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Posted by hombresinropa | Dec 02, 2018 @ 10:25 PM | 2,350 Views
Hey all,

Made a couple prototypes of folding model airplane field stands that double as table-top build stands. My field is mostly gravel so this is a necessity for me when I'm assembling large airplanes at the field. I can make these pretty quick and ship to you. I just had an earthquake - any money from these would go to earthquake repair and future hobby stuff. Not looking to make a living on these but hey, if it sells well...

Of course, any of you can just look at these pics and build your own - sure. BUT... I build them fast and well, and if you order one, you get a fully assembled airplane stand in the mail without having to do the shopping/cutting/drilling/screwing/gluing/etc.

Features include:
- folds up and fits nicely in my sedan's back seat or trunk. Fits in my SUV behind driver's seat while rear seats are folded down (minimal real estate required in the car
- when fully extended, hold the airplane at about waist level
- built to hold small park flyers up to giant scale (~20 lbs, 75") but can probably support even bigger planes
- radio/tool/beverage tray
- padded V-Supports and wing support rails prevent scratching; foam rubber is glued and screwed on so it stays on
- middle V-Support folds and rotates out of the way if you want
- middle V-Support slides forward and back to size up any plane
- legs fold for table top use or extend for use at the field while standing and doing maintenance/prep work/pumping/etc.
- wing rails hold wings...Continue Reading
Posted by hombresinropa | Jan 04, 2011 @ 03:00 AM | 2,940 Views
CMP Texan building starts tomorow... whooo!

So, I'm still learning RCG. Sweet Blog.