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My first plane was a "Relax" marketed by a company called "Hype" (no kidding). The same model is available in America where it is called "Calypso". I didn't really like it much, but it was good enough for a complete beginner. The next one was a Multiplex Solius, a nice design. The model in my simulator, a Multiplex Cularis, was more of an inspiration when I decided my third should be completely my own work.
I started the design of the plane in the film ("My Plane - Mein Flieger" on You Tube) by drawing what I reckon a powered glider should look like. I don't know the first thing about aerodynamics and don't have any 3D cad software, I just drew what I thought looked good. The only thing I copied from an original was the airfoil, taking a guess at what would be appropriate. No way I'd be able to guess the best value for angle of attack, so I used a slab taiplane so I could sort it out in flight.
I made up most of the details as I went along. It seemed to be evolving very nose heavy, so I moved 2 servos into the tail. I made the hinges from sheet metal cut from a biscuit tin soldered to brass tubing I had lying around in the cellar. The carbon fibre rods came from a kite I crashed decades ago and the motor, esc and a couple of servos were salvaged from the remains of my first plane.
The fuselage was made of newspaper and wallpaper paste strengthened with bandaging gauze. Seemed like a good idea at the time, nice...Continue Reading
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TurboWing Cyclops 3 (2 min 35 sec)

TurboWing Cyclops 3

Hello everyone welcome back!

Todays videos has me really excited! I have been on a quest to get better quality footage out of my tiny whoop for some time. Well after much trial and error. I have found the perfect camera. The TurboWing Cyclops 3. This camera is awesome!!

Here are the specs

FPV DVR Camera:
output voltage : 4.2V
Sensor size : 1/3 " CMOS
Camera Resolution :700TVL
Lens :M7 Lens
Angle : H:120 / V:100
Operating Temperature : -10 ~+60
Input format : NTSC
Audio : In addition it comes with a built in microphone
MicroSD : Max 32G
record : 720P HD
Record Status : Working LED : 1 Red LED on
Press the video button to start recording. You will see a red flashing led "00:00:00" on the screen that changes from white to red. Red indicates that the camera is recording. Voltage
Battery : 5-16v(1s-4S lipo Battery)

I used the WolfWhoop TX1 TX. The TurboWing Cyclops 3 can be purchased by its self or with a power adjustable 25mw-200mw TX.

Pick up the Wolfwhoop TX1

Pick up the TurboWing Cyclops 3


The feild of view if a little narrow for me so it took some getting used to. I will soon be changing out the lense.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

Feel free to leave me a comment

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Thank you for watching!

Fly Safe & Fly Often
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Hi All, these pictures are from 1995. The Diabolo is from an original pilot wood kit. The cowl and spats I molded from glass fibre because the original parts were made from ABS. The wing spars and vertical Web were reinforced with UD carbon. I also strengthened the plywood engine mounting. Engine was a 3W60 and was fitted with a smoke system. I flew this aircraft for about 10 years till a radio/ failsafe condition destroyed it. The Diabolo was a great flying aircraft.
The other picture is of my old Safir Plus pattern aircraft. The Plus was because I lengthened the fuselage. The Safir was powered by a Hanno special with an OS pipe. Propellors used were APC 12 X 12 and 12 X 11.

That is Table Mountain in the background.

Charlie Blakemore
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Review of MJX BUGS 2 - B2W - WiFi FPV Brushless With 1080P Full HD Camera GPS RC Drone Quadcopter RTF & DVR footage

25% Off Coupon Code: 920847 special for MJX B2W

My Bugs 2W just came, looks awesome:

but more important it flies great. Maiden test flight (more test flights to come):
MJX B2 B2W Bugs 2 - GPS WIFI FPV RTF 1080P FullHD camera drone from MJX R/C Technic (4 min 3 sec)

Brand Name: MJX
Item NO.: B2W
Item Name: MJX B2W WiFi FPV RC quadcopter
Frequency: 2.4G
Channel: 4CH
Quadcopter Size:410*410*80mm
Battery: 7.4V 1800mAh - often lipos in kit don't come properly charged to storage voltage, but int this kit, MJX took effort to charge them to perfect storage voltage of 3.8V/cell, check the pisc
Camera:1080P .
Motor: Brushless motor
Flight distance:800-1000m
FPV distance: 400-500m
Flight time: around 15-18 minutes
Charging time: around 300 minutes
Transmitter Battery: 4*AA 1.5V(Not included)
Color: Black,Red

...Continue Reading
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AWESOME ASUAV have been releasing some quite, well, awesome quadcopters over the past couple years. The AWESOME Q95 which I reviewed earlier this year was an excellent flying brushless micro. Let's see if the AWESOME F100 follows suit.

This little quad is equipped with an Omnibus F3 flight controller with integrated OSD, A 4 in 1 BLHeli-S 10A ESC running DShot600, and 7500kv 1103 motors spinning 2035 four blade props. For the FPV we get a 600TVL camera, and 48 channel 25mw VTX.

The package includes the quad, as either a Frsky BNF, or as a PNP version ready for the receiver of your choice. They also give you a a 500mah 2s 7.4v battery, two sets of props, a set of prop guards, and a couple extra bands for securing the battery. All in all it is a very complete package for those that already have a radio, and a charger.

