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Posted by CGFailer | Today @ 02:36 PM | 4 Views
Hello I am wondering if anyone has some composite or epo 90mm edf jets for sale w/o power systems? Just crashed my FW F16 90mm so I have an extra power system LOL
Posted by Libelle201B | Today @ 02:01 PM | 30 Views
Two flying sessions so far, here are those results. The very first attempt was a no go due to the high wind speed (20+) and turbulent conditions often associated with thermal convection at our hill, not a good scenario for your first test flight, flight scrubbed. Days later the winds had calmed down a bit to about 15 mph but there were fluctuations in wind speed to just a gentle breeze at times and a bit of a X wind component also, anyways I decided to give it a go. The launch was good, directionally there were no indications of any warps in the wing ie bank trim correction and she flew strait. I did however notice a fairly pronounced nose down situation ie very shallow dive requiring me to apply up elevator at times as the speed increased. Given the very unpredictable lift I got a bit low for comfort after a pass or two and decided to land asap as soon as I got an upward "bump" before getting to low on the hill. After getting home I decided to take about 3/8 oz or so out of the nose to compensate for the nose down situation. Second flight session was about the same wind wise wo the fluctuations in wind speed or direction, more predictable. The removal of nose weight helped but still indicated a slightly nose heavy condition given the planes rigging. I was able to fly the DW for a quite a bit wo ever getting low and at times she even started getting a bit to high due to the slope/thermal lift where I was able to try some aerobatics given the altitude. One thing...Continue Reading
Posted by KristofferR | Today @ 01:37 PM | 39 Views
The last few days I got around to painting the rims. I was not happy with the stock tires and wheels, and not really happy with my Dremel job.

At Banggood I found a set of crawler-wheels on five spoke wheels that had the ”right look” and after painting the rims white I think they will do fine.

Next up was the interior. I ordered a bunch of Tamiya X paint cans and used a cheapo brush. After an hour it looked pretty good from afar, now it can dry and I will do another layer or two and then move to detailing.
Posted by UpNup | Today @ 01:13 PM | 63 Views
The Ford Flivver 268 build from plans is to the point of needing a hatch and cowl. All the electronics are installed and tested except for the two servos underneath. I tried doing just the hatch (see previous blog), but it needed to be integrated with the cowl. I plan to cut away the hatch. I used wax paper to keep glue off the fuselage.

Note: The hatch replaces the one described in the blog posted June 22, 2017.

The photos tell the story. This took about 16 hours....Continue Reading
Posted by radfordc | Today @ 01:10 PM | 49 Views
Pilot Manfred
Posted by Doug Simmons | Today @ 11:21 AM | 135 Views
"Woah dude I thought that was a UFO," said a local youth as I wrapped up a night float flight.

I could understand how it would make that impression, especially if he were a little buzzed on something. Night flying is so much fun and really quite easy if you're both using enough light and some coloring to maintain orientation (to know whether the plane is flying toward you or away). The only thing that makes me nervous is not landing on the water but nearby residents seeing the lights and calling the cops. But if I were the cop responding to the call and discovered it was a handsome young man flying not an annoying drone but a seaplane with a custom light rig in proper nav light formation, I would keep my lights off and enjoy the flight, you know?

RC Seaplane Night Flight (2 min 1 sec)

I'm new to the night flying scene but I've already discovered that led bulbs make a fine substitute for led strips for the purpose of night flying just with scale-ish nav lights (not for artistic creations). In terms of putting out the same, if not more, lumens per watt, they are efficient. They are small and those that I used weigh only six grams apiece. I didn't do wind tunnel tests but I'd submit that they edge out led strips in terms of the drag and weight cost per lumen.

As they are silicone popsicle, not strips with some sketchy rubber tubing, they are completely waterproof, which I know from flying off of saltwater with leds on the sides of the floats. And maybe...Continue Reading
Posted by Keith Kindrick | Today @ 10:47 AM | 149 Views
My Aquila project is moving forward at a slow and steady pace. I was able to get a 1977 kit from one of our club members who passed away. Lee Renaud gave this fuselage to my father when he was writing the soaring column for RCM. This model has the upgrades that Tim Renaud and I have deemed necessary for the classic design. We both agreed that this Aquila needs to have Carbon fiber spar caps .375 x .060 on the top and .375 x 040 on the bottom. We changed the joiner rod to be a Dave Squires Falcon 880 ejector pin to handle the wind flying with ballast. The rudder has been swept back more and another .375 has been added to the trailing edge to prevent the dreaded Aquila wobble. Another improvement to mitigate that was to use carbon push rods. Spoilers now have one more bay added to them and are directly powered with an HS 45 servo to remove the dial code nightmare. I still have the canopy to dye and radio to install in the fuselage.
Posted by Bazilboom | Today @ 08:17 AM | 235 Views
Have finally finished my TT02 rally car, the chassis was purchased from Ebay as a kit only, the shell is from Matrixline, WRC decals from Ebay and the light pod pod is from RCworld.com. I have added bearings all round, plus Tamiya metal drive shaft and cups and hidden body posts from Ebay. Painted with Tamiya PS-16 metallic blue, windows with TS-16 smoke to give them shine and both backed with TS-6 matt black.

