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Working on consecutive rolls with planes that have different role rates
Posted by Gimbal Guy | Today @ 10:47 AM | 48 Views
I put this build together thinking about the weight of my quad and how the builds feather weight will make it a whole other type of beast... With that being said I never expected to be able to mount a hero GoPro box style cam and still come in lighter then all my previous builds without anything added.... After mounting a big5 GPS I reached 103MPH so I believe without this extra weight and with bi props the top end speed would be even greater!!!
Also I did all of this with 4s... wait for the 5& 6s packs!!
102mph 100 YARD FPV DASH (4 min 44 sec)

#gimbalguy #floss #kababfpv #UAVfutures #mr.steele
Posted by nigelsheffield | Today @ 09:36 AM | 90 Views
This is just so much fun i can't stop flying it lol, punch outs and flips are so addictive!

Just playing with the tree, so much fun! Feels like a much bigger quad than it really is! Power!!!!! (5 min 27 sec)

Posted by Mr.Jagger | Today @ 08:22 AM | 142 Views
Meet Slinky.

A perfectly good tarot X6 which flew fine on AC3.5.1.Using a Taranis it had great control range.And 5.8GHz video transmission.I got a Solo and it spoiled me for 720p video feed.So,with the help of some enthusiastic others,I've stuck the Sololink part of the Solo (an iMX6 co-computer) and now use a Solo controller and pad for FPVness.

I'm using a carrier board from Nicolas Chaslot which communicates with the Pixhack V3 by MAVlink over the telemetry channel.The radio control is sent to the Pixhack through the DSM port.The whole rig should have a similar range to the Taranis but with more visual HUD real time telemetry.I'll hopefully get the Solo gimbal on there soon for full camera control and it will take another full sized gimbal for the BMMCC with it's own radio and video link to the operator.

When you've got to bodge it.

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Posted by BernardW | Today @ 08:20 AM | 146 Views
Hi, I sometimes really stretch the boundaries of off-topic, and something came up on Club Saito that I'd like to continue if anyone's interested, so here's a place for that. I have a neighbour who was a fighter and bomber pilot, and bomber navigator, in WW2, single engined fighters (I don't know what off-hand so I'll ask him again before I try and specify what types) and definitely Beaufort bombers. Of course I'm fascinated to know whatever he'd like to say about flying those classic types, but actually I like the guy in his own right, not just because he's a flyer. He's a genuinely good bloke. I offered to come and help out with things he can't easily do himself, such as lifting or climbing ladders. He's still pretty game and doing remarkably well for a chap in his 90's, but he knows what'd happen if he fell off a ladder so he's wise enough to ask for help when he needs it, and it's a great excuse to have a chat with a nice, interesting fella.

We stopped and had a nice quiet beer, and he likes to chat but of course I always wish he'd tell me all about aircraft (I know better than to ask him to talk about the war, like most actual vet's I've met who were expected to take lives as part of their duty, he simply won't talk about it). But he knows I love my RC planes, and I said hold on, I'll go grab my laptop and show you some videos, and he was interested to see. I showed him some favourites, like the B-25 with twin Moki radials (really screams, that one, I wonder if it's...Continue Reading
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Ive been waiting for what seems like an eternity to build this, getting the frame was a bit of a circus. All bought and paid for , no freebie jeebies. All the bits are listed below and i will get footage as soon as i can , camera will eventually be swapped for a Runcam i think. The black stuff is silicon , its wet around here atm lol , motors are "dampened" using 2 layers of heatshrink. Props are Dal Cyclones , Tail light is an adjustable LED battery monitor , very light pun intended.

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Posted by myrcmodel | Today @ 03:32 AM | 283 Views
Clearance of Eachine Goggles Two FPV Goggle----Click here.

Eahchine Goggle Two 5 inches 5.8G Diversity 40CH Raceband HD1080p HDMI FPV video glasses with real-time video return is good for FPV racer, quadcopter, airplane, car and etc.With the mushroom antenna and plate antenna, it improves the receiving range and stability efficiently.
Besides, you can watch high-definition movies via HDMI cable to connect to computer, mobile phones, IPAD and other equipment.

Main Features:
Imports EPP foam shell, high strength, light weight
Screen stability, not easy to black screen
The use of silicone sets, better protect the skin is not easy to scratch
Highest resolution 1920 x 1080
5.8G support analog video input, HDMI high-definition video input
Built-in audio volume headphone output (adjustable volume)
Built-in headset, HDMI jack
Built-in battery voltage detection module
Built-in 5.8G 40 frequency auto search frequency receiver
Built-in English, German, Japanese, French and other languages
Support brightness adjustment

Package Included:
1 X Eachine Goggles TWO FPV Goggles
1 X 7.4V 2200mAh Li-ion Battery
1 X Charger
1 X Video input wire
1 X Mushroom antenna

Posted by Tony Almeida | Today @ 12:55 AM | 341 Views
Fpv Freestyle - Just getting some packs in before the rain
Fpv Freestyle - Just getting some packs in before the rain (2 min 30 sec)

Fpv Freestyle - Smoking all the motors
Fpv Freestyle - Smoking all the motors (1 min 41 sec)
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Will test a new spl made chasis. The plate is cut similar to my rally chassis which allow the arms to get a lot more droop, which really brings these cars to life. You may also add option lower gull arms inspired by yokomos buggies. The yd-2 is a phenomenal fun car on rally blocks, you can flick the car around very well and it's nimble as all get out.
Posted by rinoki71 | Yesterday @ 10:52 PM | 376 Views
Review of this neat little R/C Construction loader alongside the Hui Na R/C Excavator.

