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Posted by rjstrickjr | Aug 12, 2011 @ 06:25 PM | 7,425 Views
Here are some pictures of just a few of my planes. I will post some more later. I have 9 RTF and a couple in the box. Not bad for a guy thas't only got 21 months in the hobby....This of course does not include the crashes LOL.

I am adding these photos of the build I started yesturday. The fuse is pretty much done and I built the canopy section tonight. I am going to add an instrument panel and some detail in the cockpit before I move on. Should have that done tomorrow. The kit is a Lanier Cap 232, 81" wing. Power is going to be a SV Hobby 50CC twin. AR8000 rec and 2 2300 A123's for the reciever power. Servos will be 2 JR DS8611's on the ailerons 1 JR DS8611A on the rudder and for now I have 2 Hitec 645's for the elevator. JR ST47BB's for the throttle and choke.

Shes finished and I changed some servos. Instead of 645's i used JR DS 8411's on the ailerons and DS821's on the throttle and choke. As of right now over 1,200 invested! 250.00 is hardware alone. This build got expensive but I am glad I did'nt hold back. I can't wait to fly her but theres rain in the forecast this Sunday....Continue Reading