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Posted by Wollie | Dec 31, 2013 @ 01:06 PM | 2,834 Views
Hi just a list of some of the nicest autogyros around.
All of them were designed by Richard Harris. I don't know how he does it, they just keep popping of his drawing board and they all have great success stories.
What a great designer he is.
These pictures are only a few of the ones I really like and would like to build after my Panther.
Posted by Wollie | Dec 31, 2013 @ 02:11 AM | 2,754 Views
I just decided to start posting pictures of my Panther build.
The progress has been very slow, but we are getting there.
I think that this will be the best gyro to learn on that I have built so far.
Posted by Wollie | Dec 28, 2013 @ 04:43 AM | 2,883 Views
My second attempt started November 2011 when I came across a free set of plans here on RC Groups named the "Spiro III" designed by a gentleman called Richard Harris. I was told by him that the Spiro III was not really a good first gyro.

I found out that I had all the wrong groceries fitted to it. I had the wrong Prop and a lipo battery that was not even C rated in it. Thanks for that info Chris.

I would first like to thank all who have contributed to this build of mine, you all have such a lot of information related to R/c Autogyros and are willing to share it with anyone. I thank you all for this, and a special thanks to Rich (Safelandings), Chris (Britinoz), Rich (Ricardo 1500), Joe (Jodini) and DC (Skydanz). Hope I haven't left out anybody.

I still have the gyro I must just get around fitting the right stuff to it, but I think I must first try something more of a trainer type as a first Autogyro....Continue Reading
Posted by Wollie | Dec 28, 2013 @ 01:35 AM | 2,810 Views
I have had a go at a BEGI some time back (2006). I was able to take it off, got some altitude, turned left and flew back to me, I then realised that I was hanging on the up elevator stick a lot and desided to let it go, Big mistake, it was like it stopped flying an fell out of the sky. I later was told that this is the cause of a lot of full size autogyro accidents. This phenomenon is known as “The Power Push-over”. Well this was my first lesson learned from the full size autogyro pilots.
I felt good about getting it up in the air at least and I made my own blades (And it worked). As a result of this incedent I wasnt able to find spares for the head so the project was shelved.