 min 8 sec)

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Flight build time 48 hours....from scratch


GForce 4250 900 kV motor
4000 mah 40C 4S
Lemon 6-channel receiver
11x7 prop
TowerPro MG90s aileron servos
Tower Pro MG 946R rudder/elevator servos
12% symmetrical Joukowski airfoil
light weight construction.....original had a lot of 1/4".....this one is mostly 3/16 and 1/8
maple spar caps with balsa webs (I-beam spar)
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fftunes - about me

The "ff" represents my firstname / lastname, "tunes" means music, melodies, or anything else i do.
I've been using this name for over 10 years now, not just since "tuning" quads became cool.

This 'blog entry' is just so people can see something when clicking my profile.
Edit: noticed i can't embed playlists. Check for more videos.

FPV - last video:

FPV dbug #4-5 - Maiden Day (3 min 37 sec)

FPV - montages:

FPV - Rush! Montage (4 min 24 sec)
...Continue Reading
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So here's a few fail videos from me recently. First up.. to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of my Youtube channel, I put together a video of my finest crashes from the past year.
Two years of flying! One year of crashes! (2 min 40 sec)

Next up is the story of how I lost and subsequently recovered my Flying Cinema Tankito30, and the lessons I learned (or not) from that incident.
VLOG 008: The Story of a Fail (10 min 56 sec)
...Continue Reading
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Who has ever read this magzine?Tattu pilot Zoe is going to write everything she knew about fpv
Posted by ATD | Aug 18, 2016 @ 03:06 AM | 2,563 Views
Working on this new product. 3300mm wingspan and Gas or electric capable. Under 55lbs. More to come. Sample pictures shown....Continue Reading
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Hereafter, the maiden run of my very rare and exclusive Ferrari 330P4 from Yankee-Legend at the fourth scale. This car has been the developpement car of the Yankee factory team during 90's and is equiped by exclusive parts.

This car is powered by a 8S brushless system:
LIPO Batteries: 2x 4S VANT 7600mhA - 70C

Total weight in run: 11.9 kg

For this very first run, power is limited to 70% and top-speed to about 50km/h.

This video has been filmed with my GIT2 with stab activated in 1080P/60FPS. For low frequencies vibrations, the stab is not very efficient but very impressive for high frequencies.
I tried to put this cam on my "truescale" car: just perfect!

Yankee Legend - Ferrari 330P4 - Large scale Brushless RC Model - Gitup Git2 (3 min 1 sec)

...Continue Reading
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Aerial Surveying
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This is my Maiden Flight and GPS Test for the new Hubsan X4 Pro H109S Real Time FPV Drone with GPS in some strong wind!

Maiden Flight & GPS Test - Hubsan X4 Pro H109S Real Time FPV Drone with GPS (6 min 17 sec)

I was very impressed with how well it flew and I experienced no issues the altitude hold or GPS I tested. I also took it up really high to test its range and I experienced no issues there The only problem I had was not turning on the record feature on the camera to capture what I saw when I took it way up in the sky.

When I compare its flight characteristics to that of my Blade 350 QX3, i put this one on par or better than that quadcopter. It is just more solid in the air and to the touch. It also is bigger with beter quality parts and has an FPV HD Camera.
Posted by rcXmartin | Aug 17, 2016 @ 08:00 PM | 6,024 Views
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Had a play with the 3d printer again, this time I've made some bonnet (hood) posts so I can use body pins to keep it closed, helps prevent loosing the contents of the front compartment in case of a roll over.

I also made some small washers for the bonnet and covered them in aluminium tape and screwed them down with M2 screws for a more scale look.

...Continue Reading
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Had a play with my Taranis radio today, set up a few new voice phrases to more accurately describe what the switches are doing. I also added a mix so I can switch between manual head tracking using the left stick for pan and tilt and the right stick for truck control and auto head tracking using the Fatshark goggles headtracker and reverting back to using left stick for throttle and right stick for steering.

Also added a little Tonka Summit picture to my LCD display.

Tonka Summit Taranis Voices (0 min 49 sec)

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Originally Posted by FPVsummituk
now that really is a good couldn't have got a tighter fit to the camera, and I see that you have designed in the snap over camera lock
Spent 5 hours yesterday printing a case that turned out that tight a fit I had to destroy it to get the gopro out, so just scaled the design up a fraction and printed it out overnight with my fingers crossed, turned out perfect. I also added a hole to the back so I can push it out from behind.

The case is mounted in 1150 bearings which are the common Tamiya size bearings they use for just about everything.

I've been using a web based design program called tinkercad, it's pretty good. I started off with a gopro case someone else had designed and just deleted and added the bits I did and didn't need.

I've attached the files also in case anyone wants them.