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There was a time i flew off the dunes at cape san blas in gulf county florida. 2941'28.17"N, 8522'27.07"W...hurricanes and overly-concerned citizens have limited this. where do you slope soar...back in the 70's there was a popular site inland laguna beach, ca, kite hill i think it was. 20 years ago i found an amazing place that was difficult to access, up a mountain near caryville tn. actually found it here on a blog...36.2925849,-84.2557398
Posted by unboxingexp | Yesterday @ 12:48 PM | 2,013 Views
Here is my take on a homemade 4s 18650 battery pack for FPV. I decided to spot weld the cells to make the pack more robust. Moreover, I went for a 3d printed TPU mount to hold the batteries in place.
DIY 4s 18650 battery for FPV (3 min 54 sec)

Posted by mechmove | Yesterday @ 10:38 AM | 2,608 Views
Last week, I picked up my latest build for this summer, a 4 meter electric Pulsar from Soaring USA. The build quality of these models are second to none. I hope I am able to do a proper radio installation. Although the receipt shows a 4 meter compact, I decided on the 3 piece wing. I plan on using the onboard 5 amp BEC for the receiver and 5 servos. The pod is ultra slick and roomy, which should facilitate final stages of installation. The tail boom is so light, its non existent, like holding nothing in your hands! I do feel at least one of these gliders should be in a museum of modern art. They deserve recognition beyond its purpose of being an RC "flying machine".
Posted by Bill M - RC | Yesterday @ 06:59 AM | 3,768 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

SJRC F11 4K Pro review. A short video clip in 4K with 3840x2160p resolution.

#globalrc #newdrones #dronereview #drone #drones #bestdronereviews #fpv #fpvlife #dronestagram #rcworld #rccommunity #rchobby #uav #dronefans #quadaddiction #radiocontrol #dronecatalog

SJRC F11 4K Pro - 4K 3840x2160 Video Clip with Zoom In (5 min 0 sec)

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Hi All,

There's been a bit of stagnation in TTSAutomate development lately. The tool is stable and functionally complete so there hasn't been a driver to create a new version for a while.

Some recent events have brought about some questions on the future of the tool;
  • Google has changed their mechanism that I used to do the TTS. I could update the tool again but it's really chasing a moving target. At this stage Google TTS voices don't work with TTSAutomate, and will not again unless I make a change to the tool.
  • The hosting that I use for the TTSAutomate website got discontinued, and the cost to continue hosting at the new owners was around 3x the contributions I've received in the lifetime of TTSAutomate, so it was going to cost more than it was worth to continue with that setup, let alone the TTS engine usage charges.
As a result, I've taken on hosting myself, and I'm considering my options regarding updating / reworking the tool.

If you have an interest in the future of TTSAutomate, could you please give me your feedback using the facility on

You're the majority of customers I have for the tool, so I'd like to make sure that any change I make is heading in the right direction.

Thanks all!
Posted by VicT | Jul 25, 2021 @ 11:37 PM | 6,448 Views
This is a new BNF Aeroscout S 2 1.1M BNF BASIC from the Brandon Fl Hobby store for $149,99. After unboxing I used a 3S1300 SMART lipo to Bind my NX8 to the model. After confirming SAFE could be turned on and off I taxied her on the street to check tracking and she tracked great.

This Scout will be a club trainer using my NX8 TX on wireless training for other pilots that have the NX6 or DX transmitters.

Since most pilots do not want to remove the wings I glued the bind plug to the side of the fuselage to make it easier to bind. Yes you can use the included bind cable after removing the canopy but I prefer the side mount. Its easy to leave the bind plug installed and fly off then crash when someone in the pits binds their model. I tie a string or colored tape to the bind plug so I can see it hanging from the side of the fuselage. Its easy to see when taxiing for take off. I sand the black plastic connector and use just a toothpick of CA on the plastic to secure it to the foam.

I make a lanyard for the canopy as eventually it will depart the fuselage and you will have to make or buy a new one.

I use an old credit card cut down and sanded to act as a guard to protect the elevator and rudder servos.

The black velcro can be made easier to use if a colored string is glued or tied to the end of one strap.

