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Posted by pressalltheknobs | Yesterday @ 11:38 PM | 118 Views
Upgrading the XJT firmware. (2017-05-21 170317) fixes Q-X7 binding problems.
Posted by rockbus | Yesterday @ 11:29 PM | 123 Views
Here are my contest scores for LSF III

I need to get to 4,500 points counting the best 6 contests with 10 or more contestants.

Or place in one ore more contests then fly a total of 6 contests.
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I notice all my videos I've posted in my blog have a lot of views. If you guys are enjoying them then please subscribe to my channel
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Hi guys, to share with you a very practical thing I bought before car phone holder, I am a salesman, often need to drive to visit customers, and some places I Not very familiar, so I need to use my Google navigation, but when the phone is always unable to find the right place to place, accidentally a chance to see this on the Amazon, I bought one, want to try Look, the results are fantastic, it really is so easy to use, it is incredible.
· Why do i think it is very easy to use? Simple and Useful】:Phone holder,The anti-slip mat holder can be applied on any smooth surface. This Universal Mobile Phone Mount Holder is designed to hold all cellphones securely and keep it conveniently and comfortably within reach.
· 【Super Secure Base】 :Silicone gel material pad tightly to any console. It doesn't slip and slide around on the dash or console. You don't have to worry about it falling off.

· 【Easy to Clean】: Silicone gel material pad tightly to any console without adhesives, overall silicone material to protect your phone while using. Highest quality thick gel pad. As with any gel product, avoid extreme hot conditions. Clean this gel directly with water.
· 【Strong Durability】Unimaginable durability,High and low temperature resistance,Large Area to Flexible the Width: Events stent is flexible to fit good size/width of phone, easy to use. You can locate your phone in horizontally .Non-magnetic, no adhesive or glue needed.
· 【Portable】: Healthy,Compact, Lightweight, can change shape arbitrarily,convenient to carry.It can be used everywhere: car, home, office, boat, yacht, RV, airplane, camping. DOCA Product includes a 3-month worry-free warranty.
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This solar eclipse of 8/21/2017 was not very eventful in my area,daylight was somewhat dim for a few minutes and that was kinda the the extent of it,I did still enjoy taking the Syma X8HG out for a flight and got to check out the scenery

Syma X8HG Solar Eclipse Flight Attempt (3 min 17 sec)

Posted by jorgeguerrero | Yesterday @ 05:47 PM | 370 Views
Hi everyone, i want to buy a Radio Control to make my own drone but i want it to get really far like 10 or at least 5km, Does anyone knows what trype of RC should i buy?
I don't know if this is important but i am gonna make it with a microcontroler, first i am gonna try with arduino then with a raspbey and in the las i am gonna use a beagleblack board. thank for your time!.
Posted by Tamzin | Yesterday @ 05:33 PM | 389 Views
I'm a photography student, I inherited a load of parts for a camera quad. I want to put it all together and get into aerial photography for my degree and because I really want the ability to get shots I would otherwise not be able to get. It will be many months before I get this thing built (but I will, I always finish what I start) because I have no knowledge of electronics or any of this.
I have done ridiculous amounts of reading and watched a lot of videos but I've understood very little of it. The problem is that there is nothing dedicated to absolute beginners, except for tutorials on how to build a mini racing quad. My propellers are bigger than one of those and cost twice as much (18inch T-motor). I'm a student and don't have the funds to build a small quad to get some experience. And being a girl I don't have a history of taking things apart or trying to fix stuff (lol). For my birthday I asked for tools, got a pink toolkit I will not be building a pink drone!
Posted by Woodinthesky | Yesterday @ 01:35 PM | 510 Views
So i have a older mxp230 i have always loved how it flys . It had some outdated components to it. So I updated all the components. Heres a before and after,
Flight controller- I used the New F4 board CL raceing
ESC- Wraith 35A BLHeli_32 ESC 1200 dshot
VTX- ImmersionRC Raceband 5.8GHz 600mW A/V Transmitter
FPV Camera- foxteer arrow v3 with mic
Reciver - frsky xsr receiver
Motors- Tmotor f40 2600kv
Antenna-ibcrazy 5.8ghz mad mushroom
The new upgrades makes this quad fly amazing....Continue Reading
Posted by GTOGreg | Yesterday @ 01:03 PM | 532 Views
OK, it's 8/21/17 and just about all Frankendrone parts have been delivered. I will be starting the assembly and wiring tonight. I also went ahead and ordered a new Eachine TX526 video transmitter, which will be delivered tomorrow.

(5.8G 40CH 25MW/200MW/600MW Switchable AV Wireless FPV Transmitter RP-SMA Female)

• Brand Name: Eachine
• Item Name: 5.8G 40CH 25MW/200MW/600MW Switchable AV Wireless FPV Transmitter
• Model: TX526
• Transmitting Power: 25mW 200mW 600mW Switchable
• Video Format: PAL/NTSC
• Working Current: (25mW 120mA & 200mW 180mA & 600mW 250mA) @ 12V
• Operating Voltage: 7-24V
• Operating Temperature: -10℃—+85℃
• Video Band Width: 0-18 MHz
• Audio Carrier Frequency: 6.5MHz
• Video Input Level:1.0Vp-p (±0.2)
• Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
• Audio Input Level: 1.0Vp-p
• Audio Input Impedance: 10K Ohm
• Antenna Connector: SMA Female Connector
• Weight: 6.8g
• Dimension: 28.5(L)x 20(W)x 8(H)mm
Posted by The Konqueror | Yesterday @ 12:36 PM | 574 Views
After 2 years of owning the Mad Gear Desert Wolf Baja, I have found out that it is extremely fast and durable, but runs out of battery fairly quickly, so either by an extra battery or upgrade to a lipo. I bought a smart charger and I am able to charge the battery in about 1 hour for about 20 minutes of run time. I have only had to replace the servo, which burned out after about a year of use, and I had to replace the tires, which I did recently. One of the shock caps fell off of the car, and it took me about an hour to find. The banana plugs on the battery can be plugged into each other which I accidentally did last week, and one of the batteries completely ran out of charge, but it still worked after I recharged it. The shocks are pretty weak, so the car bottoms out on big jumps. I have driven this RC car through many puddles and it still works fine. I highly recommend buying the Mad Gear Desert Wolf as a beginner RC car.