Hui Na Toys R/C Construction Loader Review (10 min 10 sec)

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There can be no doubt that the Blade 180CFX is a bit less discussed since the Oxy2 helicopter came on the scene. I have an Oxy2, and I love it, but I still fly my 180CFXs because they fit so well in my front driveway. Although the Oxy2 is a much more stable, precise, and high-performance helicopter, the Oxy2 can get away or get too close much more quickly than the 180CFX. I think I will eventually switch all the way over to flying Oxy2s, but not yet--I still love the smaller size of the 180CFX.

One thing that always bothered me, however, is that I didn't have complete control over the way the 180CFX flies. I purchased my 180CFXs used, and so I never registered with Horizon Hobby, nor did I care to purchase extra cables just to update the 180's AR6335 firmware. And then, there was the notorious tail behavior--sometimes twitchy, or wagging, or just slushy. Sure, a lot of this tail behavior could be improved by updating the Blade FBL firmware, as well as upgrading to a Spektrum H3060 tail servo. Even then, however, the Blade FBL firmware offers limited control over the 180CFX's behavior.

I had my first experience with an MSH ÁBrain2 during building the Oxy2. A great feature of MSH receivers is that they offer free software that helps with imputing all the settings that control the helicopter's flight behavior. MSH even offers a Bluetooth Module that can connect the receiver with a phone! At first, the software seemed a bit daunting, if only because it provides...Continue Reading
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I followed UAVfutures 99$ build and am all done but the last step connecting the googles to the vtx any help i have scanned for channels multiple time and need help my camera is Eachine 1000TVL 1/3 CCD 110 Degree 2.8mm Lens Wide Voltage 5-20V.. my vtx is Eachine VTX03 Super Mini 5.8G 72CH 0/25mW/50mw/200mW Switchable athen my googles are Eachine VR006 VR-006 3 Inch 500*300 Display 5.8G 40CH Mini FPV...

Any help?
ps this is my first build
Posted by monkeymagicNZ | Yesterday @ 06:12 PM | 504 Views
I've just finished field testing the new full speed tx200 piggyback 25/200mW VTX with the HGLRC F428 Elf Camera.

To summarise the camera is a great mod that will really improve your FPV experience. I used the camera from the HGLRC XJB F428 Elf which performs very similarly to the foxeer micro and runcam micro as well.

The VTX was good but I needed to route to VBAT because of the electrical noise I got through the FC's 5v circuit. The upside of this is it reduces current draw on the FC 5v which can lessen the risk of receiver brown out especially when transmitting at 200mW. Having 200mW available is very good btw!

See my review of the TX200/Elf here: http://quadifyrc.weebly.com/reviews/...200-vtx-review

And my experience fitting to the Leader 120 here: http://quadifyrc.weebly.com/tips-and...nd-vtx-upgrade
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Flew the Timber this A.M Bit frosty, but did some touch and go between shivering. LOL
Timber ---- Frost in the morning (3 min 36 sec)

Posted by Antic bipe | Yesterday @ 03:49 PM | 669 Views
When you have to solder thin wire to a deans plug drill 1.5mm holes in the solder tag to improve solder and mechanical connection.

Fly safe.

Posted by Antic bipe | Yesterday @ 03:14 PM | 666 Views
I have scanned the Antic Bipe construction manual. It is too big to load here.

If you want it mailed to you just send me your email address.

Fly safe.

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All BNF versions are currently on sale for only $169.99 Click me.

With the popularity of Drone Racing growing more and more by the day, manufacturers are hard at work to bring us the latest, and greatest features. FuriBee is no exception to this, and they have been steady releasing some awesome new products, including some very nice FPV quadcopters. One of their latest releases, the DarkMax 220 is turning the BNF quad world upside down.

The FuriBee DarkMax 220 is absolutely loaded with features! It starts with the new ARTOWER F4 Plus flight controller with SD card slot, integrated OSD, VTX, and current and voltage sensor. Next is a 4 in 1 BLHeli-S 30A DShot ESC, capable of handling up to 6S power. They also teamed up with DYS to bring us some excellent new SR2205 2550kv Race Edition motors. To make things even better they used the popular 960H CCD FPV camera for some of the best FPV image quality currently available. As if all this wasn't enough, they also include 2 sets of Gemfan Flash 5152 tri blade props. The end result is one heck of a bind and fly package, and all for only $169

I managed to get my DarkMax set up in Betaflight this afternoon, and got it out for its first flight. I am very impressed with this quad! It is fast, smooth, and agile. It actually surprised me how much power it has even on 3s. I can't wait to get some 4s and 5s flights in with it. I can only imagine what the speed, and power will be like when I hit these motors with more voltage.

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