The stock tires and wheels are nice for rough terrain. However the center of mass is high and eventually the Scout will end up...Continue Reading
Posted by mojowoykin | Jul 25, 2021 @ 09:28 PM | 6,988 Views
Continuum V5 joined wing canard glider V5 maiden flight with Mike Frandsen piloting (6 min 2 sec)

At Torrey Pines Fun Fly 2021...

Continuum V5 joined wing canard glider V5 maiden flight with Mike Frandsen piloting

Q-"Continuum V.5" Maiden Flight with Mike Frandsen.

The Q- "Continuum" V.5 High Performance Joined-Wing Canard Slope Glider, as flown by Mike Frandsen.

Mike being interested in the "front-wheel drive" characteristics, stability, and response, seen here putting the glider to the test.

Featuring a laid up Kevlar-Carbon fiber-fiberglass fuselage from a mold of a 3d printed plug based on the original basswood plug.

New modified, bagged main and canard wings, with Kevlar living-hinges for control surfaces. 3D printed wing joiners, canard mount , and wing inserts of carbon infused PETG. Carbon tube wing rods and premium 3D printed PETG canopy, and "endlets", as we call them.

The Original Q- "Continuum"- V.5 High Performance Joined-Wing Canard Slope Glider maiden video.

There's nothing like having a premier pilot taking a design to it's limits.
Thanks Mike...
Posted by mechmove | Jul 25, 2021 @ 09:16 PM | 7,064 Views
Well, I had to try; after resetting my CG to 75mm I found an older prop with a 3 x 4mm set screw. I installed it, although it protrudes, it works. The correct size is 3 x 3mm. New set screws arrive tomorrow. The weight penalty is +4 grams, flying weight 539 grams. Made the drive out to Long Beach, flying much better now, in fact this is best handling airplane I have ever flown, hands down. Fly's straight and level, fast or slow, and maintains a good pitch attitude, I've only seen this in other peoples' planes.

Now the weight reduction task begins. Since I paid for the RTF ship, I believe there is only so much I should put into this effort. But I should at least eliminate the tail weight which at a minimum involves installing a smaller ESC. Need to get specs on the motor first.

It also needs to be noted, the 3mm set screw holding the motor shaft was a bit looser when I returned home. This tells me a pre-flight check of this screw is needed before every flying session. Climbing with less power is an option as is Loctite.
Posted by GBLynden | Jul 25, 2021 @ 07:09 PM | 7,446 Views
I recorded Tim last night flying his E-flite UMX Turbo Timber. This is the first real world test with my brand new Rode Wireless Go audio setup, so I will be tuning it slightly from here if it seemed too loud. Let me know what you think guys!

Tim's E-flite UMX Turbo Timber RC Plane Flight (6 min 44 sec)

Posted by gabrielisrael | Jul 25, 2021 @ 04:36 PM | 7,910 Views
Kiber model out of Moldova literally hand makes fiberglass combat planes, and I purchased one after watching the Petroncic Brothers on YouTube review it.

It has 1140mm / 44in wingspan, and put in a E-Flite Power 32, 80amp Turnigy ESC, APC 9x9e prop, HiTec HS 81 servo for the elevator, and Turnigy mico servos in the wings.

I am using a 4s 3300mah battery, and getting about 5-5:30 min flight time at mostly full throttle, with a top speed of 85-90 mph.

You can run a 10x6 prop, which makes it easier to hand launch, but you loose some top speed.

I needed to modify (enlarge) the motor mount area, and shim the motor (down and to the right), and add some balsa to attach the ESC, but it is a really great flyer!...Continue Reading
Posted by mojowoykin | Jul 25, 2021 @ 01:18 PM | 8,360 Views
Q-"Continuum V.3" DSS (Dynamic Slope Soaring)with Mike Frandsen... (5 min 20 sec)

The Q- "Continuum"- V.3 High Performance Joined-Wing Canard Slope Glider, as flown by Mike Frandsen.

Mike being interested in the "front-wheel drive" characteristics, stability, and response, seen here putting the glider to the test.

Featuring a laid up Kevlar-Carbon fiber-fiberglass fuselage from the original basswood plug.

Modified, bagged main and canard wings, with Kevlar living-hinges for control surfaces.

Currently flight testing The Q- "Continuum"- V.5 High Performance Joined-Wing Canard Slope Glider with video of the maiden coming soon.