Here are the links to a few of the videos I made of the Mad Gear Desert Wolf:


The Best RC Car For Under $100 (Mad Gear Desert Wolf) (3 min 19 sec)

Posted by pittsartist | Yesterday @ 10:38 AM | 621 Views
10 days to go until the nationals ...... here's yesterdays practice session.

3 Cameras, Synced to first wing rock then edited by switching between them along an unadjusted time line. Fairly happy, Just need to watch out for the 1000' minimum altitude, there's a second or two at 900' near the end

20th August Int Free Known Practice (4 min 12 sec)

Posted by eihoward | Yesterday @ 09:51 AM | 644 Views
I plan to document in this entry how to replicate simple Spektrum Airwave radio programming tasks that are a little more elaborate to program in the Graupner MZ-24 Pro radio.// Planeo documentar en esta entrada como replicar programación simple de radios Spektrum Airwave en el Graupner MZ-24 Pro en el cual es un poco mas elaborado hacer algunas cosas.

First, Graupner switches as described in the manual
//Primero, descripción de los interruptores que están disponibles en el Graupner

• 1 two-position switch with long handle (S6)// 1 interruptor de dos posiciones con mango largo
• 1 three-position switch with long handle (S3)// 1 interruptor de tres posiciones con mango largo
• 4 three-position switches with a short handle (S1, S4, S5 and S7)// 4 interruptores de tres posiciones de mango corto
• 2 one-side, self-neutralizing three-position switches with long handle (S2 and S8)// 2 interruptores de tres posiciones con neutralizado automático de un lado
• 2 INC/DEC buttons (DT1 and DT2)// 2 botones de INCrementar/DECrementar
• 2 rear proportional sliders (SL1 and SL2)// 2 controles lineales proporcionales
• 4 proportional dials (DV1 - DV4) // 4 controles rotativos

I did not find this information, before buying the Graupner radio and asked for it, but it is in the manual burried in the information for assigning control to channels. // Esta información no la pude encontrar antes de comprar la radio Graupner y pregunte por ella, pero esta disponible en el manual enterrada en la información para asignar controles a los canales.
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Slope glider for weak winds(Span:2.0m).
Detailed content →http://sanukigenjin.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-25.html
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I have what I consider to be the best Tiger Moth ARF ever built. It was built by DYMOND Models and has been discontinued for years now. The plane would be perfect for a 70-80 Four Stroke. It has a 72" wingspan and it is silk covered wings and fuselage. comes with everything including hardware, wheels, servo extensions and fiberglass cowling. See my blog photos of this kit. Absolutely a beautiful kit. The price is right in line with FLAIR kits Tiger Moth, but 90% of the time has already been done for you. Price is firm at $450 plus exact shipping.

Regards, Gordon
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Good news!
Obtain accept pre-order now.
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Crashaccepted just ordered AKK 3 K31P and 3 AKK CA40,and other items, thanks to Crashaccepted, here is the review of k31p.

AKK K31P 600mw 40 Channel Video Transmitter Review

Published: June 8, 2017. Original article click here

And once again, we have another product from AKK, and once again you may be asking yourself, whats different and special about this one. Compared to the other AKK VTX’s we have reviewed, this one has a number of features that we really like, and differentiate it from its siblings, the X1 and X1P.

First Impressions
The first impressions of this product were even better than the X1 series. The box is much more colourful, but once again has the glossy finish on the front that makes you want to open it up. When you open a box, the VTX is snuggly fit into a piece of foam to protect it during shipping, and the cables, silicone once again were just above. One thing you notice immediately are the 2 seven segment displays, and the thick coax with the right angled SMA connector are always a good sight. The video transmitter does not come with an antenna, but most FPV pilots have dipole ‘rubber ducky’ antennas coming out of their ears, so not receiving one is a breath of fresh air. The 2 buttons on the VTX were on the side as well, which would make VTX channel switching much more easy. One slightly disappointing feature is that it only transmits on 600mw, and we would maybe like to see AKK do a VTX like this with a BEC with all the seven...Continue Reading
Posted by Rio.suandika | Aug 20, 2017 @ 10:54 PM | 1,007 Views
I just crashed my flyzone dhc2 beaver a few seconds after take off. One thing I noticed before the crash happened was that the aileron servos were having a latency (or glitch) on my first turn after take off, the plane didn't roll immediately as soon as I push the stick to the left and right. When I knew things are going to go wrong, I tried to land the plane but I had no elevator control and the plane dove straight to the pavement. Can you guys tell me what went wrong? Could it be the anylink or the radio's battery level or the receiver? Right now I'm trying to repair the plane but I'm not planning on flying it until i know what caused the signal loss.
Please help! Thanks