Overall this was an enjoyable build with some trial and error especially the motor mounts and light pod but I think in the end it turned out great.
Posted by kydawg1 | Today @ 06:42 AM | 467 Views
Hey folks.... here is a quick review of a nice quad that has amazing features for a nice price (less than $100).

Something that was only a DJI fantasy 5-6 years ago for much more money.

Now this is not a high performance quad, but a nice advanced toy level quad that almost anyone could enjoy... and it takes pretty good video and snaps nice photos.

I like it and would recommend it.

If you have a few minutes.... here is my Video Review.... Like and subscribe for more RC fun coming up.


Posted by mandevil | Today @ 04:17 AM | 570 Views
So after buying Mavic on Mondey I finally flew it on the week-end. I took six batteries worth of flight so here are my first impressions:

The good:
  • It flies, it's very docile, catching it by hand and starting from hand is pretty easy, the overall stability is pretty great; controller is decent, though I still find the smartphone part bit awkward, though I understand why DJI do it this way.
  • I use Android phone and I thought of dedicating my old HTC One M7 for this, but it sometimes experiences partial image blackouts and also feels little sluggish. My current HTC One A9 on the other hand seems to be completely OK, so I guess that's what I am going to use.
  • It's cold here and my fingers are freezing after few minutes so I haven't tried anything too wild, like flying into great height or distance, but at about 500 m the signal seems to be rock solid.
  • The setup is quick. I don't even have a good bag yet, but it still far cry from setting up my F550. I look forward to taking this on trips.

The bad
  • Remote controller battery drains fast. As if that wasn't enough, it also charges Android phones. What the hell, DJI! You could easily limit the provided current, but you don't care. I tried to few utilities on my (rooted) M7 to disable charging, but none worked. This sucks. I think the remote can last three batteries, but I am pretty sure there's no way it can make it through the fourth. This is stark contrast to my FrSky Taranis which I charge like... 5 times a year?
  • And now for
...Continue Reading
Posted by NELICOPTER | Yesterday @ 10:50 PM | 917 Views
I'm currently creating a design brief for an F5J class electric sailplane and would like to ask some questions about what other glider pilots seek from their thermalling flagships.

Some specific constraints I have incorporated include;
- A very compact disassembled size of 100-80x30x20cm in case. (I plan to be able to transport it in bag and on a bicycle.)
- Total wingspan of 3 - 3.8m's
- Total flying weight between 750-1500 grams
- Assembly of the plane should take 5 minutes

After a couple weeks of this design process I will eventually link to a build log.
I'm thinking of a 3-5 piece wing that incorporates a DLG style tail to increase compactness.
What design features would you like to see in an F5J sailplane?
Posted by Gimbal Guy | Yesterday @ 10:39 PM | 915 Views
Been watching & waiting on building this work of ART!!! The FPV FlightClub TOKIO XL 6" build with super wide 2405 HyperLite Pancake Naked Bottom motors. 40A 4in 1 DALRC Engine with a DYS v2 Pro F4 Fc & Matek 500mw switchable vtx

Please take a moment a checkout the completed build n the link below!!!

#gimbalguy #tokio #fpvflightclub #multigp #dallasstars #nestars #drones #mrsteele #snakefpv #fpv #racing #forsale
Posted by GS AutoTech | Yesterday @ 10:27 PM | 930 Views
I inherited 6 RC Planes, tools, parts & related gear. My favorite was an original Carl Goldberg Super Chipmunk. I've already removed the glow motor, mount, tank & old electronics for a fresh electric power plant & modern electrics makeover.
Posted by Rural Flyer | Yesterday @ 10:19 PM | 943 Views
Mjx bugs 2c with Yi clone cam...

Bugs 2C 02 18 2018 (2 min 43 sec)

Posted by Ducati Mechanic | Yesterday @ 10:04 PM | 948 Views
My new concept X5 DLG! KST xo8 v5 servos,futaba 18Sz TX
Posted by Smoke6 | Yesterday @ 07:55 PM | 1,042 Views
Blade 130S FPV (3 min 11 sec)

I have to say that this is the most fun FPV aircraft I have ever flown.
I used:
I get about 4-5 minute flight times with 450mAH batteries. Take-offs and landings are difficult to say the least. That's where I eat up the most tail blades.
Posted by Bazilboom | Yesterday @ 07:15 PM | 1,074 Views
Just thought I would share my TT01 which was bought from Ebay. I completely stripped and rebuilt the chassis added bearings, replaced the plastic drive shaft with a metal one and replaced all the screws with new hex ones, then brought a HPI Dodge Viper Shell, just waiting on some gun metal wheels and trim items (exhausts, wiper blades & wing mirrors). Paints used where Tamiya PS-15 Metallic Red & TS-6 Matt Black.