There's nothing like having a premier pilot taking a design to it's limits.

Thanks Mike...

California Slopes are the Best in the West, with more video content from the West coming.

Check out and see what the USA can advanced composite, carbon fiber pitcheron (twisty) "Jester" designed by Mike Frandsen.

""Follow the Light" and "Huck it"
"F L Y F A S T"
Posted by mechmove | Jul 25, 2021 @ 09:54 AM | 9,073 Views
Yesterday, as I was flying my Alpha, I tried to initiate another climb, but the spinning prop wasn't providing any usable thrust. So thinking the battery might be low, I landed ASAP. I had flown only 4 minutes, so it was unusual. I thought something was loose in the motor, but didn't know what. So I packed it away and enjoyed some time in the park since its a pretty long drive.

When I came home, I realized there was a 3mm set screw that was stripped, which held the motor shaft in place. Since this is the first time I've ever owned a Outrunner motor, I didn't even know this was something that should have been a part of the pre-flight inspection! But not knowing is not a excuse for any pilot, full-size or RC. When I looked closely at the screw and the mounting receptacle, there were obvious metal shavings, so much so in fact the OD of the screw was less than 3mm, I almost thought the OD was 2.5mm! To confirm, I was successfully able to fit a 3mm x 9mm bolt into the receptacle to confirm a solid fit. I was concerned about the need to re tap to the next higher size, if this is even possible, or worse case a motor replacement.

So I ordered a bunch of small metric set screws on Amazon Prime, ETA tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I plan on moving the CG aft from 72mm to 75mm. I feel its too nose heavy to slow down enough for thermal flight.

I may or may not go into Long Beach today, its a long drive.
Posted by Mad_angler1 | Jul 25, 2021 @ 04:44 AM | 10,208 Views

Runcam MIPI Camera
Taking a look at the Runcam MIPI Camera for the DJI Digital FPV System.


Posted by Bill M - RC | Jul 25, 2021 @ 04:07 AM | 10,105 Views
Hi fellow rc pilots & rc enthusiasts

SJRC F11 4K Pro review. In this SJRC F11 4K Pro review, I share unboxing, features, functions, app, calibrations, camera, fpv range, RTH & flight duration of this great value GPS drone with a 4K camera mounted on a 2-axis gimbal.

You can get this SJRC F11 4K Pro 5G WIFI FPV GPS With 4K HD Camera 2-Axis Electronic Stabilization Gimbal Brushless Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter RTF here:

SJRC F11 4K Pro review - Overview & Basic Functions (Part 1) (33 min 11 sec)

Posted by GBLynden | Jul 24, 2021 @ 06:08 PM | 11,732 Views
This was my first official night flight caught on camera with my E-flite Night Radian RC Glider. I uploaded this originally on my GBLynden's RC channel, but decided to re-upload this less edited version in honor the rerelease to my Random Reviews channel.

Night Flight - E-flite Night Radian 2.0m Bind-N-Fly Basic RC Glider (5 min 46 sec)

Posted by JureZ | Jul 24, 2021 @ 02:56 PM | 12,415 Views
Extra 300 by HookLL - gift of a local friend, after some serious crash.

Some TLC brought it back to flying condition.

1200 mm wingspan, 1333 g AUW.

Original motor. Battery 3S 2200 mAh LiPo.

Folding prop.

Cowl made from Blue-Bunny Ice cream container. No landing gear ( belly lander) . No canopy.

Extra 300 by HookLL - Movie (2 min 42 sec)

Posted by Reckless_fpv | Jul 24, 2021 @ 02:47 PM | 12,340 Views
freestylin' (4 min 53 sec)

Posted by bebel25a | Jul 24, 2021 @ 11:44 AM | 13,074 Views
Bixler setup for FPV

Eagletree Vector, XT-60, with V2 GPS
Sunnysky V2216-12, 900 kv motor
E-flite 60 amp ESC with disarm switch
Smallparts CNC adjustable motor mount
Runcam Eagle camera
500 mw 1.3 gHz video transmitter with tuned inverted V antenna
Dragonlink control receiver V2 and antenna on wing
USB extension for Vector mounted for easy programming
Buzzer for locating plane if...Continue Reading