The quad itself looks great, and has a very high quality feel to it. If you like purple, you will really like the frame, motors, and props. Kelly loves it. Personally, I'm ok with plain old black, but I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there that will dig the purple color scheme.

I managed to get my F100 set up in Betaflight yesterday, and will be getting it in the air this morning, so stay tuned for flight video, and more info. For now here are some pics....Continue Reading
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The EV800 Pro box goggles checks many of the feature boxes. This form and function comes in more than one brand. The goggles are comfortable and the end load of the weight distribution doesn't add discofort. The screen is large and immersive and clear...even for me, a glasses wearer (my prescription is very light). The main feature is tested in the video below...reception!
EV800Pro - RedPawz (19 min 17 sec)

EV800Pro http://bit.ly/2hQGS6t
Coupon: EV800PRO
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What is the problem? Please fix it .
See my video.

fix please! (0 min 36 sec)

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An ARF I picked up here a couple weeks ago, thanks Oilfly!

Went a little overkill with electronics but only added a few ounces of weight from the recommended setup. All standard size HV servos rather than 2 minis and 2 standard, and swings a 2" larger prop.

Savox 2274 brushless HV on ailerons and rudder
Savox 1254 coreless HV low profile on elevator
Motrolfly DM-4330 400kv
Castle 120HV and BEC pro
Falcon CF 19x8e
6s 5000mah
AUW=8lbs 3ozs
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I just got my X-nova 890 kv motor. Should I upgrade my motor pulley, rotor pulley from 19t to 21t pulleys, or just run the 19t pulleys that came with kit. Can someone please help!.....Mahalo!...Continue Reading
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Great Plains .4 cowling together
Posted by Bob Gaito | Yesterday @ 03:30 PM | 1,030 Views
It seems that the boat donated to the West Sayville Maritime Museum this year for the annual boat burning will be the "Wave Maker" a 1964 38 ft Chris Craft sea skiff. I don't know what model Chris, might be a Corinthian...more possibly a Seahawk.
Posted by Deserteagle | Yesterday @ 03:09 PM | 1,107 Views

I decided to do another build based on the Atom V2 frame after seeing that the F4 Zeus became available from HGLRC. The first edition of the "Poor man's Atom V2" took a pretty hard crash into a water tank and unfortunately the OSD chip on the HGLRC F3 V4 FC gave out, Even though I felt bad about taking out the FC, I got hundreds of flights and crashes out of that board. I was actually surprised that after ripping the antenna off of the board three different times that the board worked for as long as it did.
I like the Atom V2 frame kit because it's extremely durable, protects the electronics, lightweight and looks damn good!

Parts used:

Atom V2 frame kit

HGLRC F4 Zeus Micro AIO 28amp ESCs,FC,PDB,OSD,BEC (Got it from HGLTECH.com direct for review)

...Continue Reading
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I will soon be offering a short kit of a fiberglass fuselage and foam wing 46" long T-33 that I designed myself, designed for a 90mm fan and retracts. I made the molds and flew the prototype a number of times. Here's a link to the thread about it:

The other airplanes in one of the photos are my designs also, the 43" long F-22 is a twin MF480 design with retracts, a laser cut kit was developed later and may be available soon if there's interest, the F-4 was 90mm powered, 51" long with retracts, no kit yet but a possibility since it like all my airplanes was drawn on the computer with DesignCad.
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This is how I would be cutting the planks with the router.
2mm planks, of at the thickest 9.5mm width.
Posted by newelectro | Yesterday @ 09:21 AM | 1,202 Views
Will have new ones built to hurricane standard.
Posted by Skyscraper350 | Yesterday @ 06:39 AM | 1,272 Views
I have a Dynam AT6 and trying to add the flap options but I need help doing it
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On the day the RS-25 & the BE-4 were both test fired, Musk's comeback was a picture of his shoes in front of a bunch of jack o lanterns.


Does he dress up at home? Based on the spynet, he wasn't at home. The pool didn't match, but it wasn't much different than his 1st mansion.


Bet you didn't know Elon Musk was slowly buying up an entire hillside on Chalon Rd, Bel Air. Is he going to build a launch pad? Is he going to build a massive transit center for his tunnels? Is he trying to get a better view of his rockets landing? Is he buying more room to store his toys?

It's probably more practical, like storing wealth in real estate. It's currently $100 million. It's not a very diverse portfolio, but more practical than a house in Idaho. To be sure, he doesn't really have $20 billion in cash. It's private equity valued at whatever the fed deems necessary to ensure total employment, but worthless if he sold it all at once.

Looking at the photo of the shiny shoes by the pool, the lion kingdom wondered how someone not much different than the rest of us could achieve so much more. He's not supremely intelligent like Steve Jurvetson, but only an incremental step above the rest of us. He's not very good at giving speeches or interviews. His highest formal education was 2 bachelor's degrees from UPenn, in economics & physics.

He has above normal intuition about problems & finding ways to solve them by rearranging existing technologies, but not by much. His 1st company was founded with $28,000 of his father's money, or $280,000 in today's doll hairs. Theoretically, his father also paid for all his education, leaving him debt free. Even then, if the lion kingdom had $280,000 of dad's money, it would probably go in a bond fund.
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Heng Long M4A3 Sherman Tank with exhaust and air soft bullets.

Heng Long M4A3 Air Soft Shooting with Exhaust Smoke Sherman Tank Review (23 min 7